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capri masturbation video

Some of the girls we feature look like they don’t like to show off, they love to play shy and tease and hide how much they love it, and there’s definitely an appeal for the ‘shy and reluctant’ look. Sometimes you want a girl that knows how much they love it, and just adores letting you squirm as you watch them play with themselves just for you. They are the exhibitionists that are the most enthusiastic, and most playful, especially once they can see how much you react to them when they get soaking wet, and when you watch them explore.

Capri Anderson just adores it when we get to watch her show off and play with her body, so she doesn’t bother with much in the way of clothing. Of course, with her body why would you ever want to cover up something nearly that perfect anyway? She doesn’t hold back either, she rides her own fingers like she wished it was something larger, and spreads herself nice and wide to get to her inner depths, where she gets the most wet. She has her favorite toys too, and this time she brings out a simple little stick vibrator that she uses to great effect on her clit, drawing out one of the best orgasms we’ve seen.

Watch Capri’s steamy video (and pictures too!). CLICK HERE

Private Gwen Gallery

Every hot sexy teen should celebrate her 18th birthday exactly like this! As you can see Private Gwen just turned 18, threw a birthday party, and took naked pictures of herself to start a website.

Private Gwen is student and she gets turned on by exposing herself. With the problems in the economy Gwen was having a difficult time getting financial aid. Being smart and hardworking, she figured she could earn cash for school and have a good time as a teen girl exposing herself on the net. That is a GREAT idea Gwen and we are here to support you all the way!!!

Private Gwen is a real can-do-girl with a great entrepreneurial spirit. She has natural blond hair, a slender teen body, and tight little 18yro ass. She is a great mix of sexy and cute. Best of all Private Gwen has a tight teen pussy that is completely shaved and totally delicious!!!

Don’t get the idea that Private Gwen only does tease pics because nothing could be further from the truth. Gwen does get completely naked and she does display her beautiful shaved pussy for everyone’s enjoyment. For a girl that JUST turned 18, fully nude photos and close up pussy shots are worthy of applause. But Private Gwen doesn’t stop there, she even does a little bit of hardcore!

Ever since cell phone cameras and web cams became common girls have been snapping sexy and revealing “self pics” of themselves. Teen self pics are hot, candid, sexy as hell and Private Gwen has mixed in some great teen self pics which give us a great candid look at this sexy teen.

Drop by Private Gwen’s site and have a look around. If she turns you then show your support and help her make a little cash for school, you will be glad you did.

This Russian teen is looking forward to a cumshot down her throat

Only Tease Gallery

There is something great about a good upskirt photo especially when you get a glimpse of some nice frilly pink panties. This upskirt gallery comes from the great site Only Tease.

If you join Only Tease you don’t get sluts, you don’t get hardcore, and you don’t get trailer trash. What you do get is classy softcore porn that is amazingly hot. I don’t even like to call this softcore porn because the word porn is just too dirty for these classy and erotic shots. Inside the private members area you will see a plethora of sexy girls in stockings, skimpy sexy lingerie, pantyhose, corsets, and of course great upskirt photos.

I’ll admit at times I like trashy and slutty teen porn, but more often than not less IS more! If you get turned on by stockings, pantyhose, lingerie, uniforms, and socks then Only Tease IS THE SITE TO JOIN. At Only Tease they specialize in the erotic, not the extreme.

At Only Tease they have updates 3-5 times EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is a site that never gets stale!! They have live webcam shows and their latest videos are all in HD.

Teen Kasia

This is Teen Kasia and she is the reason webcams were invented!! Hot, naughty, tight, and spunky are all words that come to your mind when you see this delectable teen babe. If you were walking down the street you would be thinking “damn I’d LOVE to see that girl naked”, but you don’t have to dream because YOU CAN see Teen Kasia get completely naked. Someone already did all the hard work for you and made a site loaded with pictures and videos of this sexy teen. The only thing you have to do is spend a measly $20 bucks!!

You can watch her masturbate, watch her get naked and dance around, and watch her as she flashes in public. Teen Kasia does all this crazy stuff and more!! The person responsible for this masterpiece of a website is no other than the legendary Phil Flash. When Phil Flash makes a new site you know it will be top quality and TeenKasia.com is exactly that.

I don’t know about you but I think $20 bucks is a total bargain. The last time I got a lap dance it cost me more than that and I would have been a lot better off just checking out TeenKassia.com. So far she has had 43 updates and each weak she make a brand new one. This is one site you shouldn’t pass up.

Teen Kasia

Little Mutt Gallery

I’ve never been so turned on by a garden hose in my life!! Some girls can only be described as PERFECT. Destiny from Little Mutt fits that category ( just like a tight skirts fits her 18yr old ass). The cool thing about Destiny is that she is a cross between a supermodel and the cute girl next door. She is an amateur to be sure — as are all the girls on Little Mutt.

GOD DAMN her face and body could match anything walking down a catwalk in Paris. This girl is HOT and when you are checking out her free teen pics make sure and take a LONG and CLOSE look at her totally shaved pussy. Destiny has one of the best and most delicious looking pussies I have EVER SEEN. You will agree with me on this I’m sure!

I know it’s hard to take your mind off of Destiny, but if you want to see more of her or her videos they can only be found at Little Mutt. This is a quality site that includes many sexy amateur girls and some of them are Destiny’s friends. These girls get 100% naked and they all seem more than happy to show off their tight and clean pussies!!

A few of the Little Mutt girls even dabble in hardcore. The amazing thing is that these girls are just normal girls from the neighborhood. These are not the girls you have already seen a 1000 times all over the internet. For most of these sexy teens it’s their first time getting naked in front of a camera.

At Little Mutt all the girls are 18-20 (for real) and their perfect teen pussies are ripe as a peach. Drop by Little Mutt and see for yourself.

We’ve got the hottest sexy teens ready to get wild and crazy for your viewing pleasure at Sexylette. Come and enjoy one of the most gorgeous sexy nude teens strutting her fine curves off at the beach. The super cute hottie starts to get all playful and fun once she bends and stretches her slender frame around in her green bikini. Her hips start to swing back and forth as she splashes around in the water and starts feeling up her juicy small cups. CLICK HERE to download the video of the teens nude.

Sexy Lette Gallery

The perky tits get all erect and hard at the cold waves that start hitting her skin, making her get goosebumps all over her body. The barely legal babe can’t wait to take off her top and reveal the nice boobs that come out to soak up the summer sun. She even has star tattoos on her chest, marking the perfect lumps and directing you to a heavenly touch. See the sizzling hot young teens get totally nude once they let lose and totally lose control of themselves in front of all the public eyes who watch. ENJOY the heated teen seduction.

If you want to see hot and spicy, than you will love this gorgeous babe we have for you to taste. Caitlynn is not like all the average sexy nude teens out here, this wild little blonde loves to dress up in her seductive lingerie sets and turn you wild with her erotic performance. Enjoy the show and see the petite babe in her black and white panties and bra getting herself stretched out on her bed. Pretty soon she glides her hands around her silky smooth skin, and starts teasing her most tender spots with her playful little fingers. JOIN the fun and see the stripping teen.

Your Caitlynn Gallery

As the heat rises so does her appetite for dick, and she slowly starts sucking her own fingers to demonstrate her skills. Watch the show and enjoy the innocent looking girl get her little tits out and eager to be tasted. She squeezes and pets her nipples until they are hard before sliding her legs apart and teasing her juicy sweet pussy lips. The tantalizing touching turns her totally horny and wild and is ready to get herself erupting in a heaping messy orgasm. GET ACCESS and watch the teen seduction.

Teen Sex Movies

Girls always start off with the little smooth dildos that usually don’t look anything like a dick. But they grow tired of that real fast. It’s just a matter of time till they want the big huge dildo, the one that looks like a real dick.

When experienced teens girls look for a dildo they know to make sure it has a nice suction cup on the bottom. They can stick it to the wall and fuck themselves crazy! There is nothing like a video of a sexy teen fucking herself silly with a big dildo.

This is Cameron and she is one of the new models at Nubiles. As you can see for yourself she is the definition of a sexy teen. Cameron is well experience with dildos and she has one of the bigger ones ( yes it does have a suction cup ). If you visit Nubiles you can watch her fuck herself with this big dildo!

If you don’t have a single girl that you are obsessed with then one of the best sites to join is Nubiles. They have filmed over 500 teen models. Most of these girls are brand new and total first timers. This is there first time on film and they have a sexy amateurish look.

Nubiles has a knack for finding girls that tend to be tomorrows big stars. You can see them before they become famous and everyone is talking about them. They also have a huge archive and it would take you literally forever to watch all the nubile videos. They also have a huge picture archive.

You will not find a larger or better archive sexy teen models than at Nubiles. The have no download restrictions and you can collect all your favorite girls. All the girls at Nubiles do fully nude shoots and most play with dildos and masturbate on camera. And if that wasn’t enough some of the girls do full on hardcore.

So do yourself a big favor and get a membership to Nubiles. Within minutes you will be watching Cameron fuck herself with this big dildo!

Teen Sex Movies

Emo girls aren’t normally my type and normally they really bug me, but I’m gonna have to make a big exception for Kira 18. She is one hell of sexy emo girl.

Kira as you probably guessed by the name of her site has just turned 18. Like a lot of the emo girls she is bisexual and has unique piercings. She has the sides of her stomach priced and ring in her nose.

She has nice little perky tits and a tight little teenie ass. She has a very beautiful face and striking looks that are highlighted by her emo hair coloring. Kira started her own website because like most emo girls she is just looking for attention. If getting naked on the web does it for her, then great!

The more 18 year old girls that want to get nude and show off their perky teen tits the better. It just makes the world a better place and we are all the better for it. Kira 18 updates her site several times a week with new fully nude pictures and videos. She loves to show off her little teen tits and hard nipples.

If you check out Kaira’s personal website you will find a bunch of extra sample pics and vids. She is quite the hottie and I think you will be seeing a lot more of here. When you do visit her site make sure and check out her eyes, her eyes are hypnotic.

Other bonus items that members of Kira 18’s personal site receive are access to her diary and a message board where you can talk to Kira and leave her messages. She really like talking to her fans and meeting new guys.

Sexy Teen

This hot little tight ass belongs to Diddylicious and she wants you to get a very good look a it. Diddylicious loves attention and she really gets turned on by guys checking out her website.

Diddylicious is a very petite teen with a tight little body. She has a very beautiful freckled face. If you have a thing for girls with freckles, you are gonna love Diddlylicious. Diddylicious is mostly a tease, you are not going to see much. If you watch her videos, sure you will get a few nipple slips or close up photos of her panties pulled super tight into her crotch.

She puts on a good show and her website is of good quality, but you aren’t going to get any hardcore or fully nude shots out of Diddlylicious. I don’t know about you, but in a way that kind of turns me on in a less is more sort of way. So many girls are fully nude or hardcore now that it’s kinda cool to find the few that don’t. It’s hot.

Diddylicious does have cam shows every week – if you check out her website you can see her scheduled webcam shows!!!

Meet Madden Gallery

This is exactly how massive multiple car pileups happen!!! You shouldn’t drink and drive and you most definitely should not have a hot 18 year old blond stripping naked in the passenger seat. This is just VERY dangerous ( and sooooo hot).

Meet Madden is a southern girl with an AMAZING body. She is truly stunning. Legs, ass, tits, face – all fucking amazing. Check out Meet Madden in her sheer panties, and check out her sexy school girl look.

Unfortunately, Meet Madden is a TOTAL tease. She does not do full nude, and she does not do anything close to hardcore. Yes, it’s a crying shame! She is so perfect and hot all you can do is think about doing all kinds of dirty things to her!!!

Personally, I wouldn’t join her site – I I don’t like non-nude tease pics. Yes, they are hot. Yes, Meet Madden is hot, but I’d rather spend my money at a site where a girl really earns her money!

If you liked being teased and if you think Meet Madden is the bomb, then by all means, join her personal site. She has cam shows every week so maybe you can see her live. Maybe she will slip up and let you see her bare tit.

Meggan Powers Gallery

Meggan Powers is a fairly new girl and she went from amateur to pro real quick. The crew at Pancho Dog found her and made her a website – these are the same guys who made the sites for Ariel Rebel, Katie Fey, Andi Pink. The assumed, rightly so, that they had a big hit and they were already counting the money this girl would make for them. Well, Meggan had other ideas…

Considering that Meggan has classic model looks and – skinny and glamorous – the big name guys took an interest in her. I’m not exactly sure what went down, but Meggan Powers decided to sign a contract with Vivid. Yes, Vivid the home of many famous pornstars. She also changed her name to Meggan Malone. It’s just a matter of time before this cutie is staring in big name porn flicks.

The great thing is that the Pancho Dog guys were able to get a bunch of content before she left for Vivid. The Meggan Powers content is at the beginning of her carrier while she is still cute and amateurish. If she becomes famous, and I’m sure she will, these pictures and videos will be golden.

Keep an eye out for Meggan Malone next time yo u are watching a LA style porno and remember that you learned about her first at Dream8teen!!

If this babe really does if for you – if you you love skinny and glamorous – then drop by the Meggan Powers site and have a look at her hardcore work!!!

Playful Allice Gallery

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to show you the front or back of Playful Alice so went with both. Playful Alice is the kind of girl that looks good coming and going. She has fair skin and a nice juicy ass. If you gave her ass a good swat it would more than likely turn bright red and leave a nice hand print – just one of the many advantages of fair skinned girls!!! Fair skinned girls tend to look good as they age because they don’t spend all their time in the sun and in tanning beds. Her skin won’t be all wrinkly and leathered looking down the road.

Playful Alice has vivid red hair and I’m just going to pretend that it is real and she was born as a redhead. Redheads are sexy and unique and it’s hot. Its a great look for her. Playful Alice has the body and frame to go a long way in her modeling carrier . I would expect to see a lot more of her on the web as she gets more popular. She has “the look”.

The stockings and garter belt that Playful Alice is wearing ads a very nice touch! The stockings frame her nice juicy teen ass. And there is just something sexy as hell about garter belts on teens that gets me every time.

After spending some time at Playful Alice’s personal site and looking at her videos I’ve really started to like this sexy teen. Hopefully, she will keep updating her site and getting naked for our enjoyment. Visit Playful Alice and let her know that she is doing a great job.

Playful Allice Gallery

Sexy Lette Pictue Gallery

Every had a day like this: your cell phone battery dies and you haven’t been able to make any calls for over a day. You rush to the mall to pick up a new battery. You are wearing crap clothes, you probably smell, and generally you look like shit. You are thinking about a million things and all the shit you have to get done. The last thing on your mind is picking up pussy. Well, that is when it happens – out of fucking nowhere drops a big slice of sexy young and different. She is right in front of you and giving you that look. Your brain feels like someone popped the clutch on your mental gearbox. Your dick is tingling and you are instantly flush. It takes a moment, then it registers – That girl was fucking hot and flirting with me! But now she is gone! The one moment you have been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming about all your life just passed you buy. The rest of the week it’s all you can think about – that sexy different girl at the mall that was flirting with you. You kick yourself over and over.

This has happened to every single guy that walks on this planet. We have all been there! Well the girl you missed your chance with is Sexy Lettie Yep, the girl you have been thinking about now has her own website. And now that you can get a second look at her you realize this is not the girl-next-door. This chick is different. Yeah she has piercings all over and a large collection of tattoos. She is not the kind of girl that would make mom happy and god damn it’s a turn on. Sexy Lettie has a great body and she has absolutely no problem letting you see everything. She just turned 18, made a website and is on a crazy adventure – who know where it will go. We will definitely be keeping tabs on this new hottie.

Sexy Blond Teen Lindsay

Is that a sexy naughty face or what? I love this picture of Lindsay from The Wet Peach because it’s not easy to pin down. It’s a little slutty, it’s a little sexy, a little naughty and just fucking hot. It’s a little more makeup than I normally like to see on a girl, but in this case I’ll let it slide. Hell, in this case I’ll even get sprung. I can even think of a place where I would like to have those juicy red lips!!

If you will take a look at the Wet Peach gallery I think you will find every guys fantasy – well at least one of them. Imagine you come home and your girl is doing the dishes. Not only is she doing dishes but she is all made up and we are not talking made up like June Cleaver, but like a slutty nymph. The girl in the kitchen is a sexy teen in fish net stocking and tight little ass in cotton panties that have gotten scrunched up and wet. Of course this young slutty nymph is washing so diligently that she has managed to get soap bubbles and watter all over her slender tight body. Now wake the hell up, because that kind of shit doesn’t happen in real life!!! First no girl is gonna do your dishes and look like Lindsay from the Wet Peach unless you are willing to spend a few grand. So do yourself a favor and do the next best thing and check out the free movie gallery or visit The Wet Peach

Bonus Movie Galleries:

Sexy Blond Lindsay parties Topless for the camera

Sweet Adri wearing nothing but a top

Poor Sweet Adri lost her pants. I feel so sorry for her. She also manages to loose her panties and bra. What a shame it is, Sweet Adri will just have to spend the rest of the day naked. Damn, the more I see of Sexy Adri the more I love this girl. She is brand new to the web and has one of the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen a lot of naked girls. She also has a very beautiful face. This is the kind of girl that every guy wants to marry.

Sweet Adri and and Melissa Midwest are friends and they work on their sites together. There are several photo sets with the two of them together and it is heavenly.

Sweet Adri just like Melissa puts on great web cam shows. I know because I watch ’em all. They are great! It’s especially good when Adri and Melissa do a show together because together they are the pussy dream team. If Adri turns you on check out her site and have a look at the other free pics on her site.

Bonus Movie Galleries:
Sweet Adri teases us with her striped panties on the kitchen counter
Sweet Adri complete nude outside near railroad tracks

Melissa Midwest web chat

Ohh, this is a great pic of my girl Mellisa Midwest in live chat on her computer. I’ve done the live chat with Melissa Midwest and it’s really cool. You get to see and talk to Mellisa while she is complete naked. It’s one of the great bonus she offers in addition to a huge collection of great pictures and movies.

I just love Melissa because she is such a down to earth chick. She’s not stuck up and she is the kind of girl that you just want to hang out with. She also gives out her instant messenger nick name to her members. She’s a great girl.


As of Oct 14, 2011 we are being told that Melissa Midwest is closing down her site and will no longer be updating. Sorry folks!

Kaley Kennedys in tedyKaley Kennedys round ass

Look who we have crawling along the floor showing off her juicy ass: Kaley Kennedy.

Kaley Kennedy isn’t what i’d call drop dead gorgeous and she doesn’t look like a model, but she does have something that is incredibly sexy about her. I’m not sure it it’s the fact that she is 19 years old, or that has a naughty look, or it it’s the way her ass perfectly rounds out the corners of her panties, but damn she makes me horny as hell. One think I love about working on a teen porn blog is seeing all the different types of girls. Normal porn girls or professional models are kinda boring, they tend to all look the same. But these armature girls that have their own site are great. They are young and naughty and they now how to tease. They look and act like real girls. And although they are technically doing porn, they are not doing hard core and taking a dick in every hole. Putting all those factors together and that makes the teen porn niche the hottest on the planet. Real girls and they are all genuine and unique. So hot!
Gallery Link: Kaley Kennedy strips off panties and bra.

Kaley Kennedys in PantiesKaley Kennedys round ass

Another great picture of Kaley Kennedy for you guys and girls.

The more galleries I see of Kaley Kennedy the more I’m starting to really like this girl. Kaley is super sexy 18 year old Italian girl. She has more sexy outfits than any girl I’ve ever seen. The best thing is Kaley Kennedy loves taking off her clothes for the camera. She puts on a great show by slowly teasing and slowly removing her clothes. She definitely knows how to work that sexy Italian body to get us excited. I love the picture where she is teasing us with her perfect teen ass. Also notice how her bra is falling off. The high heals that Kaley Kennedy are wearing also add a great effect. They look a lot like something a stripper would wear. And speaking of stripping, Kaley’s web cam shows are better than being at a strip club. It’s like having a sexy teen stripper in the privacy of your own place.

Gallery Link: 18 year old Kaley Kenned Wearing a Thong.