Sexy Klara takes it in every hole!

klara posing

So many girls get brought up unable to ask for what they want. They think that it’s impolite, or improper, or that what they just want is dirty and they won’t find anyone that will do anything for them. It’s a habit we try to break of some of our hottest girls, because when they get what they want, they make their play absolutely sizzling. We also get such amazing scenes once they demand what they want, because we find out that there are things that we had no idea we should even ask them.

Klara seemed so compliant, and so shy when she first started, we had no idea that she really wanted so much more. She eventually told us that she really, really wanted to find a nice guy that she could have take her nice and hard in her ass. It wasn’t a request we expected, but who can refuse such a hot, eager girl. Let me say, this girl must have hidden quite the anal slut deeply, because she just couldn’t wait to get a nice hard cock into her back passage. She didn’t want him to be gentle, or easy, she just wanted to get pounded hard. It’s a good thing our guy had a lot of control, too because the way she moaned, we can’t imagine anyone would last long with a girl like her under him.

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