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What you can’t get one girl to do, you can usually get when that girl brings one of their friends along. They get so much more brave when their friends are there to share the adventure. A hot woman that might not think about showing off will all of a sudden want everyone to see here when her friend is there to encourage her along.

These two amazing women were a touch reluctant to get in front of the camera separately, even with their amazing bodies, in the most flattering sets of underwear imaginable. Once they talked to each other though, they started daring each other to see who could show off the most for the camera lens. That teasing was enough and broke the tension, and soon enough we got the chance to see two sets of spectacular breasts as they stripped out of their tops. We let them tease each other a bit more, to see if maybe next time they might not stop there!

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So many girls these days are willing to let their inhibitions go because they have so much pride in their bodies. They don’t have any modesty, and they love the idea of people looking at them and drooling over the possibilities that just glimpses at their bodies hint at. If they get everyone wanting to touch them, wanting to watch them strip, or pleasure their young bodies, they can get a huge high from being so wanted. It gives them motivation to show off more and more.

This sexy young teen certainly wasn’t shy when she told us she wanted to get started. She all ready had a model quality body, and she didn’t have any problems showing it off when the camera started snapping away. She didn’t come with a deliberate outfit for her shoot, but the panties and bra she wore were so charming and showed off her young body so well that we certainly didn’t mind her suggestion that she just go with that. She didn’t mind when we suggested that she start taking off her underwear either, which was even better for us, since it meant she showed off her perfect breasts. Her panties were the next to go, and if her tits were perfect, her nicely trimmed pussy almost made us drop our cameras with what we wanted to do to her. She knew the effect she had on us too, this saucy little girl kept giving us glimpses of what else she might do with just a little bit more coaxing, once the photo shoot was over.

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Sexy Blond Teen Lindsay

Is that a sexy naughty face or what? I love this picture of Lindsay from The Wet Peach because it’s not easy to pin down. It’s a little slutty, it’s a little sexy, a little naughty and just fucking hot. It’s a little more makeup than I normally like to see on a girl, but in this case I’ll let it slide. Hell, in this case I’ll even get sprung. I can even think of a place where I would like to have those juicy red lips!!

If you will take a look at the Wet Peach gallery I think you will find every guys fantasy – well at least one of them. Imagine you come home and your girl is doing the dishes. Not only is she doing dishes but she is all made up and we are not talking made up like June Cleaver, but like a slutty nymph. The girl in the kitchen is a sexy teen in fish net stocking and tight little ass in cotton panties that have gotten scrunched up and wet. Of course this young slutty nymph is washing so diligently that she has managed to get soap bubbles and watter all over her slender tight body. Now wake the hell up, because that kind of shit doesn’t happen in real life!!! First no girl is gonna do your dishes and look like Lindsay from the Wet Peach unless you are willing to spend a few grand. So do yourself a favor and do the next best thing and check out the free movie gallery or visit The Wet Peach

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Sexy Blond Lindsay parties Topless for the camera

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There is a new site on the web called The Wet Peach and let me say I am VERY impressed. The site is run by three guys that are very good at what they do and put a lot of effort into their work. They have some of the mosthot young sluts that you will find any place on the web. I have a feeling this site will be around for quite a while and I look forward to sharing with you guys and gals all the new pics and videos as they come out.

The sexy girl in pigtails is Lindsay and she is a total fucking knockout. She is the ultimate school girl fantasy. The girls at The Wet Peach are not just non-nude teases – they get fully nude, show their shaved pussies, and totally make out with each other. Lots of steamy girl on girl action at The Wet Peach. I’m gonna give this site two thumbs up.

Make sure and have a look at the galleries of Lindsay and notice how much of a pro this girl is. Lindsay has little bitty tits that are very sexy on her. I’d say her best feature is definitely her beautiful face – which would look great with her lips wrapped around your cock. Coming in a close second is her tight tinny ass that she loves to wave around infront of the camera.

Bonus Movie Gallery:

Sexy Blond Lindsay Parties Topless for the Camera