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innocent brunette

When you look at some girls, you just know that they are going to be trouble. They just have that presence that tells you that they are going to make you work for every moment of their time, but it will be oh-so-worth-it when you get it. They make you want to fall to your knees and let them do to you what they will, because you are sure that they will wear you out to your very bones, and leave you behind dropped out and drained, but with the biggest smile on your face. You just let them do what they are going to do, go along for the ride, and before you know it you have a memory card full of some of the sexiest photos you’ve ever taken.

Dakota let us know with that look that we were in for one hell of a ride, even when she decided to let us get a few pictures of her in one of our nice, comfy chairs. She had us clicking away even as she enjoyed her drink, and we wondered if she was going to give us more than a tease. She answered our question though as we noticed her fingers playing with her pink top. She started with a few glimpses of her spectacular breasts, but quickly let us see why we wanted her in front of the lens to begin with. She has an amazing body, and she loves showing it off at her pace, not ours.We just wanted to get as many images of her as we possibly could before she decided she was done with us. Luckily, she loved showing off for the camera, and we got some lens-meltingly sexy pictures of her showing off and playing with her shaved pussy before she decided we had enough.

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adorable blonde

Some women are the most finicky of creatures. You may get them teasing you one minute, and turning away the next because they are done with you. They will drive you crazy because they can, and because they love the tease, especially when they are so sweet that they just know they are going to reward you eventually. It’s up to you to let them go and tease and tempt you, and restraint is your best friend, because the reward when they decide you’ve had enough is usually amazing. The girls who love to flirt with the camera, the ones who love to tease, they just seem to find the best angle, the best look, the best image at any given moment, so we just let them go and play along to get the hottest pictures.

If you had to look up ‘feline’ in the definition of women’s qualities, you’d probably find Margita Lesna there looking back up at you laying back lazily, showing off and you’d be able to imagine her purr. This sweet, hot girl just loves acting like the playful kitty one moment, and then the lazy, sensual cat the next. Of course, with a sexy, lithe body like hers, she definitely looks the part, and you can almost imagine the ears and tail when she stretches out nice and long. She also loves the tease, and with her perfect breasts and cute shaved pussy she just seems all instinct, she knows exactly the perfect pose to tease you with just what she wants you to see.

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teen nicole outside

We love it when the change of seasons comes around, and the weather turns warm, the sun comes out, and every day looks like flowers. We love it because some of our sexiest models are huge sun worshippers, and when the sun comes out, they practically beg to take some pictures out in the sun. That makes our job very easy, because nothing looks better then sun-dappled skin, and nothing gets the girls more playful then the breeze in their hair, and the feel of flowers and grass against their beautiful bodies.

As soon as the weather turned, one of our most lovely flower girls Nichole was on us for an outside shoot. We didn’t even have to suggest it, and that’s always the best time, because we barely have to do a thing, just keep the camera on them and let them play however they want. She is a true sun-worshipper, because she didn’t even want to wear her skirt, she just wore it long enough to get out to the site, then away it went! With a body like hers, we’re not going to complain though, because Nichole has that perfect little trim body that just seems like it glows when the sun hits it. She practically makes love to the sun, and believe me when we say that we wished we were the flowers she found and picked along the way.

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