Sultry Teen Adele

adele - brunette teen

Complex is easy, it’s always an easy to choice to add something to a shoot. Another piece of clothing, another prop, another participant, it’s so easy to get a shoot that is cluttered and filled with all sorts of additions that really don’t do anything but take away from what you want, the hot, sexy, exposed girl there for you. Too many forget that simplicity is good, simplicity is pure, and simplicity is hard, because when everything is simple then it’s just your skills, and a sizzling hot girl, and you have to make sure that she comes out looking as good as she knows she is.

Adele is the model of simplicity, just a white background, a single white piece of clothing, and her pale, sexy skin, that’s all she needs to make everyone positively drool around her. She knows what effect her body has on everyone has on her, with her perky breasts, with those hot pale nipples that provide such a contrast to the white of her skimpy top. She keeps herself nicely groomed, and that, combined with her river of dark hair is really the only color she needs, especially when she decides to let you get a glimpse of the pink she keeps hidden most of the time.

See Adele HERE

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