Sexy Brunette Teen Plays Outside

sexy teen brunette

There are lovely young women out there who start their days in all sorts of different ways. Some barely drag themselves out of bed, some have their morning routines, some hop out of their beds ready to go and face the day. Each of them has their own little routine, though some of them have a routine that they don’t show too often because they have to indulge their baser instincts and they don’t think they are suitable for ‘public consumption’. We love to find those girls, because there is such sensuality, and you can practically see the heat from them when they go through their routines.

This lovely young brunette told us that one reason she lives where it is nice all year around is because her morning routine involves her getting up and meeting the day with stretching her body and being exposed to the sun. Since she adores the feeling of the sun on her skin, we were very glad to watch her routine. She stretched out well enough, but the sun kissing her body had her very quickly giving it access to her entire body even through her sheer leotard. She pulled that off quickly enough so the sun could get to her perfect breasts and lovely shaved pussy. Her ‘stretches’ made sure that every part of her body ended up touched by the sun. She wasn’t done just with that though, since the air on her body got her nice and wet, which provoked another need she just had to satisfy.

See her get off in the trees HERE

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