Sweet Blonde Teen Sasha

blonde teen sasha

There’s a saying that blondes have more fun. Well, when that blonde is a young, pigtailed, sweet little sexy girl with no inhibitions, you can be damn sure that they have more fun. They may have grown up in love with their bodies, and without inhibitions, but when they get older and they leave their girly things behind, they often don’t give up on at least one thing, their cute little pigtails. It’s a reminder of their mischievous youth, perhaps, but whatever the reason, their pigtails just make them want to act like naughty little girls.

Whenever we get a super sexy girl like the blonde teen Sasha it sometimes is a shock how little they hide about themselves. She loves the sun, and she loves how having the pigtails make her feel like she never grows up, even when she adores the reactions she gets from the grownup boys when she plays with her body. She never even wanted to get into her full outfit, once she slipped the white lace stockings on, and put the bra over her perfect little tits, she told us that was enough! She didn’t even want the panties, she loved the feel of the cool air across her pussy, and it was the only reason she didn’t go crazy right there during the shoot.

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