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sexy Lara

There are women out there that have such natural beauty, that you really can’t imagine capturing them anyplace but outdoors. It almost seems a waste to keep them confined in a studio with carefully primped and placed props all around them. They are so much more suited to the outdoors, where the light brings out their best traits, and they get to play and pose surrounded by as many natural elements as you can get for them. When you want an amazing set, you just have to find the perfect spot, and get it for the perfect time, so you can get the perfect photos.

Lara is our lovely brunette Amazon, and she looks amazing when she just wears a bit of leather, and spends some time out in the sun. Her silky soft skin almost glows in the sun, and like the Amazons, she knows what she wants, and she loves teasing until she gets it. The leather scraps of an outfit just serve to make her even more brave, and more teasing, as she flashes us her amazing breasts and her cute, clean shaven pink pussy. This is one goddess of nature that certainly deserves her time in the sun.

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sara luv

Sun, surf, and beautiful women, all the things you think of when you head out for a nice little vacation out to the beach, right? You just want to lounge in the sun and watch all the girls walk by in their skimpy bikinis and tight little underthings. The only thing that might be better is if you could find a nice island girl who’s uninhibited, and knows a nice secluded place where you can head off and feel what it’s like to have sex in the sun, with the water splashing off your body as you have a hot girl on you.

Sara Luv practically specializes in making that particular fantasy come true for the guys she likes. This sweet, trim, utterly hot island girl has these lovely private secluded pools where she takes her boy toys when she wants a little nude frolic in the sun. In this case, it looks like she found a boy in bad need of this time in the sun, because he looks like the sun might ignite him if he spends too much time there. That doesn’t matter to Sara though once the clothes come off and he finds a nice warm, wet place for his cock between her thighs. She takes to the water like a fish, and shows him all the positions that make water sex oh so fun in the sun.

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angie nipple

Some places are so beautiful, so picturesque, that you really don’t think you can add to them. Of course, some girls are like that too. There is something so perfect about them, that there is no way you can set up a scene that will make them any hotter then if they just stood in a hallway and took off their clothes while you watched. Of course, we strive to do a bit better than that, but there is also that element of chance, and when chance and opportunity come by to give you the opportunity for a perfect shot, you have to take it.

We weren’t expecting to stop with Angie, we had no intentions of shooting on the beach, but when you find a nice private beach with the perfect lighting, and the girl you’re with already has the look that begs for wind, you well, you stop. Angie looks amazing against the ocean, and this hot, petite beauty just looks like a point of smoldering fire against the dark water of the ocean behind her. She didn’t really need anything else really, just the sand, the water, and her perfectly pale skin, and we had the perfect shoot, enough that we just knew we might as well never go back there again, because it would be impossible to capture that combination again.

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teen nicole outside

We love it when the change of seasons comes around, and the weather turns warm, the sun comes out, and every day looks like flowers. We love it because some of our sexiest models are huge sun worshippers, and when the sun comes out, they practically beg to take some pictures out in the sun. That makes our job very easy, because nothing looks better then sun-dappled skin, and nothing gets the girls more playful then the breeze in their hair, and the feel of flowers and grass against their beautiful bodies.

As soon as the weather turned, one of our most lovely flower girls Nichole was on us for an outside shoot. We didn’t even have to suggest it, and that’s always the best time, because we barely have to do a thing, just keep the camera on them and let them play however they want. She is a true sun-worshipper, because she didn’t even want to wear her skirt, she just wore it long enough to get out to the site, then away it went! With a body like hers, we’re not going to complain though, because Nichole has that perfect little trim body that just seems like it glows when the sun hits it. She practically makes love to the sun, and believe me when we say that we wished we were the flowers she found and picked along the way.

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Hardcore Mandy Gallery

Let’s all be honest here, seeing a naked girls outside is a real turn on. I guess it’s all part of that fantasy of being out in the wilderness and spying a naked teen outdoors that thinks she has found a private spot. There is a certain voyeuristic turn on to seeing someone when they don’t know they are being watched.

This is Hardcore Mandy and she is the naked teen outdoors. She is laying out near a private semi-secluded swimming pool. She is totally naked and at any moment the pool maintenance dude or her neighbor might just bump into her.

If a girl is naked outdoors or laying in the sun with no clothes on she probably thinks no one can see her. She has to be aware of the possibility that someone just happens to come down the trail and find her private spot or peeks over the fence. Hardcore Mandy is the kind of girl that gets turned on by the possibility of being scene — it’s a two way turn on. For her it’s exciting to feel slightly exposed and to know that someone could be watching her.

I will admit that Hardcore Mandy isn’t the best looking girl in the world, but she definitely is not bad. She has a nice little body and a perky ass. She is low maintenance and the kind of chick you could have a lot of fun with.

Hardcore Mandy enjoys being the naked teen outdoors and she is waiting for you to notice her. She is ready and willing to get busy, she is down with all your dirty perverted thoughts. Visit her site and see for yourself.

Jordan Capri Gallery

Jordan Capri really brings back memories!!! Jordan first showed up on the web about five years ago and she was an instant hit. She was 18 years old and cute as hell. She did full nude and was one of the first amateur girls to set up her own website. She joined the Lightspeed Girls network and became their star girl. She is no longer 18, If I had to guess I’d say she is 21-22 now?? Jordan Capri has been featured all over the web and it’s hard to find a picture gallery of her that hasn’t made the rounds.

I managed to dig up a few Jordan Capri photo sets that I hadn’t seen before. These pictures of Jordan Capri are quite hot and I just never get tired of her big brown eyes and her tight perky butt. Jordan Capri’s pussy is classic!

Jordan Capri is always beautiful no matter if she is dressed up as a cow girl or stripping naked outdoors.

If you have never been a member of Jordan’s personal site, it’s still worth checking out. If you have been a member in the past Jordan is definitely worth one last look!! Best of all, If you join you get access to the ENTIRE Lightspeed Network of sites. You can examine up close an personal all the famous Lightspeed girls like Twanee Stone, Angle Woods, Rachel 18, Britney Lightspeed, and many, many more!!! Do yourself a favor and have a look at Jordan Capri and the Lightspeed Girls.

Kaley Kennedys round ass

This is a girl we haven’t seen a good while: Tory Stone. Tory Stone is one of the Lightspeed girls. If you notice the Lightspeed girls all have a very natural look. They don’t have fake tans or fake tits. They are just good quality girls that like to take it off for the camera. The pictures are always taken with taste. You won’t see the Light speed girls looking like trashy whores.

Tory Stone was one of the original Lightspeed girls before “Lightspeed” became a big name. Tory has always been a favorite of mine. She has large firm breast that don’t droop or look fake. She has a real cute smile and long sexy legs that you would love to have wrapped around your head while you eat her pink pussy. Yummmm!!!

I’m not sure what kind of “bottoms” Tory has on, but they do look damn good on her. I guess they are bikini bottoms? They look even better when she is pulling them down and showing you all she has, but you will have to check out the gallery for that.

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sexy teen in skirt

Ok, this is a really hot pic of Naughty Girl Sandy. Her flat stomach is so sexy! If you check out the entire gallery you will notice that Naughty Girl Sany is completely nude in one shot and in several shots you get a great view of her totaly bare breasts. Naught Girl Sandy does have some very nice tits.

I love how her tee shirt says, “Corrupt Me”, as if she needs any help! She didn’t get the nick name Naughty Girl for nothing! The gossip going around is that she has been very naughty and started doing a little hardcore stuff. I’m still trying to confirm this and find pictues. As soon as I do I’ll post ’em here. In the mean time, enjoy this great gallery of Naughty Girl Sandy!

***Update Aug 24, 2008**** Naught Girl Sandy got fat and closed her website. Plenty of new girls….

Tori Stone PictureTori Stone Picture

I present the girl nex door: Tori Stone.

What is it about the girl next door and why don’t they ever live next door to me? Maybe I need to move so I can have a girl next door? If I did have a girl next door I’d want her to look a lot like Tori Stone!

Tori got the idea to make a naughty website because her sister Tawny Stone had a website (when I get the chance I’ll post some of Tori’s pictures as well). She saw how much fun her sister was having and Tori really liked the idea and was really turned on by getting naked in front of people and striping off her clothes for the camera. So lucky us Tori now has her own website. If you like girls that have the girl next door look than by all means check out Tori Stone’s website because there are a lot more pictures and videos there.

Gallery Link: Tori Stone strips off panties and bra outdoors.

Melissa Midwest farmer girl

I don’t think I can go a week without posting about Melissa Midwest. To be honest I can’t go a day without checking out her website: Melissa Midwest. I was surfing there today and found this great picture of her acting like a farmer girl. The gallery was so hot I just had to post it. I think we have all had the fantasy of rolling in the hay with a beautiful county girl – well at least I have. This picture of Melissa Midwest is exactly how the fantasy starts in my mind. A beautiful young blond is all hot and sweaty from working outside. To relieve herself from the heat she has to unbutton her skimpy cutoff jeans. Of course the beautiful farm girl has been thinking about sex all day and is now quite horny. She starts teasing me by pushing up her t-shirt around her full and beautiful breasts. Then she rolls down the top of her skimpy cutoff jeans allowing me to get a great view of her tight stomach. Her pussy is aching for some attention and she asks me to go in the barn to get out of the heat. That is how my fantasy starts. I’m sure you can guess how it ends.

Melissa Midwest may be from Nebraska, but I’m not buying the farm girl bit. I’m sure she can operate her webcam and laptop very competently, but I doubt she could even start that tractor. She is a sexy and beautiful girl that loves to get completely naked on her website not a farm babe. But if she wants to play farm babe that is just fine by me. In fact, that is one of the things I really like about Melissa Midwest – she is always doing new and creative photo shoots. Keep up the good work Melissa!

I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t get enough of Karen Dreams. Check out these galleries with the wind blowing her skirt up – wouldn’t you love to run your hands up her firm legs and grab that juicy ass? Or help her remover her bra and suck on her tits till her nipples get hard? You know she has a wet teen pussy just waiting for you! This girl has one tight body and she knows how to work it and tease. She has a marvelous firm ass perfect teen tits! Her site is great there are tons of sexy pictures, and lots of videos, and she really knows how to keep you happy. Do yourself a favor and check out her great site.