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Callista Model Gallery

This is Callista Model and she likes bubble baths and playing video games naked!!!

If there were a competition for best teen ass, Callista Model would be right at the top. Her butt is round, bubbly, and tight! She has a tight teen ass that belongs in the Perfect Ass Hall of Fame!!!

Inside her private site, Callista literally has thousands of great pictures off her perfect teen ass. I know because I look through them trying to find just the right one to post here on dream8teen.com. Let me tell you, it was frustrating. There are so many great pictures of Callista’s ass that it was impossible to choose!!! I ended up just randomly picking one.

What I did do is save a bunch of Callista Model pictues that were some of my favorites. I promise to make a bunch of galleries featuring Callista and her tight teen ass and post them later.

Other than having a perfect ass, Calista Model has a few other ways of making the Sun rise. She has youthful perky tits, delicious legs, a cute face, and natural blond hair. She doesn’t hang out in tanning beds, she doesn’t have fake tits, and she doesn’t do hardcore. She is basically just an amateur girl that likes to show the world her amazing body.

With Callista Model, what you see is basically what you get – she doesn’t do hardcore. Callista likes to do what she calls, “extreme non-nude”. That basically means you will see the outline of her pussy in sheer panties, and you will just see the edges of her nipples that she likes to keep covered. And when it comes to Callista Model’s scrumptious rear end, she doesn’t hold anything back, you do get to see it completely bare!! But honestly, she gets so close to fully nude that when I was surfing her site I got so turned on that I completely forgot that she was covering up her naughty bits.

As I mentioned above, Callista’s site is loaded with great pictures and she keeps adding more all the time. She also has a web cam so you can see her shake that booty live!! Drop by and give Callista Model a visit!

Pretty Maya Gallery

This is Pretty Maya and she is a spunky teen with a lot of energy. She is cute and she likes attention. She has little boobies and a very tight pussy. She COULD be a virgin – if she said she was it would be within the realm of possibility.

Pretty Maya likes to get fully nude and stick her fingers in her tight pussy. She has just learned how to pleasure herself and she does it all the time now. One of the things I like about pPetty Maya is that this is a girl who seems very proud of her body. She is confident and she wants you to see her fully naked.

Pretty Maya is skinny and thin, there is no fat any place on her body. She has that teen model look that so many girls wish they had. While you are check out Pretty Maya’s naked teen pictures you should notice that she has an amazing little teen ass. You can see a lot more of Pretty Maya and watch videos of her playing with her tight little pussy

Sexy Teen

This gallery takes me back to my college days – good times. Very good times! Nothing compares to living in a coed dorm and seeing girls like this.

This isn’t any normal university, this is Face Down Ass up University and it’s the latest creation of Phil Flash. Phil Flash is well known for his great photography and beautiful girls.

Face Down Ass Up University features a lot of sexy teens that are starting their first year of college. The main requirement for admission is a great ass, but a sexy smile and nice legs appear to help.

Phil Flash is a master of detail and the erotic nature of getting close, very close, but not going all the way. Instead of turning the girls into sluts and doing harder and more extreme photo shoots, Phil Flash goes the other direction. There is very little full nudity in his shots, but damn if they aren’t some of the hottest pics you have ever seen.

Face Down Ass Up University is all about the little things that you glimpse out of the corner of your eye – the way undies get bunched up in the crack of a beautiful shapely ass, the rips and folds in loose clothing that let you see a little more than you think you are supposed to see, the way cotton is virtually see through when wet.

Face Down Ass Up may not be Ivy League, but it is a first class website. Take a tour of their campus and check out all the sexy teen coeds.

Kaley Kennedys in tedyKaley Kennedys round ass

Look who we have crawling along the floor showing off her juicy ass: Kaley Kennedy.

Kaley Kennedy isn’t what i’d call drop dead gorgeous and she doesn’t look like a model, but she does have something that is incredibly sexy about her. I’m not sure it it’s the fact that she is 19 years old, or that has a naughty look, or it it’s the way her ass perfectly rounds out the corners of her panties, but damn she makes me horny as hell. One think I love about working on a teen porn blog is seeing all the different types of girls. Normal porn girls or professional models are kinda boring, they tend to all look the same. But these armature girls that have their own site are great. They are young and naughty and they now how to tease. They look and act like real girls. And although they are technically doing porn, they are not doing hard core and taking a dick in every hole. Putting all those factors together and that makes the teen porn niche the hottest on the planet. Real girls and they are all genuine and unique. So hot!
Gallery Link: Kaley Kennedy strips off panties and bra.