Naughty Girl Sandy as Slutty Stripper

Girl With Perfect Tits

Thank god for bad parents, otherwise we wouldn’t have strippers! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes all a guy wants is a naughty slut. Innocent and cute are great (especially for showing mom) but every normal guy has something biologically programed into his brain that desires a sluty stripper from time to time.

Essential clothing for that slutty stripper look is anything that looks like a fish net. Bonus points for neon fish net stockings. Naughty Girl Sandy here looks like she just got done swinging on a stripper pole and is about to give you a fully nude lap dance. From the looks of her pics I’d say that Naughty Girls Sandy probably is a stripper when she isn’t getting completely naked for the camera. The Playboy belt buckle and fish net top are very authentic!

In all honesty I think joining a site like Naughty Girl Sandy is a much better deal than a lap dance. $24 is only going to get you a few minutes with a slutty stripper and that doesn’t include the price of cover and drinks. But $24 does get you a months access to her site where you can actually jerk off and not just get horny as hell. Check it out net time you are in the slutty stripper mood.

***Update Aug 24, 2008*** Naught Girl Sandy No longer has a website.

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