Hot Teen Lesbians Play Outside naked

hot teen lesbians

There’s just something about the sunlight that brings out the playful little girls in some women. They have to lounge, they have to frolic, and they have to find some way to get into mischief. When they have one of their friends with them, it just gives them more opportunity for fun, especially when the two of them are a bit more than just friends.

When these two sexy teen lesbians got together, they thought it was the perfect day for them to just lounge out and soak up the sun. Lounging turned to teasing, and teasing turned into the idea that they could do so much better in the sun if they got their tans nice and even. Once they were naked though, the teasing began, and then the licking, and the fingering of each other as they explored their bodies. Once the toys came out though, lounging just because an excuse to see how many orgasms they could wring from each other’s bodies.

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