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Friends are good. Friends are there for you when you are in need. Friends help you feel good. And that is just the kind of friends that Karina and Ana are. They have been besties for a long time and when they need something from the other, they are there for each other. Even when that means that they need a friend to pose naked with them so that they can make a little extra cash. It was Karina’s idea but Ana was eager to help her friend out. And when you see these two latin teens together you’ll be very glad that they are such good friends. Long lean bodies with mocha colored skin and dark nipple – ya, this is the kind of stuff that will have you reaching in your pants in no time! These are two of the hottest Latina teen babe you will ever seen and there’s more to see, too.

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Sexy Young Gigi

Gigi Spice is at the top of her game right now and even though she is relatively new to the game, she has everything it takes to become a super star in the smut circles. For starters she loves sex and she doesn’t mind getting naked while the camera rolls. This dark haired beauty also loves fucking herself outdoors and in these pictures she turns a playground into her bedroom as she pleasures herself to an orgasm.

She starts off rather innocently by having fun on a swing but soon, she unbuttons her jean shorts and suggestively sucks on a lollipop. She then yanks up her top to reveal her bra-less tits. The smiling beauty then cradles her perky tits and the dark nipples in both hands, gently caressing them before taking off her shorts and spreading out naked right on the playground. She pulls out her purple vibrator, lubricates it with her saliva and slides it inside her. She fucks herself in a few positions – on her back, on her knees and eventually while seated on the swing. The last position seems to help her hit the right spots in her pussy because she soaks the toy with cum.

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There is no competition when you look at the different types of girls that love to show off their bodies. They all have their own personalities that make them sizzling hot, but when you get down to it, few girls out there take as much passion and pride in their hot bodies then Latina girls. Those girls know when they have a banging body, and make sure that everyone around them knows it. If you aren’t going to admire them, you might as well just take off elsewhere because you aren’t worth their time. Even when they play with someone’s affections they know what effect their body will have, and they know exactly what to do so that they are appreciated every moment.

Sometimes you get a Latina teen that loves her body so much she has to share it with everyone. Cierra Spice knows that she is too hot for any one person to give her the attention she wants, so she loves getting in front of the camera so that everyone can take their turns with her sizzling hot body. She knows exactly what she loves to show off, so when she shows up without panties you know that she is ready to drive everyone nuts as best she can. She’s a master at giving little glimpses of her tight little pussy even while she teases you for staring at her. The way she flashes her shapely breasts and wears the clothes that just ‘barely’ show off every part of her body makes it obvious that she loves eyes running over her body.

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young latina teen

The best mischievous little girls just want to get a reaction from everyone around them. These girls pulled pigtails and got into all sorts of trouble when they were younger, just to see how far they could go and to get people to watch their antics. Then they get older and learned that they don’t have to stop being wicked little girls, and they can get even more attention when they don’t hide their maturing, and amazing bodies. They start to learn what they can get when they flash a little tits and ass, and they get that same high they got when they got into trouble all those years ago.

This hot little young latina teen, Mariah Spice, always knew that she could get out of trouble with a little giggle, a wink, and a smile. She carried that with her as she got older and her trouble got a lot more adult, even when she might not. Mariah also developed the amazing ass and body she could possibly inherit from her family, which just gives her even more opportunities to get into trouble, and then get right out of it again. She knows what a hint can do, so she showed up in her hot little see-through panties and top so she could give little flashes of her amazing body without actually taking off anything. It wasn’t enough for her though, as she took off more clothing and flashed her amazing tits, and gave us flashes of her hot ass she got even more giggly because she knew how much trouble she would be in if we got our hands on her after all that teasing.

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latina teen

When the summer blazes a girl has to cool down whatever way she can. If they don’t have a pool or lake nearby, then whatever works for them is whatever is at hand. It may not be the ideal way to cool down, but any cool spot in a heatstorm, you know?

Natalia may not have access to the best pool facilities, but she knows how to cool down when the temperature goes up. This hot Latina girl can compete with the sun’s heat, so she keeps a nice cool shower going nearby when she gets overheated. She can just pop in there from her time outside whenever she wants, and after a bit of working on her tan, nothing feels better then water streaming over her amazing body as she strips out of her clothing. The more she strips off her clothing, the cooler she may get, but she definitely raises the temperature for the rest of us!

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Well I was feeling lonely today and I decided to call one of my girlfriends to see what she was doing. My cute friend Isabella was all alone in her house so I went over to make a visit. She is so cute with her long black hair and natural boobs. We started off with some passionate kissing than she went down on me and put her tongue deep in my wet twat. What can I say I loved every moment! Our little party in the bed continued and I ask Isabella if she wanted to play more. When I showed her the 2 little friends I brought with me she got very excited. They were the cutest pink toys and it didn’t take long before we put them to work. I started fucking her slit and she was getting so excited her twat started to cum all over the toy. Well don’t worry Isabella returned the favor and made me have a BIG orgasm. What a day! Click here to see more!

Karla Spice

I always thought that ruffles were very feminine and I hope you like how this outfit fits me. The top is really tight and my cleavage just pops out of it! The skirt was super cute too and it went up so high you could see my white panties underneath! I soon undid the top and slipped down the skirt so all I had on was the panties.

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Gigi Spice Gallery

This is Gigi Spice and in her own words, “She does it all!!” She is not lying. Gigi Spice is another hot teen Latina from the same crew that brought you Pamela Spice, Karla Spice, and Selena Spice. These guys must search all of Latin America for the most beautiful teen Latinas. They keep finding new girls that are nothing short of amazing!

Gigi Spice is a perky and cute Latina. She is beautiful and a total camera whore. At first glance, Gigi Spice looks like a TOTALLY innocent teen. If you didn’t know any better you would think she is a good girl that hangs out at church.

Well, Gigi Spice is HARDLY innocent. Gigi loves to suck cock and get fucked. She loves to fool around with other girls. And Gigi Spice enjoys sticking toys in her ass!!!

Gigi Spice really does “do it all” and she has a warm and happy Latina personality. And I’m not sure what it is about these teen Latina’s but they all have AMAZING asses! Take a close look at Gigi’s ass – it’s round, tight, and perfect!!

When ever I see pictures of beautiful teen Latina’s I start thinking that I need to study up on my Spanish and move. Especially now that it’s getting cold where I live!!! Watching videos of warm spicy Latinas is a great way to forget about the cold.

If you don’t have the cash for a tropical vacation, do yourself a favor and join Gigi’s Site. Watch her videos, watch her dance around naked in a tropical climate, watch her suck cock, and what her have sex with guys and girls. You won’t regret it!!

Pamela Spice

Ok, I know you are thinking, “Oh great, another sexy young teenie that is just gonna be a dick tease and not so much as show us a bare tit.” Well, you are dead wrong. This chica shows everything!!! Yes, she does. I’m not fucking with you! This amazing latina is Pamela Spice and she is the latest Spice Girl. Who ever discovered this beauty deserves a gold medal.

Pamela Spice is about 5 minutes past her 18th birthday – just barley legal. This red light just turned green and this teen latina is headed for the race track. I just got done looking through her site and I’m ready to move to Mexico. These Latinas all seem so warm, sweet, and fuckable. I’ll take a Margarita with a little Pamela Spice please!

Not only does Pamela Spice get completely nude, she also makes out and kisses other girls. It just keeps gettting better and better. She has a completely shaved pussy that she enjoys sticking toys into. There is even a video where she puts on a strap on and fucks her friend in the ass. Yes, you read that correctly. This cute little latina fucks her friend in the ass with a strap on!!! Yes, she does! See the video for yourself.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of the Spice Girls. I guess it’s time to warm things up with a little Latina “Spice”. This beautiful Latina who we have seen before is Selena Spice. Selena has one hell of a thick ass. Not a fat ass, there is no fat on Selena Spice’s booty, it is just thick and muscular. Your typical “Latina booty”!

There is something about the winter time that just makes me crazy for Latina chicks. Their warm personalities or the pictures of them on the beach just make my day. I was check out the Spice Girls website and they have a new girl who is really hot. So make sure to check back in a few days because I guarantee that I’ll be posting her pictures. If you can’t wait – then just go to to the website and have a look for yourself.

Selena Spice

There are two things I like about this picture: 1) There is nothing like a spicy Latina getting naked to warm you up in the middle of winter. 2) Can you say SCHOOL GIRL UNIFORM!

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Selena Spice is one of the “spice girls” which is a sexy collection of hot Latinas. I would describe Selena as “robust”. She has one of those booties that Latinas are famous for. Selena isn’t the cutest girl, she isn’t petite, and there is nothing innocent about her. Selena Spice has a gritty, aggressive sensuality that is hot. She is naughty, unapologetic and she needs a good hard fuck.

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Selena Spice


I’m adding a new sexy latina teen to the line up of girls: Selena Spice. This hot latina is a real beauty with dark flowing hair, big brown eyes, a cute face, and a thick round ass. In this gallery she is rolling around on her bed and taking items of her clothes off. By the time she is done she ends up completely naked and we can see her rich dark tan – a dark tan that only a latina could have.

You can find a lot more pictues of her fully nude at her site Selena Spice.

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