Teen’s first anal!

first anal

Why do some girls hold onto their old school uniforms, and their old school outfits? Some of them take quite a bit of pride in the fact that even later they fit right back into their own outfits. So they can say that they haven’t changed a bit. Others though have naughtier motivations…they loved the feeling that they could get away with anything while they wore their uniforms. They just had to flirt and tease with the boys a bit, and they’d get anything they’d want. When they get older, that doesn’t change for girls in schoolgirl uniforms, it’s just the things that they want end up naughtier and more wicked.

Machiko had a special request for the uniform she’s saved from her younger days. She just loved the idea of making quite a mess in it, because the thought of being the naughty schoolgirl covered in cum was a huge turnon for her. She didn’t have to ask more than once, that’s for sure! Her boy toy this time was hard practically the instant he learned what she wanted from her, though she was quite willing to help him out just that little bit by sucking him until he was nice and slick. From there the two of them made quite a mess indeed in her uniform, as he filled her both from the front and from behind in turn. He didn’t last as long as he might have wanted, but then, when you have a sweet, slutty schoolgirl begging you to cover her in cum, we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t last long either! Machiko did get her wish though, since when he finally came he did leave a big load all over her pristine uniform.

Watch this first time anal for yourself HERE.

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