Sultry Teen Natasha Plays with Pop Bottle

sultry Natasha

What’s a girl to do when she needs a place to cool off, and find a little privacy once the weather turns good and hot? There are only a few places to escape to escape the weather, even when a girl has an entire house filled with rooms to relax, the sun blazes in and can heat up even the most private girl. Where is that hot little vixen going to go to cool of?

Sweet and sultry Natasha found her place deep in her house. Her private bathroom is the perfect place to cool off with a drink out of the blazing hot sun. It’s so much easier for her to relax, have a quiet moment, and take a moment to explore her body when she doesn’t have the sun beating down on her every curve. It’s also the nicest place for her to strip out of her clingy clothes and let her skin breathe. She doesn’t have any problems baring her trimmed and tight pussy when it’s in the name of comfort, and since the cool bottle felt so good there, she just had to try it everywhere, she pulled off her top and revealed her spectacular tits. He private place is her perfect getaway where she can get in touch with her body and work out some heat!

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