Planet Summer in Short Shorts

Planet Summer nude

Gallery Link: Sexy Planet Summer in Short Shorts

Check out Planet Summer’s Short Shorts!!! It looks like she put quite a bit of effort cutting them just so you can get a good glimpse of her ass cheeks and the underwear covering her pussy. Planet Summer is 18 years old, 5’3, and 110 lbs. So for those of you visiting form outside the US that means she is 162 cm. Little girls are great because the make your dick look bigger!

A lot of girls think they have to have a dark tan to be sexy, but light skinned girls can be just as hot. they tend to blush a lot easier and there is just something about a blushing girl that gets me hard. You can also smack their ass and see your hand print. And you know they aren’t spending all their time in a tanning bed, so when they get older thy are not gonna look like a worn out leather handbag. Don’t over look the light skinned girls!!!

If you look at the gallery you will notice that Planet Summer has this odd two-tone hair coloring. I’m guessing she is a natural blond, considering her skin coloring, and she dyed the end of her hair dark. It’s kind of a reverse of how trashy brunettes that dye their hair blond and then let their roots grow out. It’s strange, but Summer seems to pull it off.

Dick tease warning: Summer’s site is non-nude, but she does get dam close to being nude. If she does take it all off, you will here about it here first.

Update: Summer goes nude. You heard it here first!

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