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She has beautiful blonde hair, a very young physique and outstanding eyes. Her name is Nomi and she begins to model and pose her body for her fans in this incredible photo shoot. Against a nature backdrop, Nomi slowly begins to take her clothes off before the fun really starts and she is completely naked and begins to play with her cute body. Those pretty pussy lips get some love as her cute, perky breasts shine in the sunlight, as well as her very fit, tight abs. She’s definitely a cutie that you don’t want to see drift away anytime soon!

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Marizza masturbating

Study, study study, that’s all you’re expected to do when you get sent off to a private school. They have all their rules, and their uniforms, and they expect their girls to be such sticklers and just go right along and behave. They don’t know that what they are really creating is hot, naughty girls that suppress their desires until they just can’t do it anymore, and then all that discipline cracks. When they do finally let loose, they even develop their own fantasies of turning their uniforms into clothes where they can be very very naughty indeed.

Marizza loved the idea of wearing some clothes that reminded her of one of her old uniforms, and showing us just what she wanted to do everytime she studied in private. With her sweet, cute body and look she seems so innocent, even when she strokes her fingers over her pussy through her panties. This is a study break that every girl should take advantage of whenever she can, and we bet that every girl out there has their own favorite toy they rely on when they need a little bit of relief. In Marizza’s case, could we ask anything else then a cute pink toy, for her cute pink pussy?

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clean pussy

There’s something extra naughty about the idea that we get a glimpse of someone doing something…private. Even if we know they are showing off for us, even if we know they love it when we watch, there are certain things that just seem smoking hot, not just because of the girl, but because it’s easy to imagine that we are catching them doing something that we normally don’t get to see, something personal, and something hidden. It’s that thrill of thinking we get to see something others don’t.

That’s part of the reason that we love it when we get cute girls like this one to show us how they like to show off and play in the bath and shower. This particular lovely girl told us that she rarely just gets clean in the shower, most of the time it’s a way for her to take a bit of time for herself, and her routine usually involves getting off at least once or twice using the girls’ best friend, the detachable shower head. When she asked if we wanted to watch, we sure as hell weren’t going to say no! Few things are hotter than seeing a soft-skinned girl with water dripping down every inch of their body, after all.

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innocent brunette

When you look at some girls, you just know that they are going to be trouble. They just have that presence that tells you that they are going to make you work for every moment of their time, but it will be oh-so-worth-it when you get it. They make you want to fall to your knees and let them do to you what they will, because you are sure that they will wear you out to your very bones, and leave you behind dropped out and drained, but with the biggest smile on your face. You just let them do what they are going to do, go along for the ride, and before you know it you have a memory card full of some of the sexiest photos you’ve ever taken.

Dakota let us know with that look that we were in for one hell of a ride, even when she decided to let us get a few pictures of her in one of our nice, comfy chairs. She had us clicking away even as she enjoyed her drink, and we wondered if she was going to give us more than a tease. She answered our question though as we noticed her fingers playing with her pink top. She started with a few glimpses of her spectacular breasts, but quickly let us see why we wanted her in front of the lens to begin with. She has an amazing body, and she loves showing it off at her pace, not ours.We just wanted to get as many images of her as we possibly could before she decided she was done with us. Luckily, she loved showing off for the camera, and we got some lens-meltingly sexy pictures of her showing off and playing with her shaved pussy before she decided we had enough.

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cute little Indiana

Sweet, sultry, sexy we find that almost every girl out there has those three traits, but sometimes they just need a little encouragement in order to bring them out. Sometimes it’s a look, or an outfit, or even just a few words that will click with them and will bring it out, and we are experts at finding that one thing that will get one of our models in the hottest frame of mind. Once that happens we just have to click away, we rarely have to stage the photos, because they will just naturally find the right angle, the right pose, or the right look that will set our lens on fire.

Indiana didn’t need the clothes, or the words, with her it was just the look, that sexy, but giggly little girl that radiated mischief. Her mischief was her what made her sexy as hell, and so she just needed to smallest bit of prompting before we got her sexy, young body steaming up the camera. Of course, the bathtub filled with suds certainly helped as well. She loved playing in the water, so when she heard we had a huge tub for her, she practically jumped up and down at the idea of playing in the water. Bubbles were the perfect frame her amazing body, from her hot little smile, down to the cutest little toes you’ve ever seen. When she teased her amazing breasts and her groomed little pussy as well with streams of hot water, we definitely had to clean off our steamed up camera lenses.

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Note: after this shoot I realized she was not a teen, but merely looked like one. My apologies to all

sultry Natasha

What’s a girl to do when she needs a place to cool off, and find a little privacy once the weather turns good and hot? There are only a few places to escape to escape the weather, even when a girl has an entire house filled with rooms to relax, the sun blazes in and can heat up even the most private girl. Where is that hot little vixen going to go to cool of?

Sweet and sultry Natasha found her place deep in her house. Her private bathroom is the perfect place to cool off with a drink out of the blazing hot sun. It’s so much easier for her to relax, have a quiet moment, and take a moment to explore her body when she doesn’t have the sun beating down on her every curve. It’s also the nicest place for her to strip out of her clingy clothes and let her skin breathe. She doesn’t have any problems baring her trimmed and tight pussy when it’s in the name of comfort, and since the cool bottle felt so good there, she just had to try it everywhere, she pulled off her top and revealed her spectacular tits. He private place is her perfect getaway where she can get in touch with her body and work out some heat!

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Darina lives with her folks in Moscow and is a barely legal little bombshell.

sexy nude darina

Perfect little tits, tight teen ass, and hairless pussy all come together to frame the innocent beauty of this little Russian teen. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself!

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Emily 18 Gallery

Yes, yes, she really is 18! She is 100% legal and her records are on file. So relax and take a good long look. Her name is Emily 18 and she is a very natural beauty. Her looks aren’t stunning at least not at first. She is the kind of girl that blends in and doesn’t really show off. She is a little quite and soft spoken, but definitely not shy.

It’s when Emily 18 starts to take off her clothes that you discover that she is quite amazing. Her very youthful body has tight curves in all the right places. She doesn’t fuck with her hair color and she doesn’t have fake tits. Her natural teen tits are very nice tho – perky, round, and good sized. Her hair is long an flowing and quite beautiful.

Emily 18 has a very youthful face that really grows on you. She is super cute and the more you look at her the more attractive you realize that she is. She has a very warm and real smile that she could use to get anything she wanted from you.

Emily 18 would be the perfect girl for a guy to have his first sexual experience with. An if it’s too late for than you can always pretend. :)

If you get a membership to Emily 18’s website you get access to 41,441 photos and 187 videos. I’m not making up those numbers – those are the exact numbers from her site. If you have a crush on Emily 18 then it would be well worth it to join her website.

Angle Woods Gallery

No doubt that you have heard of the Light Speed Girls. I don’t know how you could not know about them unless you live in Uzbekistan or Tibet and even then you might have heard of the Light Speed Girls.

The Lightspeed Girls are the creation of Steve Lightspeed who pioneered teen porn back when the internet was just getting started. He hit the jack pot when he found Jordan Capri. From there the fame of the Light Speed Girls just grew.

The Lightspeed formula is simple, find attractive girls, get them naked, but don’t turn them into sluts. Emphasize the girls youth and innocence without treating them like whores. Mix in a little kink and playfulness and you have the Lightspeed Girls. It’s a simple formula that works and works well.

The latest girl in the Lightspeed line up is Angel Woods. She is a cute blond that has a rock hard body . she likes to undress and play in her panties. Angel Woods has a teen panty fetish – she has hundreds of pairs of different panties that she likes to show off and take off.

If you would like to see more of Angle Woods and her sexy panties then head on over to her personal site and have a look at all the girls in the Lightspeed network, because when you join Angel’s site you get access to all the other girls too – Girls like Jordan Capri, Tory Stone, and Rachel 18!

Angle Woods Gallery

Teen Topanga Old Gallery

If you feel like a dirty pervert looking at Teen Topanga that is probably because you are!! Not to worry, you are in very good company – I see the search logs and traffic stats for this site and let me tell you EVERYONE is a pervert.

Teen Topanga started her website when she was 18 and that was two years ago. So this cute innocent girl is now 20 years old. She has been taking pictures and making videos for her site the entire time. She probably has a few years left of playing cute and innocent.

Look at those big brown eyes! Teen Topanga could look at you, give you that I’m so innocent look, and you would be putty in her hands. And she knows!!! Teen Topanga gets a lot of mileage out of the cute, innocent, barely legal look. She has it mastered!

This barely legal cutie has been updating her site once or twice a month for close to two years. So there is a fairly good collection of Teen Topanga pics and videos. She does do full nude, she does experiment a little with other girls. Topanga delivers on what she promises: a cute and innocent girl that likes to strip down naked and let you watch!

Emily 18 Gallery

It’s been a while since Emily 18 has been on this site. Emily18 started her website when she was just 18years old, but that was a few years ago. She still has her barely legal teen looks and is still just as cute as ever.

Emily 18’s small perky boobs look as delicious as ever and I’m glad she is still cranking out innocent teen pics.

I think this picture was taken in Emily18’s bedroom. I think we caught this barely legal teen while she was getting dressed. I love candid teen pics like this, they are much more exciting that cold studio pics.

Emily has a cute smile with a little smirk that says, “I’m an innocent teen, but not THAT innocent!” She is a beautiful girl in her own unique way!

If you love little tits and youthful looking teens, then you should really drop by Emily 18’s personal website.

Angel Woods Gallery

Meet the newest Lightspeed girl Angel Woods! Angel has that cute and innocent girl-next-door look that the Lightspeed Girls are famous for. She is a perfect new addition to the Lightspeed lineup of sweet and sexy girls.

Angel Woods is a natural blond with blue eyes. She has a firm sexy 18yro. body, her tits are perky and well sized, and she has a tight round ass. She is very sweet and looks great in a pair of cotton panties. Angel’s pussy is totally shaved and she does let you get a nice look at it in her site.

One of the best things about joining the Lightspeed network is that you get access to something like 30 sites!!! These are not junky crap sites… these are famous girls like Jordan Capri, Twanee Stone, Rachel 18, Dirty Aly, etc. These are all great sites!!!

You get to check out all those sexy teens for an ENTIRE MONTH for just $39. That is a little more than one buck a day. It’s a bargain when you consider that you can download all the pictures and videos of sweet, innocent, girls to your computer and watch it over, and over, and over.

The Lightspeed girls are about as far as you can get from hardened internet porn sluts. If you like girls that look great running around in their panties, love to goof around, and still have an innocent and sweet quality, then the Lightspeed network exactly what you are looking for!!

Because I’m in such a good mood, I found a few movie galleries of Angel Woods for you:
Bonus Movie One

Bonus Movie Two

Pic of Jenny Reid 18 years oldJenny Reid taking off panties

Check out this stunning beauty: Jenny Reid.

Don’t know if you guy and gals are aware of the Jenny Reid story, but the deal is she had dreams of being a fashion model and the agencies told her she was too short. Jenny figured, what the hell, I’ll just make my own website. I’m glad she did because Jenny is a gem. I look forward to seeing a lot more of this girl in the upcoming months.

Gallery Link: Jenny Reid in School Girl Outfit Showing Off Her Panties

Pic of Jenny Reid 18 years oldJenny Reid taking off panties

Check out this stunning beauty I just found: Jenny Reid.

I love running a teen blog because it gives me an excuse to search the web for the latest beautiful teens. I’m always stoked when I find a fresh new beauty like Jenny Reid! Jenny wanted to be a fashion model but they told her she was too short. So instead of giving up she opened up her own site as soon as she turned 18. I’m really glad she did and I think her site will do very well. The fashion execs lost out on this deal.

Jenny Reid has a great mix of young innocence and naughtiness that just go great together. She has a naturally beautiful face that compliments her petite and sexy teen body. She most definitely does not have big tits, hell she hardly has any tits, but I don’t think that detracts from her beauty one bit. I don’t think sexiness comes in a particular shape or size and little bitty tits can definitely be sexy.

I looked through quite a few of Jenny’s photo sets and she is always wearing very cute clothes that add to her “innocent” and cute look. The pink polka dotted panties are a perfect example – they totally virginal looking panties. Yet, notice how she has a playboy bunny tattooed on her stomach? She is telling us that she likes to play innocent but she is really a naughty girl. This combination works very well for her and I think it is hot as hell.

Jenny Reid’s site is non-nude for now, but my guess is that she will eventually take off more of her clothes and perhaps masturbate and makeout with other girls as she gets more comfortable – maybe by the time she turns 19. Her site is hosted by a network called “Babes Bank” so if you join her site you can also check out several other girls as well.

Gallery Link: 18 Year Old Jenny Undressing Outdoors.