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Selena Spice

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of the Spice Girls. I guess it’s time to warm things up with a little Latina “Spice”. This beautiful Latina who we have seen before is Selena Spice. Selena has one hell of a thick ass. Not a fat ass, there is no fat on Selena Spice’s booty, it is just thick and muscular. Your typical “Latina booty”!

There is something about the winter time that just makes me crazy for Latina chicks. Their warm personalities or the pictures of them on the beach just make my day. I was check out the Spice Girls website and they have a new girl who is really hot. So make sure to check back in a few days because I guarantee that I’ll be posting her pictures. If you can’t wait – then just go to to the website and have a look for yourself.

Selena Spice

There are two things I like about this picture: 1) There is nothing like a spicy Latina getting naked to warm you up in the middle of winter. 2) Can you say SCHOOL GIRL UNIFORM!

Gallery Link: Hot Latina Selena Spice is a Naughty Schoolgirl

Selena Spice is one of the “spice girls” which is a sexy collection of hot Latinas. I would describe Selena as “robust”. She has one of those booties that Latinas are famous for. Selena isn’t the cutest girl, she isn’t petite, and there is nothing innocent about her. Selena Spice has a gritty, aggressive sensuality that is hot. She is naughty, unapologetic and she needs a good hard fuck.

Check out her site if you want to see more:

Selena Spice


I’m adding a new sexy latina teen to the line up of girls: Selena Spice. This hot latina is a real beauty with dark flowing hair, big brown eyes, a cute face, and a thick round ass. In this gallery she is rolling around on her bed and taking items of her clothes off. By the time she is done she ends up completely naked and we can see her rich dark tan – a dark tan that only a latina could have.

You can find a lot more pictues of her fully nude at her site Selena Spice.

Gallery Link: Selena Spice undressing on Her Bed