Cute Little Indiana

cute little Indiana

Sweet, sultry, sexy we find that almost every girl out there has those three traits, but sometimes they just need a little encouragement in order to bring them out. Sometimes it’s a look, or an outfit, or even just a few words that will click with them and will bring it out, and we are experts at finding that one thing that will get one of our models in the hottest frame of mind. Once that happens we just have to click away, we rarely have to stage the photos, because they will just naturally find the right angle, the right pose, or the right look that will set our lens on fire.

Indiana didn’t need the clothes, or the words, with her it was just the look, that sexy, but giggly little girl that radiated mischief. Her mischief was her what made her sexy as hell, and so she just needed to smallest bit of prompting before we got her sexy, young body steaming up the camera. Of course, the bathtub filled with suds certainly helped as well. She loved playing in the water, so when she heard we had a huge tub for her, she practically jumped up and down at the idea of playing in the water. Bubbles were the perfect frame her amazing body, from her hot little smile, down to the cutest little toes you’ve ever seen. When she teased her amazing breasts and her groomed little pussy as well with streams of hot water, we definitely had to clean off our steamed up camera lenses.

Indiana shows off everything in her revealing bubble bath. CLICK HERE

Note: after this shoot I realized she was not a teen, but merely looked like one. My apologies to all

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