Little Blonde Gymnast

Man, I always find it so hard to keep in shape. It’s so much work and there never seems like there’s enough reward when you’re done. Sure it makes you feel better in the long run, but right after there’s just nothing to make you feel good about it. So many girls feel the same way, but they fight through it, and some of them will sympathise with you and give you the motivation to keep going. Those sexy little teases know that they can lead you around with just a look and a glimpse of something sweet and that will keep you running for as long as they want.

Monroe is this sweet young thing that loves to keep her boys motivated to keep pushing, pushing while they work out. She thinks a hot, sweaty guy done with a workout is a huge turnon, so she’ll do almost anything to keep them going. With a figure like hers, it wouldn’t take much to keep me on the treadmill, but when she starts stripping off pieces of her clothing and revealing the trim body beneath, the little tease just makes you want to take off after her. When she looks at you, plays with her pussy, and tells you you can have her if you catch her, you just know you’re going to go that extra mile.

See her take it ALL off HERE

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