Cute Blonde Pigtailed Girl

cute blonde pigtails

Summer break is almost over for quite a few girls out there, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to play. If they can sneak away for a weekend, or an afternoon, or even a week, they will find ways to get some time in for their mischief. It almost makes them more playful, because they know that when they are done they have to get back to the drudgery of their real lives. So these sexy young girls let all their inhibitions go and are willing to show off everything with a giggle and a wink.

This cute blonde pigtailed girl contacted us when she learned that she had a long weekend because of a break in her classes. She wanted to get away and show off a little, and she knows how we can get her pictures out there so that all sorts of people will get the chance to drool over them. She showed up acting like an innocent little lady, but when the camera started snapping away her naughty side came out to play!

Her naughty side still had some of that wickedly playful little girl in her though, because she flashed us her panties, and giggled while she showed off her cute little tits. She treated her breasts like toys, and even teased us by giving them a lick or two before she stripped offer her panties and showed off her shaved pussy. She wanted her mischief that weekend, and we were more then happy to give her an outlet for it!

See her take it all off HERE

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