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Tori Stone

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This is a girl we haven’t seen a good while: Tory Stone. Tory Stone is one of the Lightspeed girls. If you notice the Lightspeed girls all have a very natural look. They don’t have fake tans or fake tits. They are just good quality girls that like to take it off for the camera. The pictures are always taken with taste. You won’t see the Light speed girls looking like trashy whores.

Tory Stone was one of the original Lightspeed girls before “Lightspeed” became a big name. Tory has always been a favorite of mine. She has large firm breast that don’t droop or look fake. She has a real cute smile and long sexy legs that you would love to have wrapped around your head while you eat her pink pussy. Yummmm!!!

I’m not sure what kind of “bottoms” Tory has on, but they do look damn good on her. I guess they are bikini bottoms? They look even better when she is pulling them down and showing you all she has, but you will have to check out the gallery for that.

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Tori Stone Pink Pussy

Rub-a-Dub-Dub Tori Stone naked in the tub! Tori Stone is one of the sexy Lightspeed Girls. Like the other Lightspeed girls, Tori is just you average sexy girl next door.

If you are a fan of Tori Stone you might be interested in her DVD. I have quite a few of the Lightspeed DVDs and the Tori Stone one is definitely one of my favorites. There are a lot of different girls in the Lightspeed collection and if you join the site you get to pick a bunch of different girls to check out. If you love pink pussy shots, you will really be happy with the Tori’s site or any of the Lightspeed girls.
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Tory Stone teen tits

One of the famous Lightspeed Girls fory you guys and gals: Tori Stone.

One thing I’ve noticed about the Lightspeed girls is that they all have that “girl next door look.” I should say naughty girl next door look. Tori Stone is a fine example of the typical Lightspeed girl. Very cute and beautiful in a natural way, which I personally find to much more appealing than the “Glam” look. The other thing I dig about the Lightspeed girls is that all of them are worth looking at. A lot of big programs usually have one girl who is a star and then a bunch of half-ass girls. This isn’t the case with Lightspeed – all of their girls are well selected.

If you think Tori Stone is cute as hell and you want to see more of her then check out her site or have a look at her DVD. If you decide to Join Tori’s site you will also be able to check out the other Lightspeed girls like Jordan Capri, Tawnee Stone, Rachel 18, and many others. All these girls also have their own DVDs as well. So if you find a Light Speed girl that you think is the bomb remember to check for the DVD.

If the Lightspeed girls are your type of sexy teen, then I’d definitely recommend joining the site or getting a few DVDs. The Lightspeed stuff is all good quality.

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Tori Stone PictureTori Stone Picture

I present the girl nex door: Tori Stone.

What is it about the girl next door and why don’t they ever live next door to me? Maybe I need to move so I can have a girl next door? If I did have a girl next door I’d want her to look a lot like Tori Stone!

Tori got the idea to make a naughty website because her sister Tawny Stone had a website (when I get the chance I’ll post some of Tori’s pictures as well). She saw how much fun her sister was having and Tori really liked the idea and was really turned on by getting naked in front of people and striping off her clothes for the camera. So lucky us Tori now has her own website. If you like girls that have the girl next door look than by all means check out Tori Stone’s website because there are a lot more pictures and videos there.

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