Jenny Heart

Jenny Heart Gallery

Jenny Heart is a skinny flat chested teen. Well, she is not completely flat, she does have some very small boobs, but for all practical purposes she is flat chested. She is also quite a thin teen girl.

I get the feeling that Jenny Heart just doesn’t give a shit what people think. It’s an attitude that works for her and makes her skinny ass kinda sexy in a weird way. I have a feeling that Jenny Heat will grow up to be a hippy, move to a commune, and eat granola. That is fine by me as long as she keeps shaving her legs and keeps that pussy trimmed.

One think about Jenny Heart is that she looks very comfortable naked. It seems natural for this teen to not be wearing any clothes. Jenny Heart does have a large archive of photos and videos of herself and her friends. She does have sex with her girlfriends!!!

If skinny flat chested teens turn you on, then chances are you will really like Jenny Heart’s personal site.

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