Sexy High School Girl In Uniform

teen sadie

Some little girls come out of school knowing exactly the kind of education they want, and it’s certainly not the kind of education found in books. They want the kind of education they can only get when they are barely legal and are ready to jump straight from spending time learning at school, to spending time with their favorite boy toy afterwards. These hot school-age girls are looking for the best kind of slut training, the practical, hands on education they can only get when they get their hands around a nice hard cock.

Sadie wanted two things when she got out of school after she was legal, her own ink, and to finally feel hard cock pounding her tight pink pussy. She got the ink first, but she was eager enough so that she went after her secondary education as soon as the ink was healed. She was a very fast learner though, as she knew that his long meat deserved to be between those sultry sweet lips, and she eagerly sucked him until he was aching hard. She studied hard when she took his length into her pussy though, especially at the feeling when he started thrusting all the way inside her. She earned her straight A’s when she came, and felt him blow his load all over her.

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