Melissa Midwest Farmer Girl

Melissa Midwest farmer girl

I don’t think I can go a week without posting about Melissa Midwest. To be honest I can’t go a day without checking out her website: Melissa Midwest. I was surfing there today and found this great picture of her acting like a farmer girl. The gallery was so hot I just had to post it. I think we have all had the fantasy of rolling in the hay with a beautiful county girl – well at least I have. This picture of Melissa Midwest is exactly how the fantasy starts in my mind. A beautiful young blond is all hot and sweaty from working outside. To relieve herself from the heat she has to unbutton her skimpy cutoff jeans. Of course the beautiful farm girl has been thinking about sex all day and is now quite horny. She starts teasing me by pushing up her t-shirt around her full and beautiful breasts. Then she rolls down the top of her skimpy cutoff jeans allowing me to get a great view of her tight stomach. Her pussy is aching for some attention and she asks me to go in the barn to get out of the heat. That is how my fantasy starts. I’m sure you can guess how it ends.

Melissa Midwest may be from Nebraska, but I’m not buying the farm girl bit. I’m sure she can operate her webcam and laptop very competently, but I doubt she could even start that tractor. She is a sexy and beautiful girl that loves to get completely naked on her website not a farm babe. But if she wants to play farm babe that is just fine by me. In fact, that is one of the things I really like about Melissa Midwest – she is always doing new and creative photo shoots. Keep up the good work Melissa!

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