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Rachel 18


Check out these 18 year old tits! Those aren’t huge knockers and they aren’t small – they are damn perfect!. So why do you figure Rachel 18 is typing on her laptop with her beautiful breasts on display? I figure she has a video camera somewhere on that laptop and she is showing off her stuff! And she does have some nice 18 year old stuff!!

I was talking to my buddy the other day about these girls, such as Rachel 18, who take off their clothes and have their own websites and his theory was that they don’t do it so much for the money as they do it for attention and to “show off their stuff”. I have a feeling he is partially correct. I not sure about every girl, but I think Rachel 18 is one of those girls – she has a great body and she wants you to know it! She wants you to want her and she gets off on it.

Rachel 18 is one of the “famous” Lightspeed Girls. Don’t know if you are familiar with the Lightspeed girls, but there are a lot of them. Rachel 18 just happens to be one of my favorite. Make sure and check out the other Lightspeed girls as well.

And since I’m in such a good mode I dug up a few bonus Video Galleries of various Lightspeed girls:
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Cute Cheerleader

I love my Cheerleader pics! Especially cheerleader pics where the girl is wearing white panties!

I think Rachel 18 sure makes a perfect cheerleader. She reminds me of all those hot cheerleaders I used to check out back when I was in high school. The kind of cheerleader that every guy in school is dying to fuck or just see naked. Lucky for us Rachel 18 is all about letting us see her naked. In this gallery she gives us some good tease shots and a good look at her white panties, but she doesn’t take it all off. Isn’t that frustrating? Well, Rachel 18 does eventually take it all off and she strips right out of those white panties. If you want to see the pics of Rachel 18 completely naked you can check out some of my older Rachel 18 posts to get a good idea of how incredible her teen body is. She is just fucking sexy in every way. She has great perky teen tits, lovely nipples and a tight teen ass.

I’m not sure if Rachel 18 is still 18 years old or if she is 19 years old, but she definitely has that innocent teen look. I was checking out the Rachel 18 site earlier and there are some really great pictures of her! If you like nipples you will love Rachel 18 teen nipples. If you like looking at perky tits, you will love Rachel 18’s perky tits. If you like a sexy teen ass in white panties you will love Rachel 18. If you like to see sexy white panties being pulled off – you will love Rachel 18. Get the idea?

Rachel 18 is one of the Lightspeed girls – and they a fairly good deal going on if you join one of their websites – they let you pick out 10 girls (yes 10 girls) sites to check out. If you stay a member of the Lightspeed sites they let you pick different girls each month. It’s a good deal – especially if you are into the innocent teen look. All the Lightspeed girls have have the young, cute, and innocent thing going on. But don’t let “innocent look” confuse you into thinking these girls don’t take it all off. The Lightspeed girls are not camera shy!

Cute Nude Teen

A new gallery of Rachel 18. Rachel 18 as her name implies is an 18 year old cutie. If you like your girls that are young and cute you will love Rachel 18. In her site are a lot of pictures and videos of her getting completely naked and showing off her perky teen tits and tight teen ass. I think Rachel 18 has a beautiful teen body – very frim and tight.

Another think I like about Rachel 18, other than her perky teen tits, are her big brown beautiful eyes. Her face is very cute and she definitely looks like an 18 year old girl. I also like the fact that Rachel 18 has no problems getting completely nude. She is definitely not shy. There are several pictures of her showing her pink pussy. There are also pictures and videos in her site with her playing and getting really naughty with her friends who are also all young and innocent looking. But from what I can tell they only look young and innocent 18year olds – in reality they are quite naughty girls.

If you think Rachel 18 is as cute and hot as I do, then make sure and check out her site.

Sexy girl in panties

A fresh new gallery of the absolutely adorable and beautiful Rachel 18. Rachel is getting undressed when this photo was taken and it looks like she got cought by surprise. But Rachel 18 loves the camera and she is more than happy to tease and please. She puts on quite a nice little show and you are begging to see her take of her panties. Well, the good news is she does. The bad news is, not in this gallery. You have to join her site if you want to see those pictures. Isn’t that just like a girl? Tease you just to that point when you will do anything and then ask for something? Well, Rachel 18 is worth it! And she does deliver. Looking at her totally naked tits and bare ass is incredible.

Two teens on bed

Another great gallery of Rachel 18. In this gallery we see Rachel 18 getting a rubdown by her cute friend. I think I could do a much better job. Break out some baby oil and rub it all over Rachel 18’s sexy little body. I’d rub down her lower back, legs, and arms. Then spend a good amount of time on her cute little perky boobs. Get her inner thighs and make sure her cute pink pussy started to warmed up. I know you would do the same. 🙂 Rachel 18 is is really a beautiful young girl. I think her tits are perfect. Her little ass is tight and firm. I have a real good feeling that she loves to suck cock as well. Check out Rachel 18’s site – there are countless pictures and videos of her and they are all delicious!

Cheerleader Upskirt

This is a great action shot of Rachel 18 dressed up as cheerleader and a great camera angle allowing us to peek up her skirt. What I want to know is why are these beautiful cheerleaders trying to climb the fence? I think they are trying to skip school and find a nice place where they can take off their Cheerleader outfits and start playing with each other. Rachel 18 is one of the beautiful Lightspeed girls and if you know anything about the Lightspeed girls they are all young, beautiful, fresh, and very naughty. Rachel just happens to be on of my favorites. Rachel 18 has very nice tits, a firm body, and a very beautiful cute smile. Take the tour of her site and have a peek.

Girl With Perfect Tits

This is a real cute girl that I just discovered – Rachel 18. And yes, she is 18. Rachel also looks damn fresh and sexy. Rachel 18 has nice sized teen tits that are definitely perky. She also has luscious legs, a tight little teen butt, and one charming little smile. This picture of Rachel 18 is just a small tease of what is inside of her site – she has no problems getting fully nude, showing us her teen pussy, or playing with her hot girlfriends. If you like teens in panties or teens stripping out of panties you will really like this site. There are tons of pictures of Rachel 18 in her cute panties and stripping out of them.