Sexy Lette – Painted Face

Sexy Lette Gallery

I’m going to award best Halloween costume to Sexy Lette. With her panted face she looks down right spooky!!! She doesn’t look like the sweet Sexy Lette that I’ve come to know and love!!!

I am not surprised that Sexy Lette has the best look – she is the type of girl who puts a lot of effort into her “look”. If Sexy Letty does it, it will be unique and bold. She doesn’t do things half way.

Sexy Lette is one of my favorite girls. Her pictures are never boring. She is very much one of a kind. She is very unique and she has an amazing body. Sexy Letty has a perfect teen ass that is tight, round, and plump in just the right places. Her tits are very nice and she has a very cute face ( when it’s not painted up scary looking).

The most striking thing about Sexy Lette are her tattoos and piercings. She has what looks like bands or wings tattooed on her back and two stars right above her breasts. Sexy Lette always seems to have a new piercing and, yes, she does have her clit pierced.

Her tattoos and piercings are all in good taste tho – they fit her and compliment her. She doesn’t look like a nasty biker chick. She still has her youthful cute teen looks.

Sexy Lette is just fucking hot. You really should watch some of her videos and chat with her on webcam. The Sexy Lette experience is well worth it!!!

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