Liz Vicious – Goth Girl

Liz Vicious Gallery

Happy Halloween — I figured I’d post a few goth girls or at least girls in freaky costumes. You have to love Halloween – it the one time of the year where 9/10 girls dress up as complete sluts. Yeah, a lot of girls normally dress like sluts, but at Halloween time the “good” girls have an excuse to look slutty. The girls that are normally sluts… well, they just get sluttier. 🙂

When I was thinking of goth girls the first girl that came to mind was Liz Vicious. She is quite the famous goth chick. She has had her own website for several years now.

Liz Vicious wears dark makeup like this all the time – this is not just for Halloween. This girl is 100% goth. Her skin is pale white because she sleeps all day and avoids the sun. She likes dark clothes and “freaky things.”

One of the things that Liz Vicious really enjoys is cock. Liz loves to suck dick and get fucked. She is not shy about sexual experimentation and if the sex has an edge or is kinky she likes it all the more. This is a great gallery I dug up that shows Liz Vicious giving road head!!

Sometimes Liz likes to mess around with other girls. She prefers dick, but she takes pride on doing things a little different. A little while back she did a photo shoot with the famous Raven Riley. Let me tell you, the video of that scene is great. If given the opportunity, Liz Vicious will munch pussy!!!

Liz Vicious is a great girl that has put a lot of work into her site. She keeps it updated regularly with fresh videos and pictures. Treat yourself for Halloween and download some of her videos!!!

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