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I don’t know if you guys and gals have heard about the Jordan Capri “Queen of Cute” Honeymoon Video but this is the “story”: supposedly Jordan’s new husband videotaped a few hardcore sex scenes during the honeymoon. Supposedly, the tape leaked out and Jordan decided that she might as well just sell the entire thing as bits of it would get around the internet anyhow. Now if the “official” story is true or not, I don’t know. I’d be willing to bet it’s total BS, just so Jordan can make $$$. Whatever the fuck happened, I don’t care. What I do care about is that getting to see “The Queen of Cute” Jordan Capri fucked. I watched the video a few days ago and it is real hardcore footage! It’s good shit. After all these years of “Cute and Innocent”, Jordan Capri finally gets fucked on film.

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When Jordan Capri gets together with her friends you know that a good time is going to be had by all. They start off in the hot tub with a couple bottles of wine and pretty soon, the bathing suits are coming off and everyone is getting down and dirty. These girls know how to have fun together. They take turns playing with each others tits and pretty soon someone has their mouth latched on to a hard nipple. The next thing you know everyone is in it. One girl is getting her pussy licked by the other girls and they just take turns turning each other on. Everyone gets a chance to cum when these girls get together. The wine helps lessen the inhibitions but it isn’t really needed. These girls are just naughty girls that love to cum together. Check out this photo gallery and you’ll be sure to want to cum, too!

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Lacey White is the girl that all the guys want. She’s cute and petite and she’s got a great body. And the thing is that she totally loves to tease them. She has no intentions of giving them what they want but she gets a perverse pleasure out of getting them all excited and then walking away. That’s why she’s always wearing these super short skirts. The look on their faces when she bends over to pick up a text book or something and then shows off the white of her panties is amazing.

Whenever guys think of Lacey White they always think about her panties because they know that she loves to show them off. In fact, she loves it so much that she has her own site where she teases and tempts. But on her site she is not just a tease. She shows her members a lot more than just her panties. In fact, I’ll bet that what you see there will have you stroking away at your cock in no time. You won’t be able to get enough of this sweet and sexy and naughty girl. She’s a heartbreaker and she loves to make you beat your meat!

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What in the world could possibly be more sexy three Light Speed girls in the shower??? Nothing that I can think of. The Lightspeed girls never cease to amaze me – they always appear so sexy!!! . If you ever wanted to know what a bunch of college girls are up to when they go to the bathroom, well now you know!!! They have figured out know how to pleasure themselves just fine when no guys are around. And from all the lightspeed galleries I’ve looked at they are good at masturbating by themselves as well.

This great gallery of lesbian sex is from Lacey White’s site. Lacey White is the newest Lightspeed girl and she sure does fit in well with the rest of the girls. Lacey is 18 years old – what a perfect age for a girl. She is 5’7″ so she is not petite like Jordan Capri. She only weighs 117 lbs so she is very thin and has a flawless body. I really look forward to new pictures and videos of Lacey White.

If you didn’t notice, look closely at this picture the girl getting her nipple sucked on is Lacey White. Now look closely at her nipple and notice how it is erect? A perfect picture should have a few erect nipples. We know Lacey is really turned on and she is probably just dying for one of the girls to start licking her swollen clit as well.

Make sure and have a look at Sexy Lette too, she is mind blowing.

Jordan Capri Gallery

Jordan Capri really brings back memories!!! Jordan first showed up on the web about five years ago and she was an instant hit. She was 18 years old and cute as hell. She did full nude and was one of the first amateur girls to set up her own website. She joined the Lightspeed Girls network and became their star girl. She is no longer 18, If I had to guess I’d say she is 21-22 now?? Jordan Capri has been featured all over the web and it’s hard to find a picture gallery of her that hasn’t made the rounds.

I managed to dig up a few Jordan Capri photo sets that I hadn’t seen before. These pictures of Jordan Capri are quite hot and I just never get tired of her big brown eyes and her tight perky butt. Jordan Capri’s pussy is classic!

Jordan Capri is always beautiful no matter if she is dressed up as a cow girl or stripping naked outdoors.

If you have never been a member of Jordan’s personal site, it’s still worth checking out. If you have been a member in the past Jordan is definitely worth one last look!! Best of all, If you join you get access to the ENTIRE Lightspeed Network of sites. You can examine up close an personal all the famous Lightspeed girls like Twanee Stone, Angle Woods, Rachel 18, Britney Lightspeed, and many, many more!!! Do yourself a favor and have a look at Jordan Capri and the Lightspeed Girls.

Kaley Kennedys in PantiesKaley Kennedys round ass

Gallery Link: Ashley Lightspeed strips off panties and bra.

There are a lot of sexy teen sites out there, so many I have lost track of them all. Some of the girls are drop dead gorgeous, some are sexy, others are cute, and there is everything in between. One of the girls that I think is often overlooked is Ashley Lightspeed. At first glance she looks awkward and even a little dorky. But if you take a second look, this girl has it going on. She has a great body without an ounce of fat on it. When Ashley Lightspeed is not wearing her glasses and has her hair down she can be down right hot. I’m convinced that in a few years the girl will blossom into an absolute beauty.

Ashley is one of the Lightspeed girls. The Lightspeed girls are best known for having that “girl next door look”, whatever the hell that means. Personally, I think “Girl Next Door” is just a descriptive cop out for lazy webmasters. I think it is supposed to mean not a super model, more of an average girl, but that totally lame. Every “Girl Next Door” is a little different and they all have their unique qualities.

If you are actually reading this, do check out Ashley Lightspeed, because she is a diamond in the rough. If you pride yourself on finding unique treasures then Ashley is your girl.

Fully nude gallery of Ashley LightspeedFull nude gallery of Ashley Lightspeed

Today I have a fully new gallery of Ashley Lightspeed who is one of the Lightspeed girls. The Lightspeed girls have that average girl next door look. In the case of Ashley well at first glance she looks like a total nerd. But with Ashley you have to take a second look. If you take a third look you’ll get hard. Mark my word, she is the ugly duckling that will grow up to be a beautiful swan. Yeah, Ashley Lightspeed looks a little awkward but look at her body. If you wouldn’t hit that then you are a total lying sack of shit. She has a nice body and I bet in a few years she will be smoking hot when she outgrows the dorky look and takes off those stupid looking glasses.

Girls Like Ashley Lightspeed are absolutely great because they often get looked over and they are just as horny and slutty as any other girl. They are the best fuck in the world because they aren’t spoiled little bitches. They want to get fucked but guys always overlook them so when they do get an opportunity they fuck you like a machine.

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Pic of XXX Raimifrom Lightspeed GirlsLight Speed Girl XXX Raimi show us her pussy

I’ve been posting a lot of non-nude girls lately and I thought it was time to fix that with a girl that like to get full on naughty: XXX Raimi.

XXX Raimi is one of the famous Lightspeed girls and like most of the other Lightspeed girls she has that naughty girl next door thing going on. Except XXX Rammi is a little different than most of the Lightspeed girls – she likes to get very naughty and do some fairly hardcore acts for the camera. She has no problem showing her pink pussy for the camera and there are plenty of videos where you can get a good view of XXX Raimi’s tight pussy.

You get to see a lot more than just her tight pussy though – she really isn’t afraid to do much of anything. She totally makes out with the other Lightspeed girls. She plays with dildos by herself and with the other girls like Jordan Capri and Rachel 18. XXX Rammi even get down and dirty with a few guys and sucks their cock and more. If you are looking for something a little more than just sexy teens that like to tease then XXX Raimi might just be your girl.

Since XXX Raimi is part of the Lightspeed Network you get to pick out 10 other girls to check out as well. The Lightspeed site is fairly expensive at $29, but if you consider that you get to jerk off to 10 other sites then it becomes a very good deal. If you are not sure then have a look at all the different girls that are in the Lightspeed network and see if they are your type. If you can find 10 that you think are hot – then you will most likely be very happy with your purchase. It the Lightspeed girls aren’t your style, have no fear as I’ll be posting plenty of other hot sexy teens in the near future for you to check out.

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Virginal girl in PantiesVirginal Girl Nude

Another photo gallery of one of the Lightspeed girls: Ashley Lightspeed.

Ashley Lightspeed is an innocent looking blond teen that loves to get nude for the camera and play with her girlfriends. I was checking out Ashley Lightspeed’s site today and there are a lot of pictures of her making out with the other Lightspeed girls. All the Lightspeed models have that innocent girl look, but they are far from innocent. In fact most of the Lightspeed girls have no problems showing their pink pussy for the camera. If you like pictures of virginal girls, innocent girs, or girls that like to show their tight pink pussies then you will probably love the Lightspeed sites. There are a lot more pictures and videos of Ashley Lightspeed on her site.

Gallery Link: Ashley Lightspeed Naked in her Bathroom.

Jordan is cute as a button as my grandma would say – I’m not sure why buttons are cute? Jordan Capri however is a very young and innocent looking teen. If she claimed to be a virgin I’d actually believe it. If you dig little girls that are young cute and innocent then you will absolutely love Jordan Capri’s site. She loves to be photographed topless and doesn’t seem to mind taking her panties off either. There are even some steamy shoots where Jordan and her friends play with dildos. I must say, for such an innocent teen she sure does get a little naughty inside her site – I know, because I checked it out. Take the free tour and see for yourself. Then come back here and tell me that Jordan Capri isn’t the ultimate young, cute, innocent, teen on the net.