Playful Allice Looking Good Comming and Going

Playful Allice Gallery

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to show you the front or back of Playful Alice so went with both. Playful Alice is the kind of girl that looks good coming and going. She has fair skin and a nice juicy ass. If you gave her ass a good swat it would more than likely turn bright red and leave a nice hand print – just one of the many advantages of fair skinned girls!!! Fair skinned girls tend to look good as they age because they don’t spend all their time in the sun and in tanning beds. Her skin won’t be all wrinkly and leathered looking down the road.

Playful Alice has vivid red hair and I’m just going to pretend that it is real and she was born as a redhead. Redheads are sexy and unique and it’s hot. Its a great look for her. Playful Alice has the body and frame to go a long way in her modeling carrier . I would expect to see a lot more of her on the web as she gets more popular. She has “the look”.

The stockings and garter belt that Playful Alice is wearing ads a very nice touch! The stockings frame her nice juicy teen ass. And there is just something sexy as hell about garter belts on teens that gets me every time.

After spending some time at Playful Alice’s personal site and looking at her videos I’ve really started to like this sexy teen. Hopefully, she will keep updating her site and getting naked for our enjoyment. Visit Playful Alice and let her know that she is doing a great job.

Playful Allice Gallery

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