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Hot Latina Friends

Friends are good. Friends are there for you when you are in need. Friends help you feel good. And that is just the kind of friends that Karina and Ana are. They have been besties for a long time and when they need something from the other, they are there for each other. Even when that means that they need a friend to pose naked with them so that they can make a little extra cash. It was Karina’s idea but Ana was eager to help her friend out. And when you see these two latin teens together you’ll be very glad that they are such good friends. Long lean bodies with mocha colored skin and dark nipple – ya, this is the kind of stuff that will have you reaching in your pants in no time! These are two of the hottest Latina teen babe you will ever seen and there’s more to see, too.

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19 year old brunette

We just love it when the sweetest, sexiest young teens turn out to have the most repressed sexual tendencies. These little sexpots end up quite the exhibitionists when they finally get the chance and really can unleash all their inhibitions. We get to watch them as they find all sorts of ways to let themselves go, and that ends up with some sizzling hot videos and photo sets. We find it’s best not to give them too much guidance either, especially since if you just give them a little hint, they’ll figure out their own way to play.

Veronica Radke was definitely a born exhibitionist, she gets soaking wet when she thinks of how many people watch her videos and get off to her. She just adores putting on the best show she can, so she spreads her legs wide and buries her fingers into her sweet, tight little pussy for us. You can watch her amazing breasts shake and her hips twitch when she has her orgasm, stretched out as best she can so we can see every inch of her sexy body.

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little taylor topless

We just love a girl in pigtails, especially when they have long enough hair that they can braid them and get that cute ‘country girl’ look. It turns these naughty girls into pictures of innocence, at least until you ask them what they want, and they tell you that they want to get off as many times as possible. Those sweet little girls just adore hiding their naughty streak until just the right time, when they can drive the boys and girls crazy with lust, especially when we want to see their faces when they get off.

Little Taylor loves telling us how she shows off, how she plays with herself, and how she gets off. It doesn’t take much before we hint that we’d love a look at her cute little pussy, and she is more than willing to share. This blonde, pigtailed teenie has a matching pretty, shaved pussy, and when her panties are gone, her fingers go right to her slit. With those pigtails of hers we can just imagine all the naughty stuff she gets up to, but this time we don’t get the chance to ask, because she captures us entirely just with her showing off her hot young body.

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teen beth gets fucked

You always want your girls eager, whether they are going to do hardcore, softcore, or are just there to model for you for some sexy pictures. You can’t fake the enthusiasm well, and when a girl really gets into whatever scene you planned it comes through the camera very easily. That’s why you want to find the girls that really just enjoy having sex, and love showing off as much as they love fucking, because you just know that when they get together with one of the favorite boy toys, the chemistry and the scene is just going to work.

Beth Chance has a sultry body that just begs to have someone fondling, caressing, and generally pampering her until she whimpers and begs for more. She also adores it when she gets the chance to worship her partner in turn, so when she has sex on camera she just seems like she sinks completely into the scene and forgets the camera is there. It doesn’t matter though, you could watch her perfect body all day, and you just will adore the soft sounds she makes when her partner fucks her sweet little pussy. She also loves to show of what a talented mouth she has, and makes us wish we were the ones in front of the camera.

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Emily 18 Gallery

Yes, yes, she really is 18! She is 100% legal and her records are on file. So relax and take a good long look. Her name is Emily 18 and she is a very natural beauty. Her looks aren’t stunning at least not at first. She is the kind of girl that blends in and doesn’t really show off. She is a little quite and soft spoken, but definitely not shy.

It’s when Emily 18 starts to take off her clothes that you discover that she is quite amazing. Her very youthful body has tight curves in all the right places. She doesn’t fuck with her hair color and she doesn’t have fake tits. Her natural teen tits are very nice tho – perky, round, and good sized. Her hair is long an flowing and quite beautiful.

Emily 18 has a very youthful face that really grows on you. She is super cute and the more you look at her the more attractive you realize that she is. She has a very warm and real smile that she could use to get anything she wanted from you.

Emily 18 would be the perfect girl for a guy to have his first sexual experience with. An if it’s too late for than you can always pretend. 🙂

If you get a membership to Emily 18’s website you get access to 41,441 photos and 187 videos. I’m not making up those numbers – those are the exact numbers from her site. If you have a crush on Emily 18 then it would be well worth it to join her website.

Emily 18 Gallery

It’s been a while since Emily 18 has been on this site. Emily18 started her website when she was just 18years old, but that was a few years ago. She still has her barely legal teen looks and is still just as cute as ever.

Emily 18’s small perky boobs look as delicious as ever and I’m glad she is still cranking out innocent teen pics.

I think this picture was taken in Emily18’s bedroom. I think we caught this barely legal teen while she was getting dressed. I love candid teen pics like this, they are much more exciting that cold studio pics.

Emily has a cute smile with a little smirk that says, “I’m an innocent teen, but not THAT innocent!” She is a beautiful girl in her own unique way!

If you love little tits and youthful looking teens, then you should really drop by Emily 18’s personal website.

Kaley Kennedys in PantiesKaley Kennedys round ass

Gallery Link: Ashley Lightspeed strips off panties and bra.

There are a lot of sexy teen sites out there, so many I have lost track of them all. Some of the girls are drop dead gorgeous, some are sexy, others are cute, and there is everything in between. One of the girls that I think is often overlooked is Ashley Lightspeed. At first glance she looks awkward and even a little dorky. But if you take a second look, this girl has it going on. She has a great body without an ounce of fat on it. When Ashley Lightspeed is not wearing her glasses and has her hair down she can be down right hot. I’m convinced that in a few years the girl will blossom into an absolute beauty.

Ashley is one of the Lightspeed girls. The Lightspeed girls are best known for having that “girl next door look”, whatever the hell that means. Personally, I think “Girl Next Door” is just a descriptive cop out for lazy webmasters. I think it is supposed to mean not a super model, more of an average girl, but that totally lame. Every “Girl Next Door” is a little different and they all have their unique qualities.

If you are actually reading this, do check out Ashley Lightspeed, because she is a diamond in the rough. If you pride yourself on finding unique treasures then Ashley is your girl.

Dawson Miller Topless

Ok, the question is, did Dawson Miller just get done riding that mountain bike? No way in hell. She just poured water from that watter bottle all over her large natural teen tits to make it look like she was exercising. And you know what, I don’t care. She is cute as hell and if she wants to pretend to be a mountain biker then good for her – Just keep showing us your natural teen boobs and you can do anything you want Dawson.

This is the first time I have featured Dawson Miller on Dream8teen. Like all the girls on here she has her own website. Now, I want you to take a long look at her boobs so you know what natural tits look like. So many girls today have fake tits that it’s hard to remember what the real ones look like. There is nothing fake about these teen hooters.

Dawson Miller is cute as hell and she looks like the kind of girl that would cook you brownies and then go volunteer at the humane society. She is the kind of girl that your parents hope you marry some day. Just don’t tell your family that she likes to show her natural big teen tits all over the internet. Hell, chances are that everyone in your family has already seen Dawson Miller’s big tits. Everyone and I do mean everyone checks out porn on the net. I know, I see the log files!

Katie Fay’s Perfect Tits

Normally, I’m not much of a big teen tits guy. I tend to favor great legs and a perfect ass. But this photo of Katie Fey really turns me on. Katey Fay is absolutely gorgeous in every possible way and she her web site is 100% nude. She is exotic and refined looking with her big brown eyes and long dark hair.

My girlfriend just saw me making this post and she saw the picture of Katie Fey and she exclaimed, “Look at the big tits on that teen, she has to have the best teen tits on earth!!!” And you know what, for once my gf is right about something.

When I work on this blog I have to do a lot of research, find new sexy teens and learn a little about them. I know, it’s a difficult thing to do :). Anyhow, I’d like to say that Katie Fey is more than just a young teen with big tits, but I really don’t know. I haven’t had the time yet to investigate Katey Fey or her site much – I guess, I will have to put that on my to-do list. I definitely plan on having more Katey Fey here on Dream8teen.com.

Kaley Kennedys round ass

This is a girl we haven’t seen a good while: Tory Stone. Tory Stone is one of the Lightspeed girls. If you notice the Lightspeed girls all have a very natural look. They don’t have fake tans or fake tits. They are just good quality girls that like to take it off for the camera. The pictures are always taken with taste. You won’t see the Light speed girls looking like trashy whores.

Tory Stone was one of the original Lightspeed girls before “Lightspeed” became a big name. Tory has always been a favorite of mine. She has large firm breast that don’t droop or look fake. She has a real cute smile and long sexy legs that you would love to have wrapped around your head while you eat her pink pussy. Yummmm!!!

I’m not sure what kind of “bottoms” Tory has on, but they do look damn good on her. I guess they are bikini bottoms? They look even better when she is pulling them down and showing you all she has, but you will have to check out the gallery for that.

Gallery Link: Tory Stone Sitting Outside Sunning her Nice Frim Tits

BLACKBERRY BRITTANY topless in panties

When I think of the Netherlands three things come to mind: windmills, good beer, and sexy tall blonds with pigtails. I have a perfect vacation fantasy in my head that starts with me strolling around the countryside in the Netherlands checking out windmills when I happen upon a girl that looks like Blackberry Brittany in the photo above. Because this is my fantasy she would offer me a beer and obviously be topless while wearing skimpy panties. After a few good Dutch beers my fantasy would progress to doggy style sex while playfully pulling her pigtails.

Blackberry Brittany has blue eyes and her long blond hair is all natural. Her fine tits are natural as well. One of the great things I’ve noticed about the Dutch girls is that they don’t have all the tattoos, piercings, and fake tits that the American girls do. I find the clean look to be very refreshing and sexy. Tattoos and piercings are so common that by not having them a girl stands out from the crowd. If you don’t have a cash to visit Holland and the idea of Pigtailed Duch Girls gets you stiff, then you might want to have a look at Blackberry Brittany’s site.


Check out these 18 year old tits! Those aren’t huge knockers and they aren’t small – they are damn perfect!. So why do you figure Rachel 18 is typing on her laptop with her beautiful breasts on display? I figure she has a video camera somewhere on that laptop and she is showing off her stuff! And she does have some nice 18 year old stuff!!

I was talking to my buddy the other day about these girls, such as Rachel 18, who take off their clothes and have their own websites and his theory was that they don’t do it so much for the money as they do it for attention and to “show off their stuff”. I have a feeling he is partially correct. I not sure about every girl, but I think Rachel 18 is one of those girls – she has a great body and she wants you to know it! She wants you to want her and she gets off on it.

Rachel 18 is one of the “famous” Lightspeed Girls. Don’t know if you are familiar with the Lightspeed girls, but there are a lot of them. Rachel 18 just happens to be one of my favorite. Make sure and check out the other Lightspeed girls as well.

And since I’m in such a good mode I dug up a few bonus Video Galleries of various Lightspeed girls:
Light Speed TV Video
Light Speed Girls Kissing Girls Video
Light Speed Girl Jordan Capri Video

Tory Stone teen tits

One of the famous Lightspeed Girls fory you guys and gals: Tori Stone.

One thing I’ve noticed about the Lightspeed girls is that they all have that “girl next door look.” I should say naughty girl next door look. Tori Stone is a fine example of the typical Lightspeed girl. Very cute and beautiful in a natural way, which I personally find to much more appealing than the “Glam” look. The other thing I dig about the Lightspeed girls is that all of them are worth looking at. A lot of big programs usually have one girl who is a star and then a bunch of half-ass girls. This isn’t the case with Lightspeed – all of their girls are well selected.

If you think Tori Stone is cute as hell and you want to see more of her then check out her site or have a look at her DVD. If you decide to Join Tori’s site you will also be able to check out the other Lightspeed girls like Jordan Capri, Tawnee Stone, Rachel 18, and many others. All these girls also have their own DVDs as well. So if you find a Light Speed girl that you think is the bomb remember to check for the DVD.

If the Lightspeed girls are your type of sexy teen, then I’d definitely recommend joining the site or getting a few DVDs. The Lightspeed stuff is all good quality.

Gallery Link: Lightspeed girl Tori stone strips off her .

Banana Brandi tit

It’s been a while a little while since Banna Brandi has graced this website. I think Banna Brandis best feature is her face. She has a very beautiful look that I think will only get better with age. Considering she is eighteen years old now and perfect.

Banana Brandi has curves in all the right places and her bare breasts are very, very nice. In most of her photo shoots she shows off her bare breasts and she usually wears underwear that is just about see through. From what I understand she just did a video for her site where she spreads her legs for the camera. I’ll have to look into that and report back to you guys and girls. I sure would like to get a view of her beautiful teen pussy.

Inside Banna Brandi’s site she keeps a personal blog where you can read all about her life and photo shoots and interact with her. It’s kinda cool, but not as cool as seeing her bare breasts or watching a video of her spreading her legs and revealing her tight teen pussy. Enjoy the free Banna Brandi gallery.

Kathy Ash UpskirtKathy Ash Upskirt

Hear is a girl we haven’t see in a while Elle Hayes.

Elle Hayes is a beautiful blond with a very model like body. There is not an ounce of fat on this girls body. Elle Hayes is fairly new to the teen porn scene. So far she seems to be doing ok. She does look a little nervous in her pictures. I expect good things from this new young blond beauty.

See the picture where she is looking into the camera? You know what Elle is thinking? She is thinking, “Please grab my pigtails, pull off my teenie panties, and fuck me like a wild animal.” Yep, that is what she is thinking. Trust me.

Gallery Link: Georgeous Blond Gives Us a Nice View of her Tits and Panties

Brandy Didder Topless

Another new gallery from Lightspeed: Brandy Didder.

Gallery Link: Brandy Didder strips off panties and bra.

I guess it’s time I get back to updating this site. Sorry for the time off. I hope you weren’t too starved for fresh teen pussy. Well, to get back into the swing of things I’ve got a great new Gallery of Brandy Didder. Personally, I think Brandy Didder is the sexiest of all the Lightspeed girls – they have so many to pick from it’s hard to choose. Brandy has a really cute smile and wonder round tits. Would you like to suck and lick on those teen tits? Her young ass is ohhh so nice!

Looking at Brandy Didder I get the feeling that she is always running around topless in her cute little panties. I bet she doesn’t even have normal clothes, but you know what – that is just fine by me. The more Lightspeed girls I see running around in their panties the better.

I have another great gallery of Kelli Young.

Kelli young will always be on of my favorite girls. She has nice round tits and a really firm ass. I love Kelli Young’s great ass and she sure knows how to show it off. Her tits aren’t huge, but they are nice sized and they are natural. But the best think about Kelli Young is how beautiful she is. I love her smiling face.

If Kelli Young turns you on as much as she does me, make sure and check out her site!

Brandy Didder dressed as a Cheerleader strips nude with friendsCheerleader Brandy Didder undresses with help of naughty friends

Another brand new girl for you guys and girls: Brandy Didder.

This cute looking Cheerleader is one of the newest Lightspeed girls and she is barley 18. If you know about the Lightspeed girls you know they all have an innocent virginal quality. I just got finished looking around Brandy Didder site and she is definitely innocent and virginal. Although Brandy’s site is new there are already a good amount of pictures and videos of her. The pictures and videos are exclusive – you won’t find them anywhere else on the net. Brandy Didder is definitely not pussy shy. She has no qualms about striping completely nude and showing off her pink pussy. And let me tell you Brandy Didder has a beautiful pink pussy.!

For Brandy’s introduction gallery I chose this great cheerleader set. I don’t know about you but I love cheerleader pics. I’m not sure what it is about cheerleaders uniforms but they really turn me on. I love this pic where we have three cheerleaders and they are all getting naked and naughty. Two of the cheerleaders start pulling off Brandy Didder’s top and start feeling her bare breasts. Then they pull down the bottom of Brandy’s Cheerleader outfit and we can see her white virginal panties.

Gallery Link: Cheerleader Brandy Didder undresses with help of naughty friends

Karen Dreams big tits

I stopped by the Karen Dreams site today and was I ever pleasantly surprised – Karen got a new set of big round boobs! Karen has a rocking tight teen body and now with the new big tits she looks absolutely stellar. Personally when a lot of girls get boob jobs they tend to go gonzo and make their tits too big. I’m glad Karen Dreams didn’t do that – her new big firm tits are just perfect. I also notice that Karen is starting to reveal a lot more skin in her site. It’s probably because she wants to show off her new big teen tits.

Gallery Link: Karen Dreams girl next door gets undressed.

Banana Brandi taking off bra

Banana Brandi is looking cute as hell, as usual. This is a great shot of her topless and stripping out of her clothes. Banana Brandi has this really neat thing going on – if you join her site you can ask her to wear specific clothes. And then see her take ’em off. That is kind of cool. Banana Brandi is also have a private blog that you can read. One thing about Banana Brandi is that she really is 18 and she definitely looks it. It is going to be great to watch Banana Brandi over the years to see how she matures. All I can say is that she is Damn Cute. And I’ve made a Banana Brandi section at dream8teen. Enjoy the pictures.