Sexy Lettie – Not Your Normal Girl

Sexy Lette Pictue Gallery

Every had a day like this: your cell phone battery dies and you haven’t been able to make any calls for over a day. You rush to the mall to pick up a new battery. You are wearing crap clothes, you probably smell, and generally you look like shit. You are thinking about a million things and all the shit you have to get done. The last thing on your mind is picking up pussy. Well, that is when it happens – out of fucking nowhere drops a big slice of sexy young and different. She is right in front of you and giving you that look. Your brain feels like someone popped the clutch on your mental gearbox. Your dick is tingling and you are instantly flush. It takes a moment, then it registers – That girl was fucking hot and flirting with me! But now she is gone! The one moment you have been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming about all your life just passed you buy. The rest of the week it’s all you can think about – that sexy different girl at the mall that was flirting with you. You kick yourself over and over.

This has happened to every single guy that walks on this planet. We have all been there! Well the girl you missed your chance with is Sexy Lettie Yep, the girl you have been thinking about now has her own website. And now that you can get a second look at her you realize this is not the girl-next-door. This chick is different. Yeah she has piercings all over and a large collection of tattoos. She is not the kind of girl that would make mom happy and god damn it’s a turn on. Sexy Lettie has a great body and she has absolutely no problem letting you see everything. She just turned 18, made a website and is on a crazy adventure – who know where it will go. We will definitely be keeping tabs on this new hottie.

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