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Natasha Shy

Natasha Shy Gallery

This is Natasha Shy and she is getting ready to ride her mountain bike completely naked. Natasha is always dong strange kinky stuff. She is a Russian teen model that is 19 years old and she has her very own website.

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Sexy Teen Gets Naked

Sun, wind, beautiful girls, there are some things that are just simple, good and you aren’t going to find any fault with them. It’s better when you can combine, two, or at best, three of those lovely things all at once, which is not hard when you get a girl that has no shame, and loves to feel the sun and wind caress over her body.

Natasha visited a friend, and when she saw that he had a lovely outdoor loft where she could sun herself she was pretty much gone, all we could do was follow along with the camera as she cavorted in the sung. She loves the weather so much it is almost like someone physically caresses her, and she gets turned on so much that she just has to put one of her new toys to use. Her new white dildo disappearing into her body is almost as good as the expression on her face when she cums in the sunlight.

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Teen Has Small Tits and A Tight Little Pussy

What could be better than a sweet skinny teen with little tits and a perfectly smooth shaved pussy? Nothing. And that’s why I know your going to love these pics of one of the sexiest little teenage beauties I’ve had the pleasure of perving over for quite some time. Not only does she have the most gorgeous little tits but her sweet teenage pussy is absolutely adorable. I could happily spend hours licking that sweet tasting slit and teasing that tiny clit with my tongue. Trust me, you really need to see these pictures!

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Some girls just seem like they hibernate during the winter, they are just not cold weather people. They love the outdoors too much, they love showing off, and they just can’t do that when they are trapped indoors so much. Once the summer rolls around though, and the sun starts shining, they come out of hiding and start to indulge their love for their time in the sun. For these sun worshippers, almost nothing gets them going as much.


Natasha just couldn’t wait for the summer to roll around, because she loves the kiss of the sun across her cute little body, and when the sun comes out that means she gets to go out and indulge her little exhibitionist streak. So when she decided to lounge outside a bit, and indulge in a nice, slow…soft, sensual exploration of her body under the sunlight we had to follow along and make sure it all got captured. Once Natasha got outside, it didn’t take long before she was in the mood to explore and show off her perfect perky tits, and her little shaved pussy. It was like the more sun caressed her skin, the more turned on she became. Natasha is one sun worshipper that we think needs to be outside as much as possible!

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Some girls just have a sense for the perfect place, the perfect position, and the perfect timing. They look at a place and know that this is where they are going to have the most fun, and the sense that they will be able to get their best pictures. It makes our job easier, because we get to go along for the ride and just get them in their exhibitionist beauty, even while they take over the scene.

Natasha has that unique sense of place and timing that just goes along with her exhibitionist streak. She loves the feel of wind on her skin, she loves the feeling of almost being caught when she’s outdoors and showing off her exquisite body. She let the wind caress over her amazing little breasts and gave everyone outside quite a little flash before she finally decided that what she wanted was inside. She found what she wanted soon enough when she dug out one of her new pristine dildos. She was so turned on by the exhibitionism that she needed very little hinting before she started burying that into her sweet little sex. She loves being the exhibitionist so much that it didn’t take much at all with her toy before she came her sweet little brains out.

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Even the dirtiest little girl needs to clean herself up from time to time. They may have their comfortable clothes, their favorite beaters that they wear again and again, but even those need to go through the wash. That usually gives them a bit of time to them though, so many put that time to good use.

Natasha may be getting her clothes and her body cleaned up, but once she strips out of them the dirty little girl inside just can’t help but come to the surface. She might originally intend to go straight to the shower, but once she grazes her perfect little shaved pussy and feels the cloth scraping over her nipples the shower just doesn’t seem quite as important anymore. It’s a good thing that she has sturdy countertops, because she decides that she needs a little bit of extra wetness and heat, and there’s only one way to get it. She may not get her entire body clean but she can always clean herself again!

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sultry Natasha

What’s a girl to do when she needs a place to cool off, and find a little privacy once the weather turns good and hot? There are only a few places to escape to escape the weather, even when a girl has an entire house filled with rooms to relax, the sun blazes in and can heat up even the most private girl. Where is that hot little vixen going to go to cool of?

Sweet and sultry Natasha found her place deep in her house. Her private bathroom is the perfect place to cool off with a drink out of the blazing hot sun. It’s so much easier for her to relax, have a quiet moment, and take a moment to explore her body when she doesn’t have the sun beating down on her every curve. It’s also the nicest place for her to strip out of her clingy clothes and let her skin breathe. She doesn’t have any problems baring her trimmed and tight pussy when it’s in the name of comfort, and since the cool bottle felt so good there, she just had to try it everywhere, she pulled off her top and revealed her spectacular tits. He private place is her perfect getaway where she can get in touch with her body and work out some heat!

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A few girls get a taste of exhibitionism and sex and then that’s all they need. They love the thought of doing a shoot, having guys all over get off over pictures of them, but they’re done after one session. A few girls just don’t get satisfied with that though, they have to go again and again, they get hornier and hornier as they spend more time in front of camera, and they just love the way they feel when they show off their hot little bodies. Those girls get out on their own and find their own places where they can indulge their fantasies and their pleasures in every way possible.

Natasha Shy got started with that little taste. A friend convinced her that she would do amazingly on camera, and when she finally got a new outfit that she loved she finally agreed that she would go for it. She took her new cute little bratty girl outfit and got a few pictures, then a few more when she realized how turned on she was getting. She soon wanted to get out of her clothes, so she started teasing with flashes of her cute little tits and tight and clean-shaven pussy. She was quite the naughty little girl though, because the less clothes she wore, the hornier and hotter she got, and even more clothes ended up on the ground. By the end she was so wet she was begging for another chance, because she wanted to show exactly how she gets off.

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little teen natasha and friend

It’s a fantastic time when you get one little barely legal teen so eager to teach her girlfriends how much fun playing with another girl can be. These sexy seductresses are always looking for the slightest opportunity to bring them into their lifestyles and convert them to the pleasures of a little girl-girl action.

This cute little barely-legal brunette is practically a specialist at converting her friends into the lesbian and bisexual lifestyle. She’s cute and aggressive, and she knows exactly what she wants when she brings her blonde friend over to ‘play’ in her backyard. Before too long Natasha has her bent over, is playing with her friend’s cute little pussy through her underwear, and getting her nice, and wet so she can’t even think about stopping. When Natasha brings out her favorite pink vibe, she knows she has her blonde friend, especially as she coaxes orgasm after orgasm from the girl.

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For some barely-legal girls there is no such thing as shame. They want to be comfortable however they hang out, and they don’t care if ‘decorum’ says that they should be covered, or ashamed with their bodies. That works out, because they almost have no hesitation when showing off their cute bodies.

This cute teen we caught lounging out in her seat waiting for her best friend to finish her shoot. With her legs spread like that we could tell that she had no problems with her body, so a quick tease later and we had a sexy exhibitionist on our hands. She flashed her cute little breasts at first, just to make sure we were serious, and when she knew we really enjoyed watching her she was not shy at all as the rest of her clothes vanished! She had the prettiest rack and a tight little shaved pussy , so we were glad we caught this hot exhibitionist when we did!

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Young Teen Lesbians

Little girls grow up quickly, and these do, when they grow up loving their bodies, they love sharing their bodies with others. They get their friends to play with them and explore all the ways they can get pleasure from their body, and show off how hot and sexy they’ve become.

This little redhead sexy nude teen brought in her blonde friend, after telling her how much fun it is when they know that thousands will look at their nude bodies. She convinced her friend that the only way to know was to jump right in. When she got down to her pretty lacy panties and exposed her cute tits her friend couldn’t help it any longer and had to know what a barely legal pussy tasted like. She was only too happy to show how much she likes having her pussy fingered and licked, and quickly enough we had another teen babe ready to show off all her favorite ways to “explore” her body.

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A super sexy little blonde had a really special surprise for her two best friends. They have always loved that the blue eyed beauty was fun and into really extreme things, but never expected the treat they were about to taste. Come and enjoy the sexy teen girls get really wild and crazy in the kitchen, once a collection of the most extreme toys are taken out of a big bag. There are suction cup dildos that attach to the table and don’t fidget around once the girls start to work it with their lips. WATCH the wild and wet teen toying.

The naughty girls are really shy at first, but after a few seconds and the passing of the initial shock, they are ready to take the large shafts into their hands and start working it hard. This is the greatest way that the babes get practice their blow job skills, and can even give pointers to each other while they play with the large sex toys. The wild and careless babes even end up stripping off each others clothes, and testing out the toys inside their tight pink pussies. ENJOY the sexy nude teens get their shave slits spread by the thrusting large rods.

A gorgeous little brunette babe named Natasha Shy is back to get you treated in some tantalizing sex. Check out one of the hottest sexy teens out there, who loves to get into wild and kinky sex solo in her home. The naughty teen will bend and tease you in her tight jeans, before slowly sliding off each layer of clothes she has on. As the girl gets fully nude, her hard stomach, tight ass and gorgeous round tits come popping out just for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY the show that she does once she starts swinging her hips back and forth to some beats, while stroking every inch of her naked body.

The sexy teens ass gets spread out as she starts to slide her fingers inside her juicy pink cushions, giving herself a rub and tease and getting covered in goosebumps. As the naughty babe with her nice boobs plays, her slender figure starts to shake under the forceful finger fucking she gives herself. Enjoy the view from an ants eye, and see her sloppy lips get spread wide as she seduces you with a loud and wild orgasm. DOWNLOAD the video and see the steamy seduction.