Hot Shower Teens

hot shower teens

We love it when we can encourage the girls to go along with things, and do what comes naturally whenever we get them in a nice private situation. They get less nervous, and they act more freely when we get them to loosen up their inhibitions and pretend we’re not there. We are very good at finding the places they are the most comfortable, and lose themselves in the moment. It’s at those times we see these hot, sexy women lose all their reservations. The camera catches them at their best, and we love making sure those moments end up in front of us.

When we learned that Cassie Laine indulges herself in the shower quite regularly, we just had to show off our elegant tiled setup with our full bath, and huge double shower. She immediately fell in love with it, and we saw this beautiful lady really open up, not just in her expression, but between her lovely legs. This girl has an amazing figure, and you can’t imagine how hot she gets when her fingers are between her thighs. After she warmed up with a couple of shower-induced orgasms though, she still wanted more, which is when we introduced Natasha to her. The two girls immediately hit it off with their love of…shower attachments. Cassie took charge at first, since she had more experience, and found the dialed setting that drove Natasha wild. As hot as the water was, we were more afraid about our lenses steaming up from watching these two sizzling hot women get each other off over and over.

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