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Sexy Teen Gets Naked

Sun, wind, beautiful girls, there are some things that are just simple, good and you aren’t going to find any fault with them. It’s better when you can combine, two, or at best, three of those lovely things all at once, which is not hard when you get a girl that has no shame, and loves to feel the sun and wind caress over her body.

Natasha visited a friend, and when she saw that he had a lovely outdoor loft where she could sun herself she was pretty much gone, all we could do was follow along with the camera as she cavorted in the sung. She loves the weather so much it is almost like someone physically caresses her, and she gets turned on so much that she just has to put one of her new toys to use. Her new white dildo disappearing into her body is almost as good as the expression on her face when she cums in the sunlight.

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brunette teen video

When we find the shy, reserved girls that want to get in front of the camera, we try to be a little bit careful when we finally do get them in front of the lens. We’ve found that they tend to go two ways, either we unlock a hot, sultry, sexy woman, or they retreat completely when they see the first flash and hear that camera shutter. It’s worth the wait though, because those girls that let go turn into the hottest, sexiest, most intense women that practically melt the lens. It’s a stroke of luck when you find a girl like that, because you know they will give you so many sizzling scenes.

When we met this girl, who likes to be called Lollypop, she looked like she was going to fold in on herself at the first glimpse of a camera, and a naked guy. This brunette beauty was so reserved; little did we know that she was utterly insatiable beneath that shy surface. When we introduced her to her boy toy for the scene, she looked like she was going to squirm her way right out of her pants, but we soon realized that’s because she was so hot, not because she was shy. He could barely keep up with her, and her tight body with her perky breasts and shaved, tight pussy had him on the edge way too many times before she was finally done with him, and let him cum.

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cock starved teen

So many girls think they have to restrain themselves and be ‘good girls’ to be appreciated. They aren’t willing to let go and just have fun without feeling massively guilty afterward. It’s such a shame, because when they do let go you find that these girls are wild, sexy as hell, and will put any guy to shame with how much and how often they want to have sex. When we give these girls a nice place to let go, it’s like they transform and you really get to see what they’ve hidden for so long. They love picking out their favorite playmates, and just wearing them out again and again.

Anjelica at first was so tentative, but after just a couple of photo shoots, she completely relaxed, and practically begged us to find someone that could fuck her sexy young body silly. She just seems to go on and on and on, so we tried to find someone who could live up to her standards. This amazingly hot woman with her trim body almost pounced him flat to get him going, even though it didn’t take much. From there we just had to watch as she guided him into position after position, he may look like he’s taking the lead, but believe me when we say that she practically demanded he bury his cock as deeply in her wet little pussy as he could. She used him until she wore him out, and only when she couldn’t cum anymore did he let go for her.

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Certain girls just seem to radiate that certain… something that makes them just draw the eye, no matter what they do. A few of those girls even know that they have that quality, and have no problems using that to their advantage. If they can catch your eye, they can play with you with a little flirt, and a little tease, until you are practically drooling at any chance they offer to get closer to them. When they don’t know they have that quality though, it’s even worse, because they will bring a man to his knees without even knowing why.

Rylee caught our eyes the first time we saw her. Her amazingly pale skin and dark hair matched a permanently sultry look she projected, even when she was in jeans in a t-shirt. When she went in front of the camera in just a slick red top and shorts though, you couldn’t keep your eyes off her. She didn’t have any inhibitions either, she loved the reactions she received as she revealed her pale, perfect tits and her smooth little pussy. When she was naked it was all we could do to keep taking pictures, and she knew it, because she flashed us a mischievous little grin that let us know she saw the reaction we all had watching her in front of the camera.

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When you first get out of bed you feel a bit sluggish, right? They say that a good breakfast and a bit of aerobic exercise is perfect to get the blood pumping and wake you up fully so you can get ready for the day. Of course, what some girls think of aerobic exercise is going to make your eyes almost pop out of your head, and your cock pop out of your pants. When they have their boy toys available it gives an uninhibited girl quite another route to get her daily workout.

cute little teen caprice

Little Caprice got her coffee with cream ready so she could wake up when her friend walked in to make his own after a night wearing each other out. Caprice wasn’t done with him though and wasn’t about to let him go without providing her with her daily morning workout. It didn’t take much, just a little tease with her perfect body before he completely forgot about making breakfast. I don’t blame him, because if I had her sexy lips wrapped around my cock I think food would be my last concern as well! He made sure she worked up a sweat as he pounded her from every position, and finished off with a nice little cream decoration as he blew across her perfect tits.

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lesbian sorority girls

When the girls get going after highschool these days they have to find the best ways to make it in college and in real life, so what better way than to find a group of other like-minded girls and all get together in one sorority? They get to be totally unrestrained with each other, even while they explore the best college life gets to offer.

These girls were relatively new to the sorority, so they hadn’t gotten the chance to really blossom and dig through the house’s collection of toys. They finally got a little time to themselves, so they broke out the toy chest, and boy were they surprised when they found the hazing toys. It didn’t take them long before they found what fun you can have with a paddle, especially when they add in a little lesbian fun, and take turns licking each other between getting their asses nice and red from the paddle.

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I love they way jeans look on a hot chick like Ivana Fuckalot. And I love the way her 18 year old ass looks when she is pulling down her pants. For those of you who are not familiar with Ivana Fuckalot, let me tell you a little about her. She is from Russian and when she turned 18 she came to the US to start her own website and make it big. So far she is doing a great job and has a lot of fans. As you can tell from her picture gallery, Ivan Fuckalot is very thin and skinny. She has little bitty tits so if you are a big tit lover this is not the girl for you. I think Ivan little tits look great on her, but I’m usually checking out her perfect tight little ass or catching a glimpse of her pussy. Yes, she is not shy of showing her pussy. She is also a big fan of playing around with her girl friends – kissing them, playing with their pussies, and all that good stuff that you love to watch girls do to each other. In Ivana Fuckalot’s site there is an absolutely great video of her sucking her boyfriends cock and she goes at it like a Pro.


Ok you guys lucked out today. Two Free Galleries of Ivana Fuckalot’s tight teen ass. Don’t say that I don’t do anything for you guys. Seriously though, make sure and check out her site. Ivana is unique among teen models and she does really give a great show. She is not afraid to get completely naughty. The videos on her site are amazing – you definitely get your money’s worth.

Lisa19 Gallery

Look at those little bitty titties. Nice, very nice! I don’t know about you but I’m never upset when a girl decides to flash me with her little bitty titties. That is just something you don’t get tired of.

This is Sasha 19 and she would have opened her site when she was 18, but she wanted to move to the United States first. I’m guessing she is from Russia with a name like “Sasah”, however she could be from any place in Europe. It took her a year to get through customs and as soon as she got her she opened up Sasha 19.

Personally I think they should give automatic citizenship to any teenies that want to get on the internet and show off their little bitty titties. People say that the US doesn’t produce anything any more and they obviously don’t know what they are talking about because we make some of the finest porn in the world! That is something to be very proud of and girls like Sasha 19 come all the way from Russia just so they can show off their little bitty titties. What a great county!

Sasha 19 does quite a bit more than just show off her little bitty titties – she also has sex with guys and other girls. Yep, she does it all! She is really cute and I’d be happy just to check out her little tits, but if you wants to get really naughty then GREAT.

Visit Sasha 19s personal website and let her show you what she can do. You will be very happy when you have a video of those little bitty titties!


Sasha 19 has closed her site. Maybe because she isn’t 19 anymore, I dunno either way what you see is what you get. No more updates. Sorry.

Face Down Ass Up Gallery

If you are researching colleges forget the Ivy League, forget MIT – you want to go to Face Down Ass Up University!! Harvard and Yale pale by comparison.!

This is Kasia and she is a sexy girl from Poland that is a student at Face Down Ass Up University. I just watched the entire video of Kasia and honestly it was one of the hottest teen videos I’ve ever seen!!!

Kasia is in her dorm room and she teases the camera and takes off her panties. She takes one of her dildos (one with a suction cup on the end) and she sticks it to her bunk bed. Kasia then grabs a bottle of lube (this girl is well prepared) and rubs a little on her pussy and a little on the dildo.

Kasia shows off her perfect ass and tight teen body. And let me tell you, this sexy girl is a text book definition of tight and perky. Kasia then backs up – face down ass up style – to the dildo and fucks herself crazy!!! She fucks the dildo until she has a big orgasm and her eyes glaze over with a rush of pleasure.

I’m giving Kasia an A+ for her performance. This sexy teen video clip will go down as one of my personal favorites for 2008.

Kasia and Face Down Ass Up University are the genius creation of Phil Plash. Phil Plash is a photographer that really know how to a) find hot chicks b) take damn good pictures. If the Phil Plash name is on it, you know it’s good. And it’s not just photos but the videos as well – they are all top quality. You can watch this hot video of Kasia right now at Face Down Ass up University!

Sexy Teen

Jeska is a fairly new girl that launched her site this summer. She has filled my mind with several summertime fantasies.

This sexy petite blond is exactly the kind of girl you would love to fuck for a summer. Jeska’s Hotbox is kind of a mystery girl, a girl you have a short fling with, but remember for the rest of your life.

Her website is called Jeska’s Hotbox and she has a tight little body and rocking perky tits. When she is excited or doing photo shoots outdoors her nipples get big and hard. They are nipples that beg to be touched and played with.

Jeska has blond hair and light blue eyes and most striking are her dramatic tattoos. She some big tattoos for being such a cute little thing. She has a look in her eye that she has been around the block a few times. She is cool, and she knows how to have a good time.

Make sure and drop by her main site, Jeska’s Hotbox.

Banana Brandi taking of panties

Good news, good news: Banna Brandi is now going completely nude! Inside of her site there are now pictures of her tight virginal pussy. The only thing sexier is the videos of this girl taking it all off. She is a natural tease, but she does deliver.

Banna Brandi is a very innocent (looking) sexy girl with metric ass load of very revealing outfits. At Banna Brandi’s site she writes in a personal blog and she talks about how she got excited and wet the first time she took off all her clothes for the camera. It’s a good read. If you join her site you can make requests for what she wears for photo shoots or maybe I should say, what she takes off.

Banna Brandi has a sensual beauty that grows on you. The more you look at her body the more sexy you realize she is. Her ass is beautifully round and you just want to grab a hold of it. She has very nice sized natural tits that are begging for you to play with and suck on. And her nipples always look hard. Don’t you just love hard nipples? Nipples that are aching for you to flick with your tongue. Banna Brandi is ripe and sexy!!

Pic of Jenny Reid 18 years oldJenny Reid taking off panties

Check out this stunning beauty: Jenny Reid.

Don’t know if you guy and gals are aware of the Jenny Reid story, but the deal is she had dreams of being a fashion model and the agencies told her she was too short. Jenny figured, what the hell, I’ll just make my own website. I’m glad she did because Jenny is a gem. I look forward to seeing a lot more of this girl in the upcoming months.

Gallery Link: Jenny Reid in School Girl Outfit Showing Off Her Panties

Kathy Ash UpskirtRedhead Teen

We haven’t had a Redhead Teen post yet so today I thought I’d fix that. I know some guys have a favorite hair color, but I don’t. I like ’em all. I love blonds and brunettes, but there is just something special about a very sexy Redhead. They are unique, mysterious, and sexy in a very special way. There just aren’t that many sexy redhead teens to choose from so when I find one I feel like I made a major discovery.

This Redhead Teen just happens to be named Ginger Adams. I think “Ginger” is quite fitting for a redhead. This is a real sexy gallery of Ginger and she teases us with her sexy thong. I should say she teases us with her sexy teen ass in a thong – that would be more correct.

I often debate with myself trying to figure out if a sexy ass in thong or a sexy ass in cute panties is hotter. I’ve never been able to figure it out. When I see a sexy ass in a thong I think, yep thongs win. Then I’ll see a perfect sexy ass in panties and I think, nope panties win. It’s a difficult philosophically problem, but one I enjoy.

If you like Redheads or sexy teens in thongs then I would recommend checking out the Ginger Adams website because she is a hottie!

Gallery Link: Reahead Teen Shows her Sexy Ass in a Thong

–Ginger’s site appears to be no longer managed and likely not updated.


Another great gallery from the Ivana Fuckalot site.

I found this gallery at the Ivana Fuckalot site, but I’m fairly certain the cute teen taking her panties off isn’t Ivana Fuckalot. I think it is one of her hot teen playmates. I’m also sure I saw a video with Ivana Fuckalot site and this teen getting busy together. Whatever the case these pictures are great teaser pictures showing a hot teen removing her panties. However, don’t get the idea that all the pics and videos in the site are teen tease pictures because they are not. Ivana Fuckalot and her friends get fully nude and have a lot of sex. They have sex with each other, they have sex with boys, and they have sex with dildos. The Ivana Fuckalot is hot and there is a lot of action.

None the less, this is a great picture and I love it. I think this girls is just sexy as hell and watching her take off her panties and tease us with her tight teen ass and little teen boobs just drives me crazy. I hope you enjoy it as well.


I’ve got a brand new girl today, Ivana Fuckalot. Ivana is lifting her dress and we can see her really great tight teen ass. Ivana is a real naughty girl. She loves to take off her clothes for the camera and get completely nude. That is a good thing because we love cute nude girls. Ivana also loves to play with her friends, masturbate with toys, give her boy friend blow jobs, and (of course) fuck a lot. If you check out her site you can see exactly what I’m talking about. This girl does tease, but then she finishes the job. Her friends are all very beautiful and cute looking teens. The pictures on this site are 100% exclusive, you won’t find them any place else. And believe me – the pictures are not nearly good as the movies. Take the free tour to check out more of Ivana!