Pamela Spice – Sexy Teen Latina

Pamela Spice

Ok, I know you are thinking, “Oh great, another sexy young teenie that is just gonna be a dick tease and not so much as show us a bare tit.” Well, you are dead wrong. This chica shows everything!!! Yes, she does. I’m not fucking with you! This amazing latina is Pamela Spice and she is the latest Spice Girl. Who ever discovered this beauty deserves a gold medal.

Pamela Spice is about 5 minutes past her 18th birthday – just barley legal. This red light just turned green and this teen latina is headed for the race track. I just got done looking through her site and I’m ready to move to Mexico. These Latinas all seem so warm, sweet, and fuckable. I’ll take a Margarita with a little Pamela Spice please!

Not only does Pamela Spice get completely nude, she also makes out and kisses other girls. It just keeps gettting better and better. She has a completely shaved pussy that she enjoys sticking toys into. There is even a video where she puts on a strap on and fucks her friend in the ass. Yes, you read that correctly. This cute little latina fucks her friend in the ass with a strap on!!! Yes, she does! See the video for yourself.

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