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We all wish we could spend our time in a tropical paradise. Drinks, sun, sand, and sexy women, all on the list of most guys’ fantasies when they think about taking off to the tropical island. For a lot of women, they could use the same list for when they head out to the beach. Of course, they are much better equipped to find a nice quiet corner and have their fun, especially when they find the kind of company they like.

Claire Dain and Holly Belle managed to sneak off and find a nice corner of this lovely resort where they indulged in one of the sweetest pleasures, sex under the hot tropical sun. These two girls don’t waste much time before they explore each other with fingers, and tongues. It’s just a surprise no one heard their moans! They also managed to sneak one of their favorite little toys along with them, and when they take turns with the beads it isn’t long before they get to experience the other hottest thing on the beach, and that’s cumming in the bright tropical sun.

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Sweet little blonde girls, how they drive us wild with their innocent looks, and their cute, petite little bodies, we just can’t resist them, now can we. Blondes may not always have more fun, but watch out for the innocent looking ones, because they usually are not so innocent. They love teasing and driving the boys crazy, especially when they get in front of a camera. You barely have to give them a reason, and they’ll give you that trembling lip, those big eyes, all while daring you not to look down as they rub themselves, just out of view.

Little Becky may have to do laundry today, but that’s no excuse for not getting in a little fun at our expense. With her body hugging clothes it doesn’t take much before she’s teasing us with glimpses of her trim, petite body with her perfect breasts and her shaved pussy. She looks like she’s so naughty, but the way her eyes look and the way she bites her lip makes you just want to promise to kiss her and make it all better. Luckily, she knows her own ways of making it better, which is why she keeps her favorite toy handy when she’s about to get her clothes dirty with her wetness.

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