Cute Young Teen in Bathroom

cute young teen

As much as we’d like to think otherwise, some girls only take forever in the bathroom getting ready because they love to drive the guys next. Those girls know they are sizzling hot with barely any touchups, so they know they can tease us by taking time with their little touchups.

Heidi is one of those girls that likes her looks, and has no problems going as natural as possible. It doesn’t mean she won’t take some time to get ready, because she does appreciate the little touches that accent her amazing body. She just needs to get in the right mindset, so when she goes to put on her makeup she doesn’t wear a thing, so she reminds herself just what gets the boys drooling at her feet. Only when she is totally ready does she pick out her underwear, but only if she all ready knows if her date is getting the chance to see it!

CLICK HERE to watch her get ready

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