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Callista Model Gallery

This is Callista Model and she likes bubble baths and playing video games naked!!!

If there were a competition for best teen ass, Callista Model would be right at the top. Her butt is round, bubbly, and tight! She has a tight teen ass that belongs in the Perfect Ass Hall of Fame!!!

Inside her private site, Callista literally has thousands of great pictures off her perfect teen ass. I know because I look through them trying to find just the right one to post here on dream8teen.com. Let me tell you, it was frustrating. There are so many great pictures of Callista’s ass that it was impossible to choose!!! I ended up just randomly picking one.

What I did do is save a bunch of Callista Model pictues that were some of my favorites. I promise to make a bunch of galleries featuring Callista and her tight teen ass and post them later.

Other than having a perfect ass, Calista Model has a few other ways of making the Sun rise. She has youthful perky tits, delicious legs, a cute face, and natural blond hair. She doesn’t hang out in tanning beds, she doesn’t have fake tits, and she doesn’t do hardcore. She is basically just an amateur girl that likes to show the world her amazing body.

With Callista Model, what you see is basically what you get – she doesn’t do hardcore. Callista likes to do what she calls, “extreme non-nude”. That basically means you will see the outline of her pussy in sheer panties, and you will just see the edges of her nipples that she likes to keep covered. And when it comes to Callista Model’s scrumptious rear end, she doesn’t hold anything back, you do get to see it completely bare!! But honestly, she gets so close to fully nude that when I was surfing her site I got so turned on that I completely forgot that she was covering up her naughty bits.

As I mentioned above, Callista’s site is loaded with great pictures and she keeps adding more all the time. She also has a web cam so you can see her shake that booty live!! Drop by and give Callista Model a visit!

Playful Allice Gallery

Playful Alice is a sexy redhead teen that is practicing her stripper moves. She isn’t a real stripper, but that is ok because she isn’t a real readhead either. Hair color and acting go a long way!!. She is a little nervous about getting on stage in front of a bunch of guys so she thought she would open up a website instead. She is a little shy, but she is getting better. She has some good moves and she likes to show off a little for the video camera.

One of the first thing you will notice about Playful Alice is that she has very red hair. And you know what they say about readhead teens don’t you? You don’t? Neither do I, I’m just making this shit up as I go along… But from my experience most redhead teens are a little exotic and they like to stand out in a quite way.

There is something special about redhead teens that I can’t quite put my finger on, but I do know that I would love to put my fingers all over Playful Alice’s nice sexy body. She is tall with little tits and a nice tight little arse. Her face is very beautiful and she has crazy sexy legs. The kind of long legs she would wrap around you while she grinds into your crotch. That is how Playful Alice likes to play.