Sultry Brunette Teen

sultry brunette teen

As much as we love the happy, peppy girls that practically bounces off the image because they are so eager in their exhibitionism, there is something special about a girl with understated elegance. Some girls just exude this quiet confidence that comes through for them naturally, it’s built into their makeup, and they project it with hardly any effort. They know that it doesn’t take much for them to be gorgeous, and they also know that with such a minimal effort they will have people falling all over themselves trying to get a moment of their time, or an instant of them in front of the lens.

When you first see Lizzy, you see a woman with an amazing body, that seems like she takes everything completely seriously. She has that attitude that every moment, and every placement of a hand, or a foot is as important as saving the world. She does this naturally, she’s so intense that it looks like she’s going to burn you up if she actually graces you with her attention. With a body like hers though, it’s hard not to have that confidence. She has a lovely voluptuous bust that screams for attention, but it’s not until she gives you teasing little flashes of her shaved pussy do you really get the heat that comes off her. Lizzy is practically a furnace, one that we are more then happy to burn up from every time we get her in front of the camera.

See Lizzy at play with the camera. CLICK HERE

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