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Natasha Shy Gallery

This is Natasha Shy and she is getting ready to ride her mountain bike completely naked. Natasha is always dong strange kinky stuff. She is a Russian teen model that is 19 years old and she has her very own website.

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She has beautiful blonde hair, a very young physique and outstanding eyes. Her name is Nomi and she begins to model and pose her body for her fans in this incredible photo shoot. Against a nature backdrop, Nomi slowly begins to take her clothes off before the fun really starts and she is completely naked and begins to play with her cute body. Those pretty pussy lips get some love as her cute, perky breasts shine in the sunlight, as well as her very fit, tight abs. She’s definitely a cutie that you don’t want to see drift away anytime soon!

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Sexy Teen Gets Naked

Sun, wind, beautiful girls, there are some things that are just simple, good and you aren’t going to find any fault with them. It’s better when you can combine, two, or at best, three of those lovely things all at once, which is not hard when you get a girl that has no shame, and loves to feel the sun and wind caress over her body.

Natasha visited a friend, and when she saw that he had a lovely outdoor loft where she could sun herself she was pretty much gone, all we could do was follow along with the camera as she cavorted in the sung. She loves the weather so much it is almost like someone physically caresses her, and she gets turned on so much that she just has to put one of her new toys to use. Her new white dildo disappearing into her body is almost as good as the expression on her face when she cums in the sunlight.

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kamillla naked

If you are a sex fanatic like me, then you know that Latino girls have the best bodies. You have to check out Kamilla. This teen is smoking hot. I mean, she’s hotter than hot. She’s a petite brunette girl with perfect tits and a sexy, slender figure that other girls can only dream about. She wants to go to college, so to raise money, she started taking nude pictures of herself. She loves it so much, she went mainstream and now we get to enjoy her young and luscious body.

Kamilla is a solo artist that masturbates like a pro. She will turn any guy on, whether they like Latino girls or not. Any guy that watches her will soon list Latino girls as their favorite types of teenage girls to look at. She loves to put on a show and she knows exactly what to do in order to make a guy’s cock stand up straight. This time, she’s in her bathroom getting ready to take a bath. But once she’s naked, she can’t keep her hands off of herself. You better grab your cock now cause you are in for a hell of a ride with Kamilla.

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Nika is a very pretty brunette with a love of showing off her amazing body. She definitely knows how to make the camera love her. Her innocent stare as she is stripped bare and happy to lap up the attention. You can tell she’s doing her best to look enticing and appetizing with her amazing body.

She must also be planning an outstanding display with that sweet smile on her face as she spreads her lips and buttocks for optimum viewing pleasure. She definitely loves passing the time by displaying her hot, naked body all over her couch and from different angles.

She’s naked from the start and from the first glimpse of her, you can tell she wants not just attention, but cock. Her cute, perky tits and nicely shaven mound just make you wish you were able to leap right through the monitor and touch them. Backwards and front, you can see just how outstanding her body is and how glad she is to show off what nature gave Nika.

You’ll probably want to save these pics, and wonder just what’s going on in Nika’s world from day to day. It’s a pretty remarkable thought, just like it’s a remarkable photo shoot.

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19 year old brunette

We just love it when the sweetest, sexiest young teens turn out to have the most repressed sexual tendencies. These little sexpots end up quite the exhibitionists when they finally get the chance and really can unleash all their inhibitions. We get to watch them as they find all sorts of ways to let themselves go, and that ends up with some sizzling hot videos and photo sets. We find it’s best not to give them too much guidance either, especially since if you just give them a little hint, they’ll figure out their own way to play.

Veronica Radke was definitely a born exhibitionist, she gets soaking wet when she thinks of how many people watch her videos and get off to her. She just adores putting on the best show she can, so she spreads her legs wide and buries her fingers into her sweet, tight little pussy for us. You can watch her amazing breasts shake and her hips twitch when she has her orgasm, stretched out as best she can so we can see every inch of her sexy body.

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erika loves cock

A girl’s gotta take time for herself, you know? Sure, we meet those girls that just aren’t satisfied without getting their hands, lips, and body wrapped around a nice boy’s cock, but do you think they started out that way? No, most girls take quite a bit of time when they’re younger figuring out the things they like on a more…personal level. No matter how many guys they play with, most girls will go back and enjoy their bodies once in a while. We should appreciate that, because sometimes it makes them want even more.

Erika practically never starts playing with her boy toys without teasing them a bit first, so she always wears the cutest outfits that give her…easy access. This sweet little teeny has such an amazing, tight little body that it’s so sweet when she starts exploring her shaved pussy with her fingers. Once she’s had a nice little warmup she’s ready for the real thing, and for her that means satisfying her oral fixation with a willing hard, hot cock. She has more than a few volunteers, especially when they see how much she enjoys taking a hot load in her sweet looking little mouth.

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lesbian experimentation

Watching two sexy, sultry teens explore each other is rather like poetry in motion. Every sweet sound, every caress, every soft curve and touch just makes you want to see more, especially when the girls enjoy exploring and finding each other’s sweet spots. It’s definitely a game you want to watch, because they always seem to challenge each other to find the most sensitive spots, the ones that get them to surrender to the pleasure, and soak their panties with the lightest touches.

You’ll be hard pressed to find two hotter, more sultry women then Guerlain and Madonna, so when they get together to play you just know you’re going to have to protect the camera from melting. When they start to touch each other, they like to make sure we’re watching, because every caress is measured to get the best image, and the best sound out of each other. Their fingers caress curves, explore perfect breasts, shaved pussies, tickle ribs, and just caress every inch of each other’s soft skin. With these two you don’t know if they are trying to get each other off, or just trying to get you off just by watching them, and really, does it matter?

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sandy ambrosia

With cute, young women, you can never get enough of them naked and sucking cock or getting fucked hard! With Nubiles, you can see just that and more with all sorts of beautiful men and women screwing each other’s brains out with passion and fury! Here is a sweet video and picture combo of Sandy Ambrosia having her lover grope her before the clothes come off and she begins to get eaten out by her horny boyfriend. She returns the favor and eventually they go at it with such lust and desire! The quality of pictures you can find here, not to mention video is outstanding!

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Girls just seem like they are getting more teasing, and wicked, at a younger age. So many of them just love driving the boys nuts with teasing outfits, fully aware of the hard cocks they are leaving in their wake, and they love it! Some of them even take it to the next step, and show off how they tease and please themselves. Those girls know how much they adore the attention, and they love being the hot little exhibitionists they are.

Tyler doesn’t call herself ‘tiny’ for anything, this petite young teen just adores her small stature, and so do we. She looks positively doll-like, though most dolls don’t show off their perfect breasts, and moan like she does when she has her fingers, or her favorite toy between her thighs. Tyler has the best cheerleader outfit too, just to tease the boys, because you will love the secret hidden in her pom-poms. It makes for quite the after-show when she pulls them out and lets you see what this particular cheerleader does when she’s in the back after the show, when only the people she wants can watch her ‘cool down’ from her show.

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little bailey

Ahh, how the the enthusiasm of youth shows through. We love it when we get a hot young girl that just knows that she’s going to be wicked and wild, because she loves the reactions she gets when she teases the heck out of the boys and the girls. They’ve learned that they can drive us all crazy, and we will just come back and ask for more. These girls are little bundles of energy that look like they can explode at any time and will exhaust everyone around them. We can hardly keep up when they really let go!

Little Bailey is one of those wicked little dynamos, and when she gets rolling you just can’t get her to stop when she starts feeling good. When there’s no one around, she’ll make her own mischief, especially on a beautiful day, when she can get naked outside. It doesn’t take long before the clothes go bye-bye and her fingers seek out her cute little shaved pussy. She’s one of those girls that cums at the drop of the hat, so she will spend as much time as she can with her fingers buried between her legs and the sweetest sounds coming out of her mouth.

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sexy Lara

There are women out there that have such natural beauty, that you really can’t imagine capturing them anyplace but outdoors. It almost seems a waste to keep them confined in a studio with carefully primped and placed props all around them. They are so much more suited to the outdoors, where the light brings out their best traits, and they get to play and pose surrounded by as many natural elements as you can get for them. When you want an amazing set, you just have to find the perfect spot, and get it for the perfect time, so you can get the perfect photos.

Lara is our lovely brunette Amazon, and she looks amazing when she just wears a bit of leather, and spends some time out in the sun. Her silky soft skin almost glows in the sun, and like the Amazons, she knows what she wants, and she loves teasing until she gets it. The leather scraps of an outfit just serve to make her even more brave, and more teasing, as she flashes us her amazing breasts and her cute, clean shaven pink pussy. This is one goddess of nature that certainly deserves her time in the sun.

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study fuck break

We really admire the girls that try to get things going in their lives, and make it through all the school they want, while still maintaining their wild side. There’s nothing wrong when a hot girl keeps certain fantasies while she acts all prim and proper for the benefit of her school. What’s really telling is when she’s out of school, and she lets herself play around with those wicked little fantasies that rolled around in her head the entire time she studied, worked hard, and then decided to indulge a reward of letting her fantasy come to life.

Paula Shy definitely had her eye on the prize, but there’s nothing saying that a little pleasure isn’t the reward for all her hard work. She loved the idea of a hot boy taking advantage of her while she studied, and seeing how much he could…distract her before she lost all her concentration. It wasn’t hard to find a volunteer for that particular assignment, and he was quite the distraction for her after all, it didn’t take her long before her pussy was soaking wet and ready for him to fuck her over the table while her books went unused. It was quite the study break for her, especially when he got off and painted her lovely glasses before she went back to studying.
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teen blowjob

Pleated skirts and white blouses just seem like they trigger something in guys. It’s one of the most common fantasies out there, and it just seems like there’s an endless variety of girls out there all that fill out that skirt and shirt oh so well. It’s a good thing that there are so many wicked girls out there that love the fantasy as well. They grew up being good girls and having to wear those uniforms, all while just having to suffer through the image of being nice and proper, while they just want something to prove how wicked they can be when they get out. When two people with the same fantasy meet up, it’s so fun to see the sparks fly.

Machiko is certainly one horny little schoolgirl, and has just been waiting and begging for her chance to get her uniform all nice and messy. She specifically told us that she wanted to have sex in her school uniform, just so she can get it covered in when she and her boy toy cum all over it. Well, who is going to interfere with a fantasy like that? Especially when it means we get some spectacularly hot sex with a girl still partially clothed in her uniform. It barely takes any time at all to get them all over each other, and then it goes up with the skirt and into her tight little pussy with his rock hard cock. They certainly do their best defiling that pristine uniform, especially when she gets him over the edge, and he cums all over her face and that oh-so-proper outfit.

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candy sweet

There’s no real substitution for chemistry. Without it, you can put together the hottest couple, the most buff guy and the sweetest, sexiest woman, and if they don’t hit it off, you might as well go home for the day, because you’ll never be happy with what you turn out. You can even get away with a couple when they just get into each other based on their looks, and they can have a bit of fun. Sure, it is something also fun to watch, but it’s just no substitution for when there’s chemistry. When that happens, it’s like watching the cameras melt from the heat they put off, and you just have to do your best restraining yourself, even when you don’t want to.

Candy Sweet and her hot boy toy this time met and you could practically see the fire between them, the chemistry was right there, and you just know they’re going to give you some hot, sweet, amazing sex. As soon as we get going their hands are all over each other, and they just can’t wait to get skin against skin. Heck, once they got going it was all we could do to keep them from rushing out and fucking like bunnies on every surface in the house. They seemed damn determined to try out every position where they could spend more than a minute figuring out what felt best to each other. This is definitely a pair that should get back together, because there’s a hell of a lot more they could do and we’d love to capture all of it.

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sara luv

Sun, surf, and beautiful women, all the things you think of when you head out for a nice little vacation out to the beach, right? You just want to lounge in the sun and watch all the girls walk by in their skimpy bikinis and tight little underthings. The only thing that might be better is if you could find a nice island girl who’s uninhibited, and knows a nice secluded place where you can head off and feel what it’s like to have sex in the sun, with the water splashing off your body as you have a hot girl on you.

Sara Luv practically specializes in making that particular fantasy come true for the guys she likes. This sweet, trim, utterly hot island girl has these lovely private secluded pools where she takes her boy toys when she wants a little nude frolic in the sun. In this case, it looks like she found a boy in bad need of this time in the sun, because he looks like the sun might ignite him if he spends too much time there. That doesn’t matter to Sara though once the clothes come off and he finds a nice warm, wet place for his cock between her thighs. She takes to the water like a fish, and shows him all the positions that make water sex oh so fun in the sun.

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nicole posing

Everyone needs a little bit of private time now and again, even when they are with someone they can’t keep their hands off. Anyone who thinks that they should never spend some time with some solo fun once they are with someone is rather missing the point. It’s an indulgence, and a way of getting yourself centered with all the things that you love to feel, experience and pamper yourself with. Some girls seem to lose track of the importance of that, so we take the opportunity and remind them whenever we can, even if their “private time” ends up in front of the lens.

Nicole Noro usually loves playing with her man, whether it’s on camera or off, it’s kind of an exhibitionist thing for her. It was actually fun to convince her that yes, we just wanted her hot little body on the camera, all alone, all while she plays with herself and shows us what gets her off. Of course, with a spectacular body with her, we can’t say our motivations were purely selfless. When her breathing gets harder from her moans of pleasure her perfect breasts move in such a hot way, and you haven’t seen anything until you see the look on her face when she finally slips her fingers into her hot, tight little pussy.

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clean pussy

There’s something extra naughty about the idea that we get a glimpse of someone doing something…private. Even if we know they are showing off for us, even if we know they love it when we watch, there are certain things that just seem smoking hot, not just because of the girl, but because it’s easy to imagine that we are catching them doing something that we normally don’t get to see, something personal, and something hidden. It’s that thrill of thinking we get to see something others don’t.

That’s part of the reason that we love it when we get cute girls like this one to show us how they like to show off and play in the bath and shower. This particular lovely girl told us that she rarely just gets clean in the shower, most of the time it’s a way for her to take a bit of time for herself, and her routine usually involves getting off at least once or twice using the girls’ best friend, the detachable shower head. When she asked if we wanted to watch, we sure as hell weren’t going to say no! Few things are hotter than seeing a soft-skinned girl with water dripping down every inch of their body, after all.

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brunette teen video

When we find the shy, reserved girls that want to get in front of the camera, we try to be a little bit careful when we finally do get them in front of the lens. We’ve found that they tend to go two ways, either we unlock a hot, sultry, sexy woman, or they retreat completely when they see the first flash and hear that camera shutter. It’s worth the wait though, because those girls that let go turn into the hottest, sexiest, most intense women that practically melt the lens. It’s a stroke of luck when you find a girl like that, because you know they will give you so many sizzling scenes.

When we met this girl, who likes to be called Lollypop, she looked like she was going to fold in on herself at the first glimpse of a camera, and a naked guy. This brunette beauty was so reserved; little did we know that she was utterly insatiable beneath that shy surface. When we introduced her to her boy toy for the scene, she looked like she was going to squirm her way right out of her pants, but we soon realized that’s because she was so hot, not because she was shy. He could barely keep up with her, and her tight body with her perky breasts and shaved, tight pussy had him on the edge way too many times before she was finally done with him, and let him cum.

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innocent brunette

When you look at some girls, you just know that they are going to be trouble. They just have that presence that tells you that they are going to make you work for every moment of their time, but it will be oh-so-worth-it when you get it. They make you want to fall to your knees and let them do to you what they will, because you are sure that they will wear you out to your very bones, and leave you behind dropped out and drained, but with the biggest smile on your face. You just let them do what they are going to do, go along for the ride, and before you know it you have a memory card full of some of the sexiest photos you’ve ever taken.

Dakota let us know with that look that we were in for one hell of a ride, even when she decided to let us get a few pictures of her in one of our nice, comfy chairs. She had us clicking away even as she enjoyed her drink, and we wondered if she was going to give us more than a tease. She answered our question though as we noticed her fingers playing with her pink top. She started with a few glimpses of her spectacular breasts, but quickly let us see why we wanted her in front of the lens to begin with. She has an amazing body, and she loves showing it off at her pace, not ours.We just wanted to get as many images of her as we possibly could before she decided she was done with us. Luckily, she loved showing off for the camera, and we got some lens-meltingly sexy pictures of her showing off and playing with her shaved pussy before she decided we had enough.

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sensual brunette teen

This smoking hot teen makes an incredibly hot video. Don’t miss it!

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teen nicole outside

We love it when the change of seasons comes around, and the weather turns warm, the sun comes out, and every day looks like flowers. We love it because some of our sexiest models are huge sun worshippers, and when the sun comes out, they practically beg to take some pictures out in the sun. That makes our job very easy, because nothing looks better then sun-dappled skin, and nothing gets the girls more playful then the breeze in their hair, and the feel of flowers and grass against their beautiful bodies.

As soon as the weather turned, one of our most lovely flower girls Nichole was on us for an outside shoot. We didn’t even have to suggest it, and that’s always the best time, because we barely have to do a thing, just keep the camera on them and let them play however they want. She is a true sun-worshipper, because she didn’t even want to wear her skirt, she just wore it long enough to get out to the site, then away it went! With a body like hers, we’re not going to complain though, because Nichole has that perfect little trim body that just seems like it glows when the sun hits it. She practically makes love to the sun, and believe me when we say that we wished we were the flowers she found and picked along the way.

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shyla with toy

When people wanna see naked women, they probably aren’t looking to see 60 year old women pleasure themselves on camera. They want the younger women who know how to look great and put on an outstanding show by letting vibrators hit their cute pussies or fill their assholes with vibrators. It’s the outstanding world of Shyla Jennings, and you will definitely get aroused by what this sexy young woman does on camera. Fingering, vibrators, you name it, she probably does it!

With this scene, we see Shyla having an incredible O with her vibrator wand in hand. It’s really a sight to see when she gets fully nude, spreads her legs and lets the sun shine in on that gorgeous mound of hers. You can tell she definitely gets into the fun and excitement by how she moans, gyrates her hips and constantly puts that huge vibrator next to her incredibly juicy, horny and aroused clit. This is the kind of action that Shyla puts on all the time. All her moaning, the pleasure, the wet pussy and vibrator all come together as she comes with ecstasy.

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sexy long haired teen

It’s a little bit of a trick to let some sexy women relax enough to let go and show us how they enjoy themselves in private. We have to find the right combination of comfortable setting, and get them so comfortable in the camera that they aren’t just behaving like the camera isn’t there, but they are actually turned on, and want to show off for the lens. Once we’ve found their sweet spot, it’s like magic happens, because these young, sexy women just adore it when you admire their hot body, and they will do anything to keep that feeling going.

Sometimes we find girls like Vanessa Sixxx, not only is she at home in front of the camera, her fine body looks like it’s made for showing how much pleasure she gets from touching herself. She spends a little bit of time teasing us in her bra and panties getup, but it doesn’t take long before she tosses them away and shows us her pretty little shaved pussy and perfect breasts. Her fingers stray between her legs enough that she finally goes and gets her favorite vibrating toy. She knows exactly how she likes it too, that toy goes deep in until she’s writhing in pleasure.

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