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Jayden and shay

We love to see the girls when they spend some time together, don’t we? We always hope that the two of them are going to end up being the uninhibited type, that they might go for a bit of exploration with each other, and that they will see each other as hot as we see them. When those girls truly are the curious kinds, they usually get over their initial tentative touches and caresses and start exploring the possibilities between them. When they go from exploring to playing is such a nice transition, especially when you can see it happen.

Jayden Taylor and Shae Snow end up taking a bit of a massage lesson together, which does mean they have to spend quite a bit of time with their hands touching, caressing and rubbing over each other. With such an expanse of lovely pale skin between the two of them, you can hardly wait for their caresses to end up as more, and they quickly move from trying to relax each other, to trying to get each other worked up. Between teasing each other’s young pussies with lips, fingers, tongues and toys, their little massage session ends up with quite the happy ending for both of them.

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sadie and dane video

The lazy days of summer may be a bit behind us, but you can remember them in your own…special way. Summer is the time for outdoor frolicking, and when a girl gets it in her mind to give her boyfriend her own little special treat, nabbing him when he’s out there enjoying the summer sun is the perfect time. If she’s a very nice girl, she will treat him to a lazy treat, and make sure that she wakes him up in the most gentle way possible. Of course, waking him up gently may not lead to the most gentle of activities, but that’s certainly part of the fun.

When Sadie North finds her boyfriend Dane lazing out in his hammock, blissfully sleeping his afternoon away in the summer sun, she ends up with a much better idea for what he could be doing. She is oh so gentle while she slips him free and works him until he grows hard in her mouth before he really is aware what’s going on. When he does wake up he is almost too sleepy to take advantage, at least at first. He soon takes the invitation, succumbs to temptation, and climbs out of the hammock so he can explore every one of her hot holes. She’s a cock hungry little girl though, and when he does blow, she makes sure he’s shooting down her throat, and that she doesn’t lose a drop.

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nicole posing

Everyone needs a little bit of private time now and again, even when they are with someone they can’t keep their hands off. Anyone who thinks that they should never spend some time with some solo fun once they are with someone is rather missing the point. It’s an indulgence, and a way of getting yourself centered with all the things that you love to feel, experience and pamper yourself with. Some girls seem to lose track of the importance of that, so we take the opportunity and remind them whenever we can, even if their “private time” ends up in front of the lens.

Nicole Noro usually loves playing with her man, whether it’s on camera or off, it’s kind of an exhibitionist thing for her. It was actually fun to convince her that yes, we just wanted her hot little body on the camera, all alone, all while she plays with herself and shows us what gets her off. Of course, with a spectacular body with her, we can’t say our motivations were purely selfless. When her breathing gets harder from her moans of pleasure her perfect breasts move in such a hot way, and you haven’t seen anything until you see the look on her face when she finally slips her fingers into her hot, tight little pussy.

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classmate experimentation

We love it when we can find two girls that are willing to…get along. Some girls are a bit nervous about experimenting with each other, they want to feel a man’s hands, and have access to other parts. They don’t know that there are girls that know exactly how to get them crying out in pleasure, and they think it’s oh-so-wrong to experiment. They are so timid, but when they realize that it’s ok, and that everything is about pleasure, it’s like they open up completely new horizons of pleasure. Many end up addicted to the pleasure they can get from another woman, which we highly encourage.

When Capri and Shyla first get together it’s so sweet, since it looks like they just don’t know where to start touching each other, and where to start exploring. A few kisses, and a few caresses later, and they start to figure it out though. From there it’s fingers, and then the toys! When they start sharing their favorite toys they just have to demonstrate on each other exactly the many ways they love to get off. Even the lustiest girl sometimes likes a gentle touch though, and they soon discover that the best way they like it is when they just rely on their tongues, as the best way to play with each other’s sweet pussies.

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What’s better then seeing a hot girl giving another massage? Well, it’s better when that massage is just a pretense to get that hot girl tied down, stretched out, fondled, probed, fingered and played with by making them helpless with a bit of rope and bondage. Some of the girls can’t wait to get their hands on each other, and the rope and bondage gets them soaking wet, as they end up exposed and their little clit and tits played with until they can’t help it and they lose control.

Ami knew that she was getting quite the unique massage from Rayne, but she didn’t realize what a ‘special’ massage she was going to get until she saw the flogger come out. She certainly didn’t object, and seeing her ass raise for the first few light strokes showed us what an eager little bondage bottom she is. The two just went on and played from there, as we see Ami get tied into positional bondage with her ass up and pussy exposed, the perfect position for Rayne to show off her skills in pleasuring her little pussy. Ami thought it was over when she was flipped onto her back, but Rayne still had some nice, special treatments in store for her.

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Some girls like toys; when we say like toys, we mean they have collections that put some of the sections of sex-shops to shame. They find all the ways they can tweak, titillate and stimulate themselves in different ways until they find they cannot cum hard enough, or fast enough. A lot of those girls like teasing the boys too, by making them watch as they cum and over and over to their favorite toys, and giving them all the best ideas on how to keep them going and get them off.

Zoey brings out her collection in this video to give a bit of a master’s class in toy stimulation of a lovely girl’s sexy parts. She has vibrators, dildos, and insertables from the delectable little rabbit, up to the biggest fake cock you’re likely ever to see. Little Zoey’s cute pussy looks like it could never accommodate her entire selection of toys, but she sure as heck likes giving it a try as she runs through one after the next and shows how each one is good for getting her off in different ways. She practically squirts when she tries to fuck herself with the big old dildo and vibrates her clit with her hitachi and you can watch her legs buck as she cums hard.

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cute brunette teen

Some girls need a little coaxing before they are able to let their exhibitionist sides out to play. At first, they are so gung ho and can’t wait to get in front of the camera, but when they actually get started their shy nature comes back out. They’ve been told it’s so naughty and wicked that they hesitate when it actually becomes time for them to play and to show off their sweet young body and skills. We love those girls, because when you actually get them into things, they often become the most enthusiastic girls out there.

You can almost see the deer-in-the-headlights look on Lara’s face when she slowly comes down the stairs and realizes that her hunk in waiting is eagerly anticipating her attentions. She is so cute when she hesitates when she sees his big cock, and she tentatively wraps her hands and lips around his length. It doesn’t take long to remind her why she wanted to do this though, and soon she lets go and becomes the enthusiastic little cock-sucker we knew she could be. She doesn’t even resist that much when he starts stripping her down to expose her pretty little breasts and tight pussy. She just focuses on what she’s doing to his length, until he rewards her with a nice big load.

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Little Mutt Gallery

I’ve never been so turned on by a garden hose in my life!! Some girls can only be described as PERFECT. Destiny from Little Mutt fits that category ( just like a tight skirts fits her 18yr old ass). The cool thing about Destiny is that she is a cross between a supermodel and the cute girl next door. She is an amateur to be sure — as are all the girls on Little Mutt.

GOD DAMN her face and body could match anything walking down a catwalk in Paris. This girl is HOT and when you are checking out her free teen pics make sure and take a LONG and CLOSE look at her totally shaved pussy. Destiny has one of the best and most delicious looking pussies I have EVER SEEN. You will agree with me on this I’m sure!

I know it’s hard to take your mind off of Destiny, but if you want to see more of her or her videos they can only be found at Little Mutt. This is a quality site that includes many sexy amateur girls and some of them are Destiny’s friends. These girls get 100% naked and they all seem more than happy to show off their tight and clean pussies!!

A few of the Little Mutt girls even dabble in hardcore. The amazing thing is that these girls are just normal girls from the neighborhood. These are not the girls you have already seen a 1000 times all over the internet. For most of these sexy teens it’s their first time getting naked in front of a camera.

At Little Mutt all the girls are 18-20 (for real) and their perfect teen pussies are ripe as a peach. Drop by Little Mutt and see for yourself.