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eighteen year old blowjob

It’s so nice when a nice lovely young girl can let go when they get out into the world and learn to have all sorts of fun. Many of them have been restrained for so long that they don’t know what to do with themselves when they finally can go. Luckily, we know just how to handle these lovely, uninhibited young teens. When they get the opportunity to get in front of the camera and enjoy the things they have suppressed so long, they just produce the hottest, sweetest sights of all.

Blair may have been waiting for her photo shoot with a nap in one of her private rooms, but when she wakes up to a nice hard cock in her reach, she doesn’t hesitate. She always wanted to wake up her boyfriend with a nice blowjob, but being presented with another nice hard cock is not something she’s going to ignore either. This talented young teen can barely get her lips around his hot flesh, but she’s more than game to try. Just the attempt gets her soaking wet as well, and before long she’s ready to take him deeper than her mouth can go.

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The gorgeous young brunette Russian girl has been feeling really over heated lately and needs to take a shower to cool herself off. Enjoy some of the hottest sexy teens stripping off every single piece of clothing they have on and get wet under the cool running waters in the shower. The slender petite babe has got the tiniest waist that you will ever see with the most gorgeous apple bottom that is just waiting to be grabbed. As she lathers up her milky body, she gets totally turned on and her perky tits start to pop out into hard little bee sting lumps on her chest. WATCH the hottest sexy nude teens as they bend and stretch their gorgeous slender hips around all over the bathroom and get themselves totally cleaned for a nice bedroom fucking.

The naughty little babe will grab her nice boobs and squeeze them hard with her hands as her excitement builds and she start rubbing her juicy soft clit. The bald pussy is spread wide like a gaping flower and each trickling drop of water just makes her even hotter and wetter for more. JOIN the steamy action and watch the teen seduction.

18 Only Gallery

This sexy blond babe is from the site 18 Only girls. I just had a look around the site and let me tell you, I really enjoyed it. The site is made by the same team that runs the websites for Ivana Fukalot and Natasha Shy – that means that these girls are from Russia.

18 Only Girls – You are probably thinking they are full of shit and they have a few girls that are 19 or 20 right? Well, from looking thought their site I will tell you that they do have many girls with youthful looks that look like they are right at the ripe age of 18.

One of the tings I like about 18 Only Girls is that their photos (and videos) are taken by professionals. You can tell by the kick ass quality. The site is well done and the have many attractive young girls.

If you like attractive young girls that are brunettes, they have you covered. If you like teen models that are blond, well they have plenty of them as well.

18 Only Girls is not just about nude teen modeling they also have a good selection of hardcore. If you want to see some sexy teen have her pussy slammed by a big cock, yep they have that. If you want to see young girl get double teamed by two guys, yep that too.

If you want to join a site with a wide variety of girls and that has hardcore, well you can’t go wrong with 18 Only Girls.

18 Only Girls Gallery

Have you ever joined a teen site and thought – “these girls all look thirty years old?” Yeah, it’s a total bummer. Nothing sucks like false advertising. What also sucks are sites that lead you to believe that they are loaded with hardcore teen sex but when you get inside – nada.

If you have ever had that problem or if you would like to avoid it, just keep coming back to Dream8teen and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for a multi girl site that has fresh teens that do hardcore, then look no further than 18 Only Girls. The girls on this site ARE 18 years old (no old girls just pretending) and yes oh yes, they do hardcore. These girls are from Russia or Eastern Europe so you will see a lot of fresh new faces.

You will also notice some semi-famous Russian teens like Ivana Fuckalot and Natasha Shy have made videos for 18 only girls. This is a great site where you will see real teens having real sex. And these girls are quite beautiful because they are teen models.

So lets recap, at 18 only girls you will find girls that are honestly and truly 18 years old. You won’t find old girls that are pretending to be teen models. You will find a bevy of teen models from Russia. And these real teens have real sex. Are you ready to watch the videos? Then head on over to 18 Only Girls.

Come and enjoy one of the most gorgeous busty brunette teens we have ever seen. This little wild child is incredible with the most exotic face, and the largest natural boobs that you will love to enjoy. The horny little hottie has been craving dick, and got really wet one day with her friend. He came over to help her out with her chores, and they ended up giving each other some work of their own. WATCH the sexy teens get stripped on the bed, and see them lather each and every inch of their bodies up with their tongue.

The action is amazing, and the teasing and stroking just gets their smooth skin covered in goosebumps. Just the sight of her immaculate breasts make him horny and hard for her sweet lips and he sinks down to suck and bite her hard nipples until she is juicy and damp in between her legs from the excitement. The sweet tantalising play is a great way to get the sexy nude teens going and ready for some sex. DOWNLOAD the video of the teen teasing.

Lisa19 Gallery

Look at those little bitty titties. Nice, very nice! I don’t know about you but I’m never upset when a girl decides to flash me with her little bitty titties. That is just something you don’t get tired of.

This is Sasha 19 and she would have opened her site when she was 18, but she wanted to move to the United States first. I’m guessing she is from Russia with a name like “Sasah”, however she could be from any place in Europe. It took her a year to get through customs and as soon as she got her she opened up Sasha 19.

Personally I think they should give automatic citizenship to any teenies that want to get on the internet and show off their little bitty titties. People say that the US doesn’t produce anything any more and they obviously don’t know what they are talking about because we make some of the finest porn in the world! That is something to be very proud of and girls like Sasha 19 come all the way from Russia just so they can show off their little bitty titties. What a great county!

Sasha 19 does quite a bit more than just show off her little bitty titties – she also has sex with guys and other girls. Yep, she does it all! She is really cute and I’d be happy just to check out her little tits, but if you wants to get really naughty then GREAT.

Visit Sasha 19s personal website and let her show you what she can do. You will be very happy when you have a video of those little bitty titties!


Sasha 19 has closed her site. Maybe because she isn’t 19 anymore, I dunno either way what you see is what you get. No more updates. Sorry.

Little Bree

Little Bree just turned 18 and she is gearing up for a fun summer. She just opened her website and she plans on hanging out at the pool and making sex tapes all summer. Little Bree has an 18 year old body is ripe and ready. She has already learned that she can get a lot of attention by flaunting it and that explains why she has a website.

If you are a little nervous because Little Bree looks so young, rest assured, she is 100% legal and her documents are on file. She is a very naughty 18 year old girl and it’s damn hot.

Most of Little Bree’s friends have summer jobs working fast food or working retail, but Bree didn’t want any of that. She figured she could make 100 times as much money by doing what she really enjoys – getting naked and having sex.

Like most girls her age, Bree likes older guys. She like guys with a little experience and that know what they are doing. Even though Bree just turned 18 she has a very healthy sexual appetite. She is not shy about what she likes.

Do yourself a big favor and indulge your barely legal fantasies. Join Little Bree this summer as she experiments with her sexuality and enjoy her tight little body.

Teen Sex Movies

Now that the economy has gone to complete shit I’m starting to see a lot of site like Broke Amateur Girls. Girls are having a hard time finding work so they are turning to the oldest profession in the world having sex for cash.

You would be surprised what cute amateur girls will do for a few bucks. Their morals go straight out the window when it comes to cold hard $$$. A few days ago these girls were probably being prude and making their boyfriends jump through all kinds of hoops just to have sex. Now when cash is on the table it’s amazing how casual they are about sex.

The thing about these broke amateur girls is that once they get used to the easy cash it’s going to be hard if not impossible for them to go back to jobs like waiting tables or working retail. Once they learn how much they can earn by making amateur sex tapes they are hooked. Soon you will see them on other sites and a mark my words a few will end up with their own websites.

If these girls can stimulate the economy by sucking cock and having sex on camera then more power to them! One of the best sites I’ve found where you can watch amateur girls have sex for money is Broke Amateur Girls. Most of the girls are 18 to 20 years old and cute. There are plenty of videos you can download. And every week they have a few new girls that are willing to make a sex tape for money.

Teen Sex Movies

Nothing is as romantic as fucking in a wheat field! This should be on the box of Wheaties – the breakfast of champions, fresh teen pussy! I have no idea who this girl is but she is one of the many girls that have sex on camera at Teen Sex Movies.

I’ve just watched a good number of the videos at this site and I have to give it two thumbs up. This site is fairly new and it’s damn good. The girls are all fairly cute and they are all into hardcore teen sex. The site is not too polished, it has authentic realism and amateurish quality about it. The quality is top notch with lots of great photos and large movies that are crystal clear.

If you need some new teen sex movies for your collection then this would be a good bet. Every now and then it’s a good idea to refresh the porn collection. It’s good to get rid of old stuff, keep the classics, and then stock up on new stuff. I think of it as spring cleaning and there is no better place to start than teen sex movies.

They have a wide variety of different girls and they are all fresh and new. You will be watching a lot of girls that are first timers and rookies. First timers on film that is, it’s obviously not there first time getting naked and having sex.

If you would like to watch this outdoor sex video then head on over to teen sex movies and download your copy now. You will be glad you did!!

Foxy Jacky

I keep telling myself to pick up a Mercedes sports car. If you have a new Benz girls like Foxy Jacky just bend over the hood of your car and they never have any panties on. It happens all the time!!!

I think Foxy Jacky should send her pics into Mercedes and see if they will run an ad campaign with her. Who knows, It might work in Eurpe, definitely not in the US where everyone is a prude.

Let me tell you a little bit about Foxy Jacky – he web site is owned and build by Melissa Midwest. If Melissa is behind a website you know it’s going to be good. Melissa has always kept her site updated regularly and has always had the best cam shows. I would expect nothing less from Foxie Jackie.

The other thing you should know is that Foxy Jacky does do hardcore. Yes, she does suck off her boyfriend, she does have sex, and she even messes around with Melissa. The way I see it you have two options A) buy a new Mercedes for 60K and wait for the pussy to come to you or B) spend on $30 bucks and get a membership to Foxy Jacky. If you join Foxy Jacky you get to download all her videos, watch her cam shows, and you save $59, 970 dollars!!!


As of Oct 14, 2011 we are being told that Foxy Jackie is closing and there will be no more updates. Sorry folks.

18 Years Old Gallery

Chances are you have already heard of Saha Grey. On the off chance that you haven’t, she is a very well know porn star. She is NOT an amateur girl, she is NOT some girl that just set up a web site for a little extra cash and for fun. Sasha Grey is a full on well know porn star.

I’m guessing she is now about 20-21 years old – she has been shooting porn for quite some time and she does EVERYTHING. I’m not joking either. She has done gang bang, rough sex, dp, anal, and even some BDSM. The thing is she can still look like a fresh rookie. She can still pass for 18 – if she hadn’t been shooting porn for the last few years I would think she is eighteen!!!

There are a few cool non-porn videos of Sasha Grey on youtube – if you want to know more about this young starlet do a search for them. She has a very unique style that is part punk, goth, and cute teen all mixed to together in a wonder blend that masks her true inners slut. Make no mistake, with Sasha Grey that inner slut does come out and it comes out in a BIG WAY.

Sasha Grey doesn’t have her own website, but you can see some of her videos at 18 Years Old. You can also see a ton of other hardcore teen videos 18 Years Old. It’s a good site and you get access to a tremendous amount of high quality content.

Pure 18 Gallery

I have a folder on my hard drive that I like to keep my favorite teen porn videos in – it’s my personal all time best hits collection. Well today, I just watched a teen porn video that I added to to my “best” folder.

This video is from a great site called Pure 18. The girls at Pure 18 my be eighteen years old, but they sure are not “pure” by any stretch of the definition. The site is made by the “Reality Kings”. These guys have made some famous porn sites like “In The VIP” and “Mike’s Apartment”. They shoot everything reality style, up close and personal with a lot of teen POV and gonzo camera work.

Let me tell you a bit about this video and why it’s now one of my favorites. This cute blond may be 18 years old, but she is ANYTHING but innocent! This is a full on hardcore teen porn video. She sucks cock, gets fucked, and then takes a cock in her ass. She has a great ass too!!

Let me repeat that just in case you didn’t catch it: This cute 18 year old takes a BIG COCK IN HER ASS!!

If you are a fan of teen anal sex then you really need to download this entire video!!! You can add this hardcore teen porn video to your own collection and then check out all the other girls at Pure 18.

Gigi Spice Gallery

This is Gigi Spice and in her own words, “She does it all!!” She is not lying. Gigi Spice is another hot teen Latina from the same crew that brought you Pamela Spice, Karla Spice, and Selena Spice. These guys must search all of Latin America for the most beautiful teen Latinas. They keep finding new girls that are nothing short of amazing!

Gigi Spice is a perky and cute Latina. She is beautiful and a total camera whore. At first glance, Gigi Spice looks like a TOTALLY innocent teen. If you didn’t know any better you would think she is a good girl that hangs out at church.

Well, Gigi Spice is HARDLY innocent. Gigi loves to suck cock and get fucked. She loves to fool around with other girls. And Gigi Spice enjoys sticking toys in her ass!!!

Gigi Spice really does “do it all” and she has a warm and happy Latina personality. And I’m not sure what it is about these teen Latina’s but they all have AMAZING asses! Take a close look at Gigi’s ass – it’s round, tight, and perfect!!

When ever I see pictures of beautiful teen Latina’s I start thinking that I need to study up on my Spanish and move. Especially now that it’s getting cold where I live!!! Watching videos of warm spicy Latinas is a great way to forget about the cold.

If you don’t have the cash for a tropical vacation, do yourself a favor and join Gigi’s Site. Watch her videos, watch her dance around naked in a tropical climate, watch her suck cock, and what her have sex with guys and girls. You won’t regret it!!

Meggan Powers Gallery

Meggan Powers is a fairly new girl and she went from amateur to pro real quick. The crew at Pancho Dog found her and made her a website – these are the same guys who made the sites for Ariel Rebel, Katie Fey, Andi Pink. The assumed, rightly so, that they had a big hit and they were already counting the money this girl would make for them. Well, Meggan had other ideas…

Considering that Meggan has classic model looks and – skinny and glamorous – the big name guys took an interest in her. I’m not exactly sure what went down, but Meggan Powers decided to sign a contract with Vivid. Yes, Vivid the home of many famous pornstars. She also changed her name to Meggan Malone. It’s just a matter of time before this cutie is staring in big name porn flicks.

The great thing is that the Pancho Dog guys were able to get a bunch of content before she left for Vivid. The Meggan Powers content is at the beginning of her carrier while she is still cute and amateurish. If she becomes famous, and I’m sure she will, these pictures and videos will be golden.

Keep an eye out for Meggan Malone next time yo u are watching a LA style porno and remember that you learned about her first at Dream8teen!!

If this babe really does if for you – if you you love skinny and glamorous – then drop by the Meggan Powers site and have a look at her hardcore work!!!

Little Liana Gallery

This is Little Liana and she is brand new… her site has probably been on the internet for less than 48 hrs. She has very youthful looks and she REALLY did JUST turn 18!!! She is a barely legal teen that can make your pulse quicken and your heat race.

Little Liana started taking pictures of herself on MySpace and found that she really enjoyed all the attention. She figured she might as well open a site for real so she could post all her barely legal teen pics that MySpace wouldn’t allow.

A lot of the pics in Little Liana’s site are ones she and her friends took. This is real home made porn by a barely legal teen. She also has a bunch of pics and videos that her ex-boyfriend took. Some of them are even hardcore.

Little Liana has some real cute girlfriends as well and they love to get naked and play with each other. Little Liana is one kinky barely legal teen!!

If you would like to see more of this girl who just turned 18 then drop by her private site and have a look at all Little Liana’s homemade armature teen porn.

Sexy Lette Gallery

I try to keep dream8teen focused on amateur softcore girls that are unique some way because the internet is flooded with generic hardcore sluts. But every now and then I’m in the mood for some no-nonsense hardcore teen porn. Some times I just want to see a cute girl take a big cock in her mouth and then have her pussy fucked.

If you are looking for hardcore teen girls getting fucked then 18 Years Old is a site you really should checkout. This site is like a porn factory that processes 18 Year Old girls. They find a new 18 Year Old every few days and fuck the hell out of her. There is no goofing around, no teasing, just good honest fucking.

The girls don’t get their own site – they are just paid to show up and fuck – and it’s a new girl each and every week. Most of these girls will experiment with porn for only a shoot or two and then they vanish. Either they need to make some quick cash or they are just looking for a little excitement, but they don’t typically become pornstars.

If you are looking for some good honest hardcore teen porn then make sure and check out 18 Years Old!! The girls are all attractive and they all get fucked. The videos are high quality and you can down load them all to your computer. They even have a $1 dollar for a one day trial. Check them out for a day and start downloading videos now.

Your Caitlynn Gallery

This is Hardcore Mandy and she is living up to her name by doing a reverse cowgirl right on the kitchen floor! The reverse cowgirl is a great position if you love a nice ass. The girl fucks you by riding on top (which is nice because you don’t have to do any work), but she turns around so she is facing your feet. This give you a great view of her ass and back. If you are banging an ugly chick with a great ass – make sure and suggest a reverse cowgirl.

Hardcore Mandy is the kind of girl every guy should have in his address book for a last minute booty call. Hardcore Mandy may not be the best looking girl in the world, but she does have a nice little body. What she lacks in beauty she more than makes up for by just being slutty. Sometime a dirty little slut is EXACTALLY what you want!!

As you can see Hardcore Mandy actually fucks guys and sucks dick on her website. She also has regular camera shows. If you are in the mood for a semi-trashy girl that knows what she is doing and doesn’t make you jump through hoops to get what you want, then drop by her personal website.

Sexy Teen

Meet Hailey Hardcore, she is a new chick on the block and she opened her website this summer. She is fiends with Candy Sky and Carmen Cocks. Carmen was the first girl of the three to start a website, then Candy, and now Hardcore Haily. All three girls are most definitely fuckable!!!

I’d have to say that Hailey Hardcore has the most personality. By looking at her I’d guess she is Italian and you can just tell that she has a lot of attitude. She is dark completed with eyes and hair that match. She has very curvy wide hips and a thick teen booty. Her tits are all natural and her pussy is totally shaved.

Just like her name says, Hailey Hardcore goes all the way. There are plenty of videos of her sucking cock and a few where she is getting fucked. Let me telly you, fucking Hailey Hardcore would be a blast. She’s not the kind of girl to just lay on her back — she would be a very active wild fuck.


Hot damn, Melissa Midwest just sent me some brand spanking new pictures and videos to post on Dream8teen.com and they are fucking hot. The first thing you will notice is that she got a new haircut. Melissa Midwest is now sporting a short haircut and I’m not talking about her pubic hair you perverts – Melissa has always kept her pussy shaved!!

Melissa Midwest got her cut and if you know anything about girls it’s ALWAYS a big deal when they get their hair cut. If your girlfriend gets her haircut, you better fucking notice!! She won’t say anything just to test you. She will let a day pass and then start bitching, “YOU DIDN’T NOTICE MY HAIRCUT!!” Fuck if you can tell any difference because she got it cut 1cm.

Now, every now and then a girl will do something radically different with her hair. This is usually a signal that they are reinventing there persona and there is no chance that you will miss it. Sometimes, it’s a signal that they are totally losing it such as when Brittany Spears shaved her head. I fairly dam sure that Melissa is not losing it, I think she was just a little bored and decided to spice things up. Spice things up is EXACTALLY what Melissa Midwest did buy publishing her first CUM SHOT galleries. One of the gallery you have been waiting for is Melissa Midwest’s first cumshot.

Melissa has always been a great girl to blog about and she has been one of my favorites for a long time because she keeps releasing new material and keeps things fresh and exciting. I love chatting with her during her live webcam shows. She is just a nice person and she puts a lot of effort into her site.

When Melissa Midwest did her first hardcore shoot I thought to myself, I bet this is her grand finally and she will now quit making new material. Well, damn was I wrong! Melissa just keeps giving us what we want like great videos:

Melissa Midwest Cumshot Videos”

Melissa Midwest Getting Freeky in the firehouse

ALERT!!! Melissa Midwest does her first hardcore scene!

Yep, I new it was bound to happen. She is being kinda stingy with the pics so far but you can get a free glimpse at her site Melissa Midwest. It’s damn hot seeing Melissa Midwest sucking and fucking a cock. Props to Melissa! She has always been one of my favorites.

As you will see in the gallery above Melissa Midwest is getting naughty at the fire department. And the fire department is exactally what you will need after seeing Melissa Midwest’s hard core videos.

Bonus Movie Gallery:

Sexy Melissa Midwest Gets Naughty in the Firehouse


As of Oct 14, 2011 we are being told that Melissa Midwest is closing down her site and will no longer be updating. Sorry folks!

I don’t know if you guys and gals have heard about the Jordan Capri “Queen of Cute” Honeymoon Video but this is the “story”: supposedly Jordan’s new husband videotaped a few hardcore sex scenes during the honeymoon. Supposedly, the tape leaked out and Jordan decided that she might as well just sell the entire thing as bits of it would get around the internet anyhow. Now if the “official” story is true or not, I don’t know. I’d be willing to bet it’s total BS, just so Jordan can make $$$. Whatever the fuck happened, I don’t care. What I do care about is that getting to see “The Queen of Cute” Jordan Capri fucked. I watched the video a few days ago and it is real hardcore footage! It’s good shit. After all these years of “Cute and Innocent”, Jordan Capri finally gets fucked on film.