Cute Angie does Strip Tease

angie nipple

Some places are so beautiful, so picturesque, that you really don’t think you can add to them. Of course, some girls are like that too. There is something so perfect about them, that there is no way you can set up a scene that will make them any hotter then if they just stood in a hallway and took off their clothes while you watched. Of course, we strive to do a bit better than that, but there is also that element of chance, and when chance and opportunity come by to give you the opportunity for a perfect shot, you have to take it.

We weren’t expecting to stop with Angie, we had no intentions of shooting on the beach, but when you find a nice private beach with the perfect lighting, and the girl you’re with already has the look that begs for wind, you well, you stop. Angie looks amazing against the ocean, and this hot, petite beauty just looks like a point of smoldering fire against the dark water of the ocean behind her. She didn’t really need anything else really, just the sand, the water, and her perfectly pale skin, and we had the perfect shoot, enough that we just knew we might as well never go back there again, because it would be impossible to capture that combination again.

See Angie show everything. CLICK HERE!

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