Wicked Little Schoolgirl

Oral and Anal sex. Doesn’t get any better than this. wicked little schoolgirl

We all have those naughty little fantasies, now don’t we. Some of them just seem like they are common no matter where you go for guys. We love the thought of the naughty Nurse, or Librarian, or Schoolgirl, or even a nice wicked babysitter that just loves to receive their payment in ‘alternate’ ways. Well, a lot of girls just adore those fantasies too, because it lets them bring out their mischievous side. Well, plus they know they can get us practically on our hands and knees begging for them if they come out wearing the right outfit and the right words from their lips.

This particularly wicked little schoolgirl has an even naughtier fetish and fantasy in mind, because she has a favorite toy that she just loves inside her. Of course, just a wink and a word is enough to get her boy toy playing along, and wouldn’t you? While she warms his nice, hard cock up with her mouth, he warms her up by stuffing her tight, cute little ass with a nicer plug. She needs to get him covered and soaking wet though, because it’s not just the plug that’s going up her backside! He sure doesn’t last long inside her, but then, if you had such an eager schoolgirl bending over and begging for you to fuck her in the ass, we think you wouldn’t last long either!

Oral and Anal sex. Doesn’t get any better than this. See for yourself HERE

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