Innocent Blonde Teen Bares Skin

Whomever came up with the saying ‘boys and their toys’ has never actually had a girl come along and show them what kinds of toys they enjoy. When this blonde beauty told us she wanted to bring along her own prop for the shoot, we figured it might be a little vibe, or something she picked up in a novelty store. She showed up and we knew this shoot was going to be a sizzling hot one when she showed us her favorite pair of crotchless panties and the toy that made most of the toys in our collection look like novelties.

This sexy young teen barely needed any teasing before she started to work her toy into her sweet and wet pussy. She told us that she was so looking forward to the shoot she had practically worn the toy out before she ever made it to where we met her. She described to us how she liked the feel of it against her very cute and sensitive nipples. She kept telling us all the things she did with it before our shoot while the photos we took ended up hotter and hotter, and more of this favorite toy disappeared into her sexy young body.

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