Pretty Russian Teen Kitana

russian teen kitana

Every girl needs those times where they just get to lounge around and do nothing. Who needs to expend any more energy than is necessary on some days, when you can be a lazy girl, and just enjoy taking the time to lounge? For some girls, they don’t even need to bother to get dressed, especially when they are comfortable enough in their skin that they don’t mind who happens to see them.

Kitana lets us into one of her lazy moods when we set her up for her photo shoot. She told us that she wasn’t really in the mood for anything too athletic, since she just felt like lounging around. She was feeling so lazy that she didn’t even want to get into an outfit for her shoot, which was fine with us, because this young Russian girl’s body really doesn’t need much of anything in the way of decoration. She picked out her favorite comfortable couch and stretched out on it, and just let us snap away as she shifted into angle after angle. She didn’t hide a thing, and she didn’t need to, because her body is just perfect from every direction.

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