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Lesbian Teens

Jayden and shay

We love to see the girls when they spend some time together, don’t we? We always hope that the two of them are going to end up being the uninhibited type, that they might go for a bit of exploration with each other, and that they will see each other as hot as we see them. When those girls truly are the curious kinds, they usually get over their initial tentative touches and caresses and start exploring the possibilities between them. When they go from exploring to playing is such a nice transition, especially when you can see it happen.

Jayden Taylor and Shae Snow end up taking a bit of a massage lesson together, which does mean they have to spend quite a bit of time with their hands touching, caressing and rubbing over each other. With such an expanse of lovely pale skin between the two of them, you can hardly wait for their caresses to end up as more, and they quickly move from trying to relax each other, to trying to get each other worked up. Between teasing each other’s young pussies with lips, fingers, tongues and toys, their little massage session ends up with quite the happy ending for both of them.

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lesbian teen sex

We all wish we could spend our time in a tropical paradise. Drinks, sun, sand, and sexy women, all on the list of most guys’ fantasies when they think about taking off to the tropical island. For a lot of women, they could use the same list for when they head out to the beach. Of course, they are much better equipped to find a nice quiet corner and have their fun, especially when they find the kind of company they like.

Claire Dain and Holly Belle managed to sneak off and find a nice corner of this lovely resort where they indulged in one of the sweetest pleasures, sex under the hot tropical sun. These two girls don’t waste much time before they explore each other with fingers, and tongues. It’s just a surprise no one heard their moans! They also managed to sneak one of their favorite little toys along with them, and when they take turns with the beads it isn’t long before they get to experience the other hottest thing on the beach, and that’s cumming in the bright tropical sun.

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lesbian experimentation

Watching two sexy, sultry teens explore each other is rather like poetry in motion. Every sweet sound, every caress, every soft curve and touch just makes you want to see more, especially when the girls enjoy exploring and finding each other’s sweet spots. It’s definitely a game you want to watch, because they always seem to challenge each other to find the most sensitive spots, the ones that get them to surrender to the pleasure, and soak their panties with the lightest touches.

You’ll be hard pressed to find two hotter, more sultry women then Guerlain and Madonna, so when they get together to play you just know you’re going to have to protect the camera from melting. When they start to touch each other, they like to make sure we’re watching, because every caress is measured to get the best image, and the best sound out of each other. Their fingers caress curves, explore perfect breasts, shaved pussies, tickle ribs, and just caress every inch of each other’s soft skin. With these two you don’t know if they are trying to get each other off, or just trying to get you off just by watching them, and really, does it matter?

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hot shower teens

We love it when we can encourage the girls to go along with things, and do what comes naturally whenever we get them in a nice private situation. They get less nervous, and they act more freely when we get them to loosen up their inhibitions and pretend we’re not there. We are very good at finding the places they are the most comfortable, and lose themselves in the moment. It’s at those times we see these hot, sexy women lose all their reservations. The camera catches them at their best, and we love making sure those moments end up in front of us.

When we learned that Cassie Laine indulges herself in the shower quite regularly, we just had to show off our elegant tiled setup with our full bath, and huge double shower. She immediately fell in love with it, and we saw this beautiful lady really open up, not just in her expression, but between her lovely legs. This girl has an amazing figure, and you can’t imagine how hot she gets when her fingers are between her thighs. After she warmed up with a couple of shower-induced orgasms though, she still wanted more, which is when we introduced Natasha to her. The two girls immediately hit it off with their love of…shower attachments. Cassie took charge at first, since she had more experience, and found the dialed setting that drove Natasha wild. As hot as the water was, we were more afraid about our lenses steaming up from watching these two sizzling hot women get each other off over and over.

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The darker brunette gets sandwiched between her two friends and then the blonde looks on as her other friends grab her legs and spread them apart before diving into her crotch and eating her out really good. The girls work out a pussy licking system that ensures that each girl gets a turn as the main course at this pussy tasting event. These horny nymphos then get in the 69 position and continue tongue fucking each other while shoving fingers inside each other’s butt holes. The pussy eating even ends with all three laying spent on the couch.

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innocent teen lesbians

The only thing better than hot sexy lesbians is amateur teen hot sexy lesbians! These two definitely deliver on the hot and sexy part. Plus there is no way these chicks aren’t real lesbian girlfriends the way they are gobbling up each others’ snatches. Who hasn’t had a fantasy of two showering teens unashamed of showing and sharing what they have to offer? There are some truly nice handfuls of teen flesh being lovingly groped in these pics. Once their beautiful natural bits are revealed the lips and tongues are instantly unleashed on one another.

Licking and kissing their tender and nubile young skin is just the beginning for these two. In no time they show us just how grown up they can be. No doubt, all it took was a gently nudge to a hot wet young gash before the juices started flowing uncontrollably. Make mine delicious teen pussy!

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When you get a couple of girls together, it’s amazing how competitive they can get. Competitive friends quickly get caught up in ‘whatever you can do, I can do better’ games, no matter what the situation, and no matter what the game. When those girls have no shame, those games can become wicked as well.

These two friends were out checking out some of the quieter areas of a park in summer when they discovered that the place was deserted. A quick flash, and a few giggles turned into them daring each other to see how far they will go before anyone discovers. It was very lucky that there was no one in this section of the park to interrupt, because flashing became stripping, and stripping became playing with each other’s supple bodies. Once the toys came to hand though, it became ‘no matter how hard you make me cum, I can make you cum harder’ and that’s definitely a game where everyone wins.

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