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Angle Woods Gallery

No doubt that you have heard of the Light Speed Girls. I don’t know how you could not know about them unless you live in Uzbekistan or Tibet and even then you might have heard of the Light Speed Girls.

The Lightspeed Girls are the creation of Steve Lightspeed who pioneered teen porn back when the internet was just getting started. He hit the jack pot when he found Jordan Capri. From there the fame of the Light Speed Girls just grew.

The Lightspeed formula is simple, find attractive girls, get them naked, but don’t turn them into sluts. Emphasize the girls youth and innocence without treating them like whores. Mix in a little kink and playfulness and you have the Lightspeed Girls. It’s a simple formula that works and works well.

The latest girl in the Lightspeed line up is Angel Woods. She is a cute blond that has a rock hard body . she likes to undress and play in her panties. Angel Woods has a teen panty fetish – she has hundreds of pairs of different panties that she likes to show off and take off.

If you would like to see more of Angle Woods and her sexy panties then head on over to her personal site and have a look at all the girls in the Lightspeed network, because when you join Angel’s site you get access to all the other girls too – Girls like Jordan Capri, Tory Stone, and Rachel 18!

Angle Woods Gallery

Angel Woods Gallery

Meet the newest Lightspeed girl Angel Woods! Angel has that cute and innocent girl-next-door look that the Lightspeed Girls are famous for. She is a perfect new addition to the Lightspeed lineup of sweet and sexy girls.

Angel Woods is a natural blond with blue eyes. She has a firm sexy 18yro. body, her tits are perky and well sized, and she has a tight round ass. She is very sweet and looks great in a pair of cotton panties. Angel’s pussy is totally shaved and she does let you get a nice look at it in her site.

One of the best things about joining the Lightspeed network is that you get access to something like 30 sites!!! These are not junky crap sites… these are famous girls like Jordan Capri, Twanee Stone, Rachel 18, Dirty Aly, etc. These are all great sites!!!

You get to check out all those sexy teens for an ENTIRE MONTH for just $39. That is a little more than one buck a day. It’s a bargain when you consider that you can download all the pictures and videos of sweet, innocent, girls to your computer and watch it over, and over, and over.

The Lightspeed girls are about as far as you can get from hardened internet porn sluts. If you like girls that look great running around in their panties, love to goof around, and still have an innocent and sweet quality, then the Lightspeed network exactly what you are looking for!!

Because I’m in such a good mood, I found a few movie galleries of Angel Woods for you:
Bonus Movie One

Bonus Movie Two