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Little Liana

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Little Liana just got a video camera for Christmas. As soon as she got the wrapping paper cleared up she started filing herself. If you visit her website you will see that she already has the clips uploaded.

Little Liana is one of the newest girls to hit the web and start up her own website. She is from Latin America and she speaks Spanish, but she is working on her English – it’s not bad, but it’s not good. What is good is her attitude and desire to show us her totally naked body and teen pussy.

It’s great that the internet is a global phenomena – it reinforces the notion that people are the same just about every where you go. f you are in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, or anywhere else you will find that girls like to get naked and put their pictures on the internet. And everyone likes to look at them!

You can see a lot more of Little Liana at her personal website where she keeps making new barely legal teen clips for your enjoyment. She is a slender teen with small tits and a cute smile. Little Liana definitely fits into the category of “barely legal”. She really did just turn eighteen!!!

Little Liana Gallery

This is Little Liana and she is brand new… her site has probably been on the internet for less than 48 hrs. She has very youthful looks and she REALLY did JUST turn 18!!! She is a barely legal teen that can make your pulse quicken and your heat race.

Little Liana started taking pictures of herself on MySpace and found that she really enjoyed all the attention. She figured she might as well open a site for real so she could post all her barely legal teen pics that MySpace wouldn’t allow.

A lot of the pics in Little Liana’s site are ones she and her friends took. This is real home made porn by a barely legal teen. She also has a bunch of pics and videos that her ex-boyfriend took. Some of them are even hardcore.

Little Liana has some real cute girlfriends as well and they love to get naked and play with each other. Little Liana is one kinky barely legal teen!!

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