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Some girls like to have a little warm up before they get onto the main event with their favorite boy toys. Some guys get intimidated by a girl that knows what she likes, but why should you? If she wants to get nice and wet with a little self-pleasure before getting onto the main event and spending some times with her lips, and pussy wrapped around your cock, is that really a complaint? It shows that she just loves you watching her, and wants you to know how turned on she is before you two have your fun.

Erika definitely has that extra bit of an exhibitionist outfit in her, especially when she shows up in a cute pink outfit that matches her sweet disposition. It doesn’t last long though, especially once her fingers find her cute, shaved little pussy. She definitely enjoys using her fingers to get her wet and ready, and she’s not even ready for her boy toy until she cums at least once. Once she does though she’s ravenous, and her guy finds that her pretty mouth looks even more pretty when it’s wrapped around his cock. She gives a truly stellar blowjob, and isn’t finished until she gets a good taste of his load.

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Marizza masturbating

Study, study study, that’s all you’re expected to do when you get sent off to a private school. They have all their rules, and their uniforms, and they expect their girls to be such sticklers and just go right along and behave. They don’t know that what they are really creating is hot, naughty girls that suppress their desires until they just can’t do it anymore, and then all that discipline cracks. When they do finally let loose, they even develop their own fantasies of turning their uniforms into clothes where they can be very very naughty indeed.

Marizza loved the idea of wearing some clothes that reminded her of one of her old uniforms, and showing us just what she wanted to do everytime she studied in private. With her sweet, cute body and look she seems so innocent, even when she strokes her fingers over her pussy through her panties. This is a study break that every girl should take advantage of whenever she can, and we bet that every girl out there has their own favorite toy they rely on when they need a little bit of relief. In Marizza’s case, could we ask anything else then a cute pink toy, for her cute pink pussy?

little bailey

Ahh, how the the enthusiasm of youth shows through. We love it when we get a hot young girl that just knows that she’s going to be wicked and wild, because she loves the reactions she gets when she teases the heck out of the boys and the girls. They’ve learned that they can drive us all crazy, and we will just come back and ask for more. These girls are little bundles of energy that look like they can explode at any time and will exhaust everyone around them. We can hardly keep up when they really let go!

Little Bailey is one of those wicked little dynamos, and when she gets rolling you just can’t get her to stop when she starts feeling good. When there’s no one around, she’ll make her own mischief, especially on a beautiful day, when she can get naked outside. It doesn’t take long before the clothes go bye-bye and her fingers seek out her cute little shaved pussy. She’s one of those girls that cums at the drop of the hat, so she will spend as much time as she can with her fingers buried between her legs and the sweetest sounds coming out of her mouth.

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Some of the girls we feature look like they don’t like to show off, they love to play shy and tease and hide how much they love it, and there’s definitely an appeal for the ‘shy and reluctant’ look. Sometimes you want a girl that knows how much they love it, and just adores letting you squirm as you watch them play with themselves just for you. They are the exhibitionists that are the most enthusiastic, and most playful, especially once they can see how much you react to them when they get soaking wet, and when you watch them explore.

Capri Anderson just adores it when we get to watch her show off and play with her body, so she doesn’t bother with much in the way of clothing. Of course, with her body why would you ever want to cover up something nearly that perfect anyway? She doesn’t hold back either, she rides her own fingers like she wished it was something larger, and spreads herself nice and wide to get to her inner depths, where she gets the most wet. She has her favorite toys too, and this time she brings out a simple little stick vibrator that she uses to great effect on her clit, drawing out one of the best orgasms we’ve seen.

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nicole posing

Everyone needs a little bit of private time now and again, even when they are with someone they can’t keep their hands off. Anyone who thinks that they should never spend some time with some solo fun once they are with someone is rather missing the point. It’s an indulgence, and a way of getting yourself centered with all the things that you love to feel, experience and pamper yourself with. Some girls seem to lose track of the importance of that, so we take the opportunity and remind them whenever we can, even if their “private time” ends up in front of the lens.

Nicole Noro usually loves playing with her man, whether it’s on camera or off, it’s kind of an exhibitionist thing for her. It was actually fun to convince her that yes, we just wanted her hot little body on the camera, all alone, all while she plays with herself and shows us what gets her off. Of course, with a spectacular body with her, we can’t say our motivations were purely selfless. When her breathing gets harder from her moans of pleasure her perfect breasts move in such a hot way, and you haven’t seen anything until you see the look on her face when she finally slips her fingers into her hot, tight little pussy.

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dreamy chick

Every girl needs a little bit of quiet, self-only time. It doesn’t matter how much they adore showing off, and how much they love being with their lover, or lovers, there’s something, special about that time when they get to relax and explore alone. Some of the most sensual, sexy, intense things you will ever see are when you get a lovely woman to show you what she does when she is usually all alone. It’s something we always strive to get, because those uncensored moments when you can see the pleasure crossing their face as their fingers travel over their skin are mesmerizing.

We caught Brittney in a particularly…soft moment, and she finally let us see what she does when she takes that time to herself. Her curves are spectacular, and it’s almost unfair how hot she is when she takes that time and explores every inch with such concentration, as though she just has to ramp up the pleasure with those soft caresses. Even when her eyes meet the camera it looks like she’s not seeing anything at all, and even though we can’t help but think she is playing up to the camera somewhat, the intense look on her face tells us all we really need to know. When her fingers find her tight little pussy, and she gets that pleasured look on her face it stops mattering how much she knows we are there, we’re just glad she lets us watch.

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shyla with toy

When people wanna see naked women, they probably aren’t looking to see 60 year old women pleasure themselves on camera. They want the younger women who know how to look great and put on an outstanding show by letting vibrators hit their cute pussies or fill their assholes with vibrators. It’s the outstanding world of Shyla Jennings, and you will definitely get aroused by what this sexy young woman does on camera. Fingering, vibrators, you name it, she probably does it!

With this scene, we see Shyla having an incredible O with her vibrator wand in hand. It’s really a sight to see when she gets fully nude, spreads her legs and lets the sun shine in on that gorgeous mound of hers. You can tell she definitely gets into the fun and excitement by how she moans, gyrates her hips and constantly puts that huge vibrator next to her incredibly juicy, horny and aroused clit. This is the kind of action that Shyla puts on all the time. All her moaning, the pleasure, the wet pussy and vibrator all come together as she comes with ecstasy.

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long haired teen

Some girls just want to show off. It doesn’t matter how they do it, as long as they get their opportunity to get in front of a camera, so they can drive everyone wild. When they have no shame in their bodies, they will play with themselves, play with their toys, even play with each other, because they love the high they get knowing how many people watch their cries of pleasure.

This amazing longhaired teen didn’t waste any time when she got in front of the camera, she wanted us to see her body, so her clothes just had to go. She had an amazing body, her slender form worked perfectly in such a simple setting, especially when she started running her hands over her own body. She definitely knew what she liked, and her pink nails matched her sweet little pink pussy as they disappeared into her over and over again.

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Harmony 18 Gallery

This is Harmony 18 and she is a D+ student because instead of studying she is always dreaming abut sex and putting her fingers on her pussy. As you can see she does have a very nice pussy so I can’t blame her for wanting to touch and rub it.

And lets face it, if its wasn’t for all the hot D+ student girls we would have a lot less teen porn sites and that would be a very bad thing. Very bad.

It looks like Harmony 18 spent a good amount of time shaving her pussy. Her pussy is completely bald with out a single hair – perfect for licking, rubbing, and masturbating.

Although Harmony is just turned 18 years old, she is ready for the major leagues. She does a little hardcore and gives blow jobs to guys on her website. If you would like to help out this D+ student then join her personal site and you can watch videos that show her masturbating and maybe you can offer her free tutoring.

Face Down Ass Up Gallery

If you are researching colleges forget the Ivy League, forget MIT – you want to go to Face Down Ass Up University!! Harvard and Yale pale by comparison.!

This is Kasia and she is a sexy girl from Poland that is a student at Face Down Ass Up University. I just watched the entire video of Kasia and honestly it was one of the hottest teen videos I’ve ever seen!!!

Kasia is in her dorm room and she teases the camera and takes off her panties. She takes one of her dildos (one with a suction cup on the end) and she sticks it to her bunk bed. Kasia then grabs a bottle of lube (this girl is well prepared) and rubs a little on her pussy and a little on the dildo.

Kasia shows off her perfect ass and tight teen body. And let me tell you, this sexy girl is a text book definition of tight and perky. Kasia then backs up – face down ass up style – to the dildo and fucks herself crazy!!! She fucks the dildo until she has a big orgasm and her eyes glaze over with a rush of pleasure.

I’m giving Kasia an A+ for her performance. This sexy teen video clip will go down as one of my personal favorites for 2008.

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Little Summer Gallery

This is Little Summer and she LOVES masturbating. She is another cute teen with barely legal looks and she is part of the same network as Trixie Teen.

Little Summer is always smiling and they his probably because she usually has her fingers in her pussy. I don’t blame her one bit!!! Little summer likes to take off her clothes and look cute for the camera. She is definitely not shy about getting the camera right up close to her bare pussy.

Summer loves going to the beach (don’t all girls) she loves playing in the sand, laying in the sun, and stripping down completely naked. She gets turned on when she knows people are looking at her. Little Summer likes attention and she loves masturbating!!!

One thing she is just getting into is messing around with other girls. Little Summer is not a lesbian (she likes guys) but she is turned on by the idea of making out and fooling around with other girls. Little Summers’s nipples get hard and her pussy tingles wen her girlfriend touches her!

Little Summer has a great body, a cute smile, and blond hair. She looks like a cute good girl, but don’t be fooled. This little teen will make you very happy!! Visit her personal site and have a closer look.